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Still Rocking My World! (L)

I don’t know what I can say about my beautiful wife Gina that I haven’t already said in the other stories I have written for MH. She is my life and my soul mate, and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. We have been married for a little over […]

My Gina And Her ‘Friend’!

I do not travel as much as I used too at my job, and rarely have to work any late nights anymore. But now and then something will pop up, so I do what I have to do. And on this particular evening, that’s what happened. I didn’t work really late that night, but it […]

Thoughts of My Horny GG

Hello MH friends!  I was laying in bed this morning , thinking of my sexy and beautiful wife Gina as I stroked my cock. I began to think how lucky I was to have her as my wife, best friend and of course lover. I thought of her beautiful smile and the softness of her […]

Salon Blowjob

Hello MH! I haven’t posted much of anything at all in a while. I do however still enjoy the stories when I do occassionally get on. Something happened not long ago that I felt compelled to share with you all. Thanks to my beautiful and sexy wife Gina for always keeping things intresting and spontanious […]


My dearest Gina, You my are my love, my precious, my lover, my God send, my loving wife and most importantly of all my best friend. You are a wonderful mother to our, now for the most part grown children. They, like myself are so blessed to have you in our lives. Gina, I know […]

My Princess GG! Part 2

We got out of bed and dressed just as Randy’s bus pulled up out front.  “Told you we had plenty of time baby!” I said with a laugh. She looked at me, smiled and shook her head. I walked into the kitchen to check on the steaks thawing in the sink. I then walked out […]

My Princess GG (Part 1) – Hot Wife

“I  was going to post a story that my dear wife Gina (GG) wrote prior to her decision to stop writing short stories. She was all set to trash it, but I asked her not to. I  asked her to go ahead and post it, but she refused. After thinking about it, I decided to […]

Expression of Love (L)

The house was dark when I finally made it home. After a 16 hour work day it was good to finally be home.  I fumbled with my keys as I let myself in, slipping my boots off at the door. I quietly made my way through the darkened living room to the kitchen.  Clipping on […]

My Wife, My Love

I am not a writer by any means.. so if this sucks let me apologize now. I have been considering contributing something besides being a certain contributors husband. Not that I am complaining my dear Gina ( perhaps you all may be familiar with her. Lol.) The good Lord has blessed me in so many […]