“Monday Morning Fun” -one of hubbies fave adventures in getting pregnant- (L)

My wife & I would end every evening & begin every morning in I believe the best way possible…w/an amazing & mind blowing orgasm of some kind! Yet since we’re in the midst of achieving conception…we have had to make some adjustments to do our best that nearly every time an erection occurs, to find a way to make love.

My wife has taught kindergarten throughout our entire marriage, until last year. We used to role play w/the idea of her being a “naughty teacher” but not so much anymore. One particular morning, I remember, as if it were yesterday…I was unusually super, extra, horny… (for awhile, we really believed that our 1st child was conceived during this time…) actually my sexual drive began to seem as if it were rising even higher, on the Friday before. Friday evening & night I believe we ended up making love 5 times. Saturday, I thought my wife was going to eventually end up turning me down…but she was a great sport- we made love 12 different times that day & Sunday we made love 8 times. I (my body) just felt like I could not get enough of her & her amazing & wonderful love!

This Monday morning, we made love before we got out of bed. We made love again in the shower; right after breakfast, coffee & Bible reading…I was just so hot & horny for my wife, but as gorgeous & beautiful as she is how could I not be??!! She got dried off & dressed & quickly left for school.  It was some time after Thanksgiving so she had a lot of extra projects she was working on w/Christmas on its way, so she was getting there super early to get all of her tasks complete.

I was sitting at the table drinking one last cup of coffee & looking over some reports for work, before I attempted to head out. Yet I was having the hardest time focusing on those reports. All I could think about was enjoying some more of my young sexy wife! My attention soon completely left my reports. As my excitement grew & grew, I began to think of how I could surprise my wife this morning in her classroom! The Christian School where she works, is on my way to work…so why not?!

I called her & told her I just wanted to check in w/her & make sure she did not want me to bring her anything on my way to work & was kind of trying to get a vibe as to how busy she was. She said that things were going well & that she had already completed one of the tasks she had at the top of her list to do that morning & the rest she could finish throughout the day & even bring home to work on if she had to. I was so happy to hear the great news! I could feel my excitement growing harder & harder! I quickly grabbed my briefcase & left heading for the school. It was about a 15 minute drive & by now my cock was fully erect & almost throbbing. I unbuckled my belt & undone my pants & pulled my hardened rod out of my boxers & began to gently caress & stroke to gain a little bit of relief. Before I knew, I was at the school. I quickly fixed my clothing back, got out of my truck & headed for her classroom. I glanced at my watch, it was 6:35 a.m. That was wonderful, she had nearly an hour before she was actually due to be on duty! I walked on into her classroom & locked the door. She was in her closet, so I just waited patiently for her to come out.

She walked over to me & kissed me fully on my mouth, sucking my tongue. I hard pressed my body against hers wanting her to feel my swollen dick. We pulled away for only a moment & I walked over to turn the classroom lights off (in case any of her co workers were to walk by, they would assume she had not arrived at school yet.) We then were back to kissing & she began “dry humping” me, which only made me even more horny & excited for her. I lifted up the back of her skirt & cupped my hands around her nice, tight, beautiful little ass…occasionally letting a finger slip underneath her thong & brush up against her very wet pussy. Moaning loudly she begins to beg me to finger fuck her & I said, “no, no, no not yet.”

I told her I wanted to bend her over her desk, it had been a fantasy of mine for quite some time.

I led her over to her desk & began to unbutton her blouse & undoing her bra that clasped in the front freeing her luscious & perky breasts, revealing her erect nipples. I began caressing one breast in my hand & began sucking the nipple of the other one. She begins unbuttoning & unzipping my pants & lowers the waist band of my boxers to just underneath my balls, exposing my now throbbing rock hard cock, she takes one hand & begins to caress my tightening balls & w/her other she strokes & massages my shaft & cockhead. I’m beyond ready to just give my wife a good hard fuck, but I restrain myself, for she needs to enjoy this to it’s fullest as well.

I lay her back on her desk, taking over caressing & stroking my cock w/one hand & continue to fondle her breasts w/the other & slowly lick & suck my way down her stomach. I arrive at the panty line of her sexy black thong that she was wearing. I can smell the sweet fragrances of her readiness. I then tell her, I want to taste you, I want to EAT your pussy, my love. I moved her thong to the side & buried my face deep into my wife’s sweet, tight, young pussy. She began moving her hips upwards, almost to the point to where she was humping my mouth. I was enjoying all of her delicious scents & flavors. I slid my finger inside of her stroking her g-spot & I take her erect clit in between my teeth & begin flicking it back & forth w/my tongue. That was more than she could handle…moaning loudly w/satisfaction, she explodes all over my finger. I quickly let go of her clit & begin licking all of my fave flavors off of her dripping wet cunt…mmm that was so good.

I now am rapidly stroking my ready to explode cock & tell my wife, I NEED to feel your pussy wrapped around me…right now! She then stands up grabbing my throbbing dick, taking over the stroking. We kiss long & hard so that she can enjoy all of her smells & flavors from my lips. After a moment, I turn her around & bend her over her desk. I lift up the back of her skirt, move her thong to the side & insert my now, near purple, blood engorged cockhead into her tight, dripping pussy. I then forcefully thrust the rest of my length deep inside & hold still there for as long as I can stand it. We both enjoy that feeling of oneness & try to savor it as long as we can. I grab her hips while thrusting hard in & out of my wife. I help her sit up at an angle on my cock, so that she can ride & fuck me the way that she needs to. I let my hands rise up to grab & caress her beautiful, luscious breasts encircling her stiffened nipples in between my fingers…she begins really working her hips, riding & fucking me good & hard! She yells out w/pleasure, I feel her pussy squeezing & tightening around my cock as she comes & comes!!! I now know she is satisfied & I’m sure a little tired, as well.

I help her lean herself forward to where she can rest against her desktop on her elbows or her arms & now, it’s finally my turn! I reach w/my foot for the step stool that is only about a foot away & drag it towards us & have her lift her foot up onto it. When coming into her from behind it always seems if she has something to prop/lift her foot up on…her pussy will open up a little more & I can achieve even deeper penetration. I now begin to pump my cock in & out of her very hard w/long, deep, fast strokes. I am now fucking her pussy harder & harder. I feel my more than rock hard cock throbbing even more so…she knows I am almost there. She reaches down between our legs & begins to tug on my balls as she caresses them. They begin to tighten & I shoot my load of hot sperm deep inside the depths of my wife…in hope that we are soon going to achieve conception. We kind of stand/lay there together for a minute & I gently w/draw myself from my wife’s warmth. I step into her classroom restroom & grab a roll of paper towels. I roll several off & wet them w/warm water & hand them to my wife to clean up & then do the same for myself. We did really well, it was only 7:15. She still had 15 minutes before she needed to head to her morning staff meeting. We hugged & kissed goodbye & I walked her to the door of her meeting & headed to the office. What an amazing & wonderful way to start your- Monday!!!

-just a side note to let everyone know…we as a Christian couple do not use the “f” word outside of the context of our lovemaking. We believe that the word f*** is simply just the physical act of “what” we are doing. I know when I was re-reading over my wife’s first story she did not use it at all. Although she only says/uses it once in awhile. I guess because she still holds onto a little bit of shyness & still has that little bit of a modest side to her. However she does like hearing me say it to her & she does enjoy reading it in the stories that she reads on here.  Myself however, I feel like my lovemaking to my wife is one place/area where I shouldn’t have to hold back…anything! So in my stories you will see it often. So, I apologize in advance if that offends you in any way at all, because it is certainly not meant to.

I was challenged by my wife to write some of my fave adventures in our getting pregnant. So I started jotting down some notes & I believe this is one of my most faves, however I like them all- I am a man. I hope you all enjoy this! You will have to let me know what you think. Thanks so much & may God bless you all greatly!



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12 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Awesome job! I enjoyed this story alot ( I see a masturbation session in my plans today! ) You and your wife have a knack for the erotic writing thing!

    Like, you Ben and I only use the f-word only in the context of our bedroom. If you have ever read any of my stories, you can see I use it alot. Mainly because it is how we talk when we are ” bumping uglies! ” as a friend once called it.

    So looking forward to more stories from you and your wife. You two seem to really enjoy and love each other, which is really awesome.

    8 to 10 times a day! I am surprise either of you could walk. Can’t think of a better way to spend the day! Can you? God bless you two and stay horny!

  2. noryar13 says:

    I like the way you surprised your wife! Thank you for your story. It encourages
    me to think creatively for an upcoming encounter with my wife. I also appreciate
    your explanation for the singular use you have for your lovemaking vocabulary.
    I wholeheartedly agree. I think this helps others to know that we have not
    adopted “the gutter” from the world – but see this erotic language as right and
    appropriate for what we are doing. In that context, it arouses both my wife and I
    to powerful orgasms. Thank you again. God bless you.

  3. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Thank you Gina. I’m glad you enjoyed my first piece. My wife & I are enjoying this new brought-about challenge; in writing erotica. However we never knew we until now that God has decided to bless us w/this new talent. I guess we just take into perspective, ok God has blessed us w/a new talent, how can we use it to be a blessing to others & bring honor & glory to Him..?
    Yes mam, we both have read several of your exciting stories & have truly enjoyed ALL of them! You have been blessed w/great writing talent as well.
    Yes mam, we make our love-life a top priority, no matter what. I am quite a bit older than my wife (16 yrs)& am very thankful that I have been blessed throughout life to continue to “look” & “feel” youthful, if that makes since. Most of her friends think I am the same age or w/in just a few years of my wife. God is so good & yes mam, because of God & His love & strength for us & in us…we are able to say we are more in love w/each other today, than we were nearly 14 yrs ago.
    Back then w/those meds & the deep desire of wanting children & a glass of wine off & on throughout the day; it didn’t seem too hard to achieve making love that many times in one day…LOL! Yes, there were times that she would get sore, but she made it through it. I guess (you & her being female, you understand her deep desire for wanting to be pregnant, better than I could @ the time)when you want a baby that bad though, you will do your best to endure whatever obstacle may be put in your way.
    Btw I wanted to thank you for helping us both to see some different points that we were both just simply overlooking in regard to each other, as far as kids/no kids going w/us on the cruise for our anniversary. We’ve both mutually decided that we are going to take them w/us….although, unless there is a true dire emergency, we should be alone the entire trip!!!
    Yes mam, we do stay & I do mean stay horny most of the time!!! But being horny for your spouse, I believe is one of the best “states of being” that God gave married couples! Have a great night & may God bless You as well!

  4. Gina G. says:

    So glad things are worked out. And Yes, I can definitely relate to the need to have a chid. They are truly a blessing! God bless and well you got the rest down! Lol.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Friday evening & night I believe we ended up making love 5 times. Saturday, I thought my wife was going to eventually end up turning me down…but she was a great sport- we made love 12 different times that day & Sunday we made love 8 times…”

    Wow — Could you please share your secret as to being able to do this? I have a feeling most of us face biological limitations that would never allow us to do this. At least the men anyway. 25 times in a 48 hour period? Honestly, I must admit I’m a little skeptical. Not even when I was 18 could I have done this! How’d you do it?

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      @Anonymous again. We apologize for the mistake. My wife mis-read your message & thought you were a lady & that your question was directed at her.
      We now were re-reading some things & we realized that you probably thought we were complete idiots…LOL!!! 🙂
      Actually my wife & I before meds had sex in some way only twice a day, just about every day. We just “thought” even at that time, that, that was a lot. So needless to say we never knew we were capable of being able to have sex even more than that, until the drugs kicked in & took effect in our bodies & God went to work. This took A LOT, I mean a lot of prayer & trust & faith in God. This was like a last resort next to a drastic decision having to be made.
      Trust me, back then I honestly felt like a true “horn” dog. It seemed like I kept an erection. My wife soon realized that if she really, really did not feel like it, she would be very careful as to what she wore, how she moved or what she said when she was around me…but truly all it took was nothing more than a simple thought of my wife (it didn’t even have to be a sexual thought, to begin with) I could have been thinking of just how pretty her hair & make up looked that day & before I knew it…..yeah, you guessed it, I could feel myself becoming aroused…again. Then of course, if we wanted the meds to work properly I was needing to take care of myself, or I finding my wife to make love. Then there were some days that it wasn’t always that way, but there were quite a few that were.
      I am very grateful for those experiences w/my wife…we had A Lot of fun & we were abundantly blessed w/3 precious little ones that I wouldn’t trade for the world, but my wife & I both are very thankful that part of our journey is over. I hope that this helps to truly answer your question as to “how” did I do it…..again we apologize for the confusion & hope you can understand. We hope you’re having a great & wonderful night & evening & look forward to hearing from you.
      May God Bless You & Your Wife Greatly,

  6. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    @ Anonymous…I was 23 or so 23 1/2 when all this was taking place….we had “purposely” been trying for about 3 years to get pregnant & a friend told us about her doc (who is a fantastic Christian woman & she listens…I mean really listens & acts like she genuinely cares about whatever you’re going through) well she put us both on hormone supplements- my husband to raise his sperm count & me to raise my estrogen levels. Thinking & even praying (she actually prayed w/us) that this would help both of us. The reason she wanted me on something to raise my estrogen levels at such a young age, was so that my sexual drive would be heightened…attempting to get my husband & I both in balance, especially once his new meds started working. She said that the pills would sky rocket our sex drive & the only drawback is that if my husband were to become aroused in the least, he had to have an orgasm. Otherwise the medication would not work the way it was meant to. So yes, I admit…back then we had A LOT of sex!!! There is NO WAY, I would be able to handle that now!!! I could not have handled it back then either if it weren’t the fact of us being on those meds & we, especially me, wanted a baby so bad & I decided w/out hesitation to make the commitment to my husband, myself & to God that it did not matter where we were, as long as we were together…that we would find a way to make love. Although, now 9 years & 3 precious little darlings later… we still do pretty well even being off meds that heighten your drive…..I mean REALLY heighten your drive…we do pretty good!!! I hope this helps to answer your question. Have a great & wonderful night & evening!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Goodness gracious, no — I don’t think you or anyone else here is an ‘idiot!’ I’m not familiar with how hormone supplements work, but I guess what you said makes complete sense. I had no idea it would have that big of an impact! I’m not a medical professional… but I’m guessing this isn’t something a couple would ordinarily do, unless they had the purpose of trying to conceive. Still… the idea of being able to do what you said you did sounds like a whole lot of fun, but maybe that’s just because I’m a guy.

    Sometimes in the sweet aftermath of lovemaking, I’ve teased my beloved, saying something like, “You should be glad that my body makes me ‘pause’ after an orgasm… because if I could do what you do (ie, multiple orgasms), I’d never be able to keep my hands off of you.” Indeed, maybe that’s why God designed us the way He did. If men had the same ability women did, we probably wouldn’t get much done outside of the bedroom! But ladies, on the other hand, generally being of a more practical nature, can enjoy their ‘gift’ and are likely more able to turn it back off than men could. But what do I know? 🙂

    Thanks for taking time to explain.

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      Whew good!!! My wife says she still feels like…..(thinking in her mind & stating out loud to myself) oh duuuuhhhhh….why didn’t I read that twice…???? She says she still feels stupid, but I reassured her that it was probably just that it was really late when she was reading & her eyes were just playing tricks on her & that it could have happened to anyone.
      And as far as “how” hormone supplements work, that was the first experience we had ever had w/them. You are right…I have a friend who is a doctor & he said that normally there are really only two main reasons people/couples would be taking hormone supplements-one in our case, needing help in achieving conception & two-more so women, to help w/menopausal symptoms.
      As far as you stating “what” I/we did sounding like a whole lot of fun…well I can answer w/a yes & a no. I mean going through all of that had it’s advantages of course, but trust me the disadvantages came right along w/it as well. But me- as a man myself can absolutely agree w/you thinking that it sounded like a lot of fun. I don’t even have to say that I would probably think…I KNOW that I would have thought the same way you did, had I not had the actual in depth experience for myself.
      You are right, if God had designed our bodies anywhere remotely close to the way He designed the woman’s body, we guys would NOT much else done. We serve a mighty & amazing God…He knew exactly what He was doing when He created us!!!
      Oh yeah & trust me as far as the way the meds affected my wife’s body & her drive…her drive was heightened nearly as much as mine was. She said the only thing that kept her from “feeling” like a slut or whatever word you would use- is she kept telling herself that her drive had been heightened by God only to achieve conception- something she prayed about, I believe even more than I did. She said if it weren’t for that, she didn’t know how she would have handled that mentally & emotionally. She states “B/c you know women are raised to not ‘feel’ that way or admit that they are, or that they get horny too.” Anyway I am more than happy to have been of help in explaining. I hope you & your wife are having a great & wonderful night & evening.
      Sincerely & God Bless,

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