Exhibitionist Couple Hotel Room (L)

My wife is the most special woman in the world, I am by far the most luckiest man alive  not only is she beautiful, elegant, conservative, modest, articulate, super elegant and just overall perfect, better then I could have ever wished for…she’s an absolute slut, an absolutely amazing lover. By far one of my fondest memories was a night on holiday where we treated ourselves to a 5 star hotel suite on a 20+ floor.

We’d had a beautiful evening, we returned late changed and got in to bed.  I always sleep in my underwear only and she being the glamourous, gorgeous girl she is wears something beautiful like a slip and often without underwear. My wife is shorter then me, which is amazing as when she lays on my chest, the feel of her breasts, silky soft lips and beautiful warmth is like a human blanket. We talked and teased each over about our dreams, then our eyes met and when they lock on to one another, there’s no going back. She rolled onto my body and we kissed so passionately, I teased her neck with kisses and licks until she moaned whilst I massaged her beautifully soft body. Just as I hunted her beautiful breasts, she tilted me back “er er no” and withdrew to my waist where she pulled my underwear down and released my erection and said “hello mmm” with such a sexy tone with the tip of my dick poised before her gorgeous lips and she began giving me one of her amazing blow jobs. After a minute or so I couldn’t let her…I grabbed her (she likes to be handled), threw her onto her back kissed her from head to waist and began massaging her beautiful pussy with my two fingers. I couldn’t resist, I love giving oral…I immediately spread her legs positioned myself between her and began licking her, lapping up her irresistible taste.

Earlier in the day she’d teased me about having sex outside in a public place, we are secret exhibitionists with limits. Fucking in public outside was too much for us, but we loved the fantasy of it. At this stage she was completely fixed on being fulfilled that she completely had forgotten, I rose up abruptly much to her surprise. I aggressively opened all the curtains up, exposing the city beneath and said “you teased me, now go on then fuck me you whore” she gave me a cheeky smile and I rushed over lifted her up, placed her laying down in the chair beside the glass wall/full window and carried on licking her,this time on my knees. I tore her slip down and began sucking and biting on her unbelievable breasts and perfect nipples. It was the early hours, but spotting some people below on the street hundreds of feet below, I took her hand guided her up, placed her against the window bent her down and began taking her doggy style. She was hesitant but began to moan with her beautiful rhythm that makes me wild.

We returned to the bed after a while as we love fucking each over especially with mirror facing the bed. Now out of the initial shock, she laid me down jumped on top, with my body surrendered she began giving me a quick hand job before placing my dick in her tight warm pussy. We live long distance for the short term, so I always love how tight she is after such long periods apart. I love the feel of stretching her and getting deeper, it’s like we’re bound together even stronger and closer. She’s so amazing and always talks so dirty when she rides me.

My favourite position to cum insider her is missionary. We stayed locked and rolled over together, I loved the sexual sounds of us loosening and the smell of sex between us as we did so, so closely together. As I began penetrating her once again, I whispered in her ear “you do know I noticed someone looking up” she replied flustered “really!?” to which I replied “I love my slut”  it made us both nuts I thrust deeper and faster, as she began piercing my hips with her nails, she screamed and I moaned so much roaring as I cummed deep inside and whilst she screamed and cummed, tightening her gorgeous self around me. We crashed, literally collapsing our naked bodies blanketing one another.

I later woke up in the night to find her giving me a ‘wake up’ blow job, she’s honestly on fire!

I’m so grateful to God for having the honour of being the husband of the perfect soul mate, I am blessed. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story and I hope she will too when I tell her I’ve shared this next time we have steamy phone sex hehe…please do leave your comments that I’ll happily share with her.

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  1. mary says:

    What do you all think the limits of exhibitionism should be? Would a fist floor holt room be ok to leave the windows open in? What about a nude beach someplace? Is it ok to be turned on by the idea of strangers watching us, or to know that strangers are watching? What if they aren’t so strange?

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