LAX Homecoming Heat

This is story about a reunion after two weeks apart.

My wife and I were apart for three weeks as part of our annual summertime ritual. Each summer she and the kids fly out to the west coast to spend a couple of weeks with her parents while I stay behind until week three and join them for a week. Then we all fly home together. This year was no different—except for one small twist.

While waiting for her to pick me up at the LAX Delta terminal, I was surprised to see her alone in the car. Very excited to see my bride after 14 days apart (we are still on our honeymoon 17 years later), she pulls into a small opening and pops the trunk for my light luggage. As I embraced her and smelled her wonderful scent, I couldn’t help to think something felt a little different in our embrace. Not complaining mind you, she just felt a little different.

She felt so good next to me in this brief yet intimate public embrace. Two weeks of loneliness and “bachelorhood” about to come to an end. Her lips tasted like fine wine and she wore that perfume that drives me crazy. Our tongues briefly met as we welcomed each other back.

As we embraced and kissed, we were fully aware of the LAX chaos around us and knew it was time to hop into the car and get out of there. But where were the kids?

“Surprise darling! Welcome back—how was your trip,” she asked as she pulled out into traffic.

“Where’s the kids?” I asked her.

“Well they are with my parents tonight; they thought you and I should enjoy a night out together on the town. Are you okay with that sweetheart?”

Of course, I told her. Still being a little tired from the long flight, I perked up when I realized it would be a lovely night on the town and in the arms of my beloved after 2 long weeks apart.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at the hotel. Thank goodness for Groupons I thought to myself. She is such a Proverbs 31 woman. Always thinking of her family and how to provide for them and finding excellent values regardless of what the item is.

Thinking of everything, she already had us checked in as we walked hand in hand to the restaurant bar and ordered wine before dinner. Before long they called our name and the hostess led us, drinks in hand, to our table that my beloved reserved next to a window by the bar where we could see the jets making their approach to land at LAX. It was an amazing sight seeing all those jetliners seemingly suspended in midair for miles then slowly taking their turn to descend and land on one of the runways.

As we caught up on the last two weeks and we gazed into each other’s eyes over a light candlelight dinner, my bride looked as irresistible as ever. Perhaps even more so tonight. Then I realized what was different out in the parking area. As the light gently backlit the cute black and gold flowered sundress my wife was wearing (one of my favorites) I could see through the material—and discovered she was braless!

Since we are like that classic book “The Couple Who Became Each Other” she must have been reading my thoughts as she said “I hope you don’t mind, but in this warm LA air, I felt like going braless tonight.” Then being the sexy little creature she is, she arched her back and stretched thrusting her full breasts even further out across the table and the first 2 buttons popped open, revealing a healthy amount of her feminine cleavage for my eyes to enjoy. I felt my erection starting to build as I saw my wife’s cleavage across from me at the table and I did my best not to look for fear she would notice and re-button herself.

As I was struggling to maintain eye contact as we caught up on the last 2 weeks, without breaking stride or her sitting position, my naughty little wife reached her leg under the table and starting stroking my leg with her foot. Before I knew it she was slowly bringing my foot and leg up under the table, extending it straight toward her and I sensed wanting me to touch her down there under the table. (I am rather tall and she is a foot smaller).

Chancing a quick peek to make sure no one would notice I scooted my chair in a little and proceeded to gently flick off my right Crock and nestled several toes onto her exposed thighs as she somehow had hiked her dress without me noticing.

Still enjoying small talk I felt her legs slowly close together forcing my toes to her panty area. I nearly choked on the wine as my first 3 toes found their way to my bride’s hairy pussy—she was not wearing panties either! And the entire time she smiled and talked as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. Slowly my toes nestled into the naturally lush and hot opening of her sex, hidden away under the table.

She finally released the tension as my big toes gingerly found her clit. “Oh, I guess I forget to tell you I didn’t feel like wearing panties either tonight. I hope my man doesn’t mind,” she said to me with an expression of love, confidence yet growing lust for the husband God gave to her 17 years ago. What a precious gift she is to me!

“How about we have desert in our room,” she quietly said to me as my toe continued to gently massage her clit. Her cheeks were somewhat redder than they had been earlier and I could sense her lovely full breasts rising and falling more rapidly now.

As I slowly returned my foot and leg to the normal position, I caught a glimpse of Kay dipping first her pinkie finger, then her middle finger into her wine, and slowly suck them both—never taking her eyes off mine.

Showing as my arousal now went into total overdrive! Together we rose after leaving enough cash to cover the bill and tip and hand-in-hand, we strolled to the elevator.

My stuff was still in the car but it would have to wait, lol.

There was another couple with us in the elevator we recognized from the restaurant as we went up to our floor. We introduced ourselves and they kept smiling at us. Were they watching us during dinner?

Our floor came up first and we bid them a pleasant good evening and they wished us the same as the door closed. “You know they were sitting behind you to the right don’t you? And they were watching us,” she confessed to me in a low voice as she slipped the card into our door. I was embarrassed by the thought of them watching us and really hoped the table cloth hid everything. I’m pretty sure it did. Yet Kay didn’t seem to mind at all. When she wants to make love, very little holds back my little wild cat!

We walked into the hotel room and she had previously placed a trail of flower pedals onto the floor leading to the balcony and upon our king sized bed. Somehow she had managed to have freshly lit candles (courtesy the concierge?) already on display throughout the room with sexy soft Smooth Jazz playing in the background. The room had a sensuous, yet somewhat dreamy mood with the dim candlelight and soft music flowing from corner to corner.

What a blessed man I am for the Lord to grant me this beautiful and very sexual help mate, kindred and best friend as my wife. As I was saying this silent prayer taking in the surroundings of this hotel room, Kay gently approached me with a mischievous look in her eyes and gently forced me down onto my back.

My head spinning somewhat by the wine and the long trip; she slowly started to undo my belt and zipper with her beautiful white teeth. With that finished she gently unbuttoned my shirt buttons then returned to my waist and removed my boxers and pants. My full hard on was displayed for her review.

“Oh my, looks like Mr. Happy came out to play tonight. I hope I can keep him occupied”, she purred as she placed her little hand around it as she gently ran her other hand and fingers through my pubes and buried her face into them before starting to slowly lick my sac and pump my cock at the same time.

“MMMM, baby, you taste so manly, oh how I have missed this,” she said as she continued working my member. One thing she does that drives me wild is while going down on me is how she lets strands of her sexy saliva dribble out of her mouth onto the tip of my penis before going down all the way. Somehow she never chokes while taking me full hilt down her throat. I love watching her work me and the pleasure it gives to her.

Stroking me in her hand she looks at me and says, ”Oh take a look at this, this is so hot, baby. So hot. Do you want to shoot your load down my throat or deep into my pussy? Your choice babe, I love you and need you so much!”

She continued stroking and throating me and could feel my climax building making its way out my balls and traveling upward. It felt so good I didn’t want her to stop but I really wanted to enter her inviting hairy pussy again that I had been so missing for the last 2 weeks.

She pulled up to await my answer, throbbing and pulsating cock in her little hands with some apparent strands of precum and saliva dripping down her mouth as she looked me in the eyes. I almost blew my load right then and there with that look of love and marriage heat on her face.

“Oh Kay, I want to make love to you right now and pound your brains out!” She quickly got up and laid with her head at the foot of the bed where we could see each other in the mirrors.

Slowly, she opened her legs to her husband, offering her most precious secret to him. The gift of her sex and her love. Fully exposed to him and no one else, right there in the hotel room. Kay looked so exquisite laying there naked on the bed, legs open and the way her big titties and hairy pussy glistened in the candlelight. Inviting me, her very fortunate and blessed groom, to fully take her at this moment. And consummate their love, yet again, as husband and wife.

Barely able to contain myself, I entered Kay’s wet inviting pussy with ease filling her to the hilt. She gasped for air as I entered her and held it. We clasped our hands together and she lifted them above and behind her head.

“You feel soo good inside of my honey I feel your cock against my cervix, oh pound me good baby, harder! It’s been a long two weeks and your cock is right where it belongs. At home between my legs in my pussy. You love my hairy pussy don’t you!”

Before I could respond she reached up and kissed me deep and hard. Our tongues danced in their dance of love as our moved moved together in sync. I love watching her full titties bounce with each thrust. Feeling her legs tighten around my waist drawing me even deeper, I saw our reflection in the mirror. Man was that hot! Our bodies pounding away, despite our height differential, God made us the perfect spiritual and physical fit.

Being multi-orgasmic, I kept feeling her cum over my cock fully embedded deep inside Kay. The orgasm that I was trying so hard to contain was nearing its release and I couldn’t hold back much longer. Yet seeing my wife’s God given sexy naked body, the same temple that gave birth to our 2 beautiful children 10 years ago due to God’s will and the love seed I shot so deeply into her back then—I didn’t want this intimate moment of sharing God’s gift to end.

Releasing her hands from mine, never breaking eye contact, (we never break eye contact while making love) my wife suddenly buried her nails into my shoulders and ran them down my back. I love when she does this; it hurts a little yet is so raw and so natural, so honest.

Then she gently placed both hands onto my face looking me deeply into the eyes as her hips pushed back in perfect rhythm with mine and said “OK, baby, please harder until your hot load of sperm puts out that roaring fire between my legs. I know how much you love to pound me and please I need to feel your load right now. Please, babe, fill my hot pussy with your hot love—your wife needs it!”

She talks so dirty during sex and she knows it sets me off. I audibly moaned as a massive series of spasms escaped my cock and shot into her tight hot pussy. “I feel it babe I feel it don’t stop don’t stop” she moaned as I continued to shoot inside her. Like a wild animal she bucked 3 more times lifting her hips off the bed even though I was still mounting her. What an amazing sight!

After what seemed a long time, we were both finally spent from making up for lost time and I collapsed on top of her. Resting on my forearms, I felt her big breasts pancake under my chest as our breathing slowly started returning to normal.

When I finally got off her and rolled to her side, we lay there naked for almost an hour holding hands and talking to each other only as husband and wife can do. Lying there naked, hand in hand, much like Adam and Eve before the fall, we were together and not ashamed. While naked, we took turns uttering prayers of Thanksgiving to God for giving us one another and this wonderful gift of marital sex with each other.

Then we fell asleep holding tightly onto each other as the candles slowly burned themselves out…

Hope you enjoyed this; please let us know! Kay & K.


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17 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Great erotic story! I apologize to the contributors if it is taking me awhile to their get wonderful stories up on here. We are getting more submissions recently (Yay! :D) and being a busy mom of two littles one it is difficult to find time to keep up with the editing.

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      @ Blondie! If any of us can understand about being a busy Mommy…I know I can. We have as you know 3 little ones; 2 little girls, 6 & the baby, just turned 5 🙁 sadly they have to grow up & our little boy that is 8. Plus I am a I think the word for us is “SHAM” stay-at-home-mom & I home school our 3 little ones since, I was told by my administrator now 2 years ago that he didn’t have a kindergarten class for me to teach…but we serve a mighty & awesome God! He is so good & has not failed us in the least…amen! So hopefully your writers are willing to give you the time & patience that it requires for you to be able to have the time to edit everyone’s stories. Keep up the great work girl!!!

    • Gina G. says:

      Completely understandable Blondie, I can remember those days. You do an awesome job! No apologies necessary. God Bless and stay horny.

    • Blondie says:

      Thanks, Mommyof3wifeof1 and Gina! I am a stay at home mom as of now too. I was homeschooled all the way up to college. I know my mom loved it, but it did take up a lot of her time, kudos to you, mommyof3! 🙂

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      Thanks Blondie! I definitely do enjoy homeschooling our babies & the best thing I believe is, is that when either of the mission teams that my husband & I serve on schedule a mission trip, guess what….we can put the schoolwork down for the duration of the trip & pick it back up when we return. Yes,it does take a lot of time, but God is so good & always allows little ideas to come to my mind as far as saving a few mins here & a few mins there & showing me easier ways to do things. What a great & mighty God we can freely serve!!! Hope you are having a great & wonderful night & evening!

  2. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    @ Kay & K….what another beautiful story! God has really blessed both of you guys in the same way He has blessed our marriage as well. He has as well blessed you w/great writing talent too. Beautiful story….we loved & enjoyed reading it & look forward to reading more!!!

  3. doctemp2 says:

    No worries Blondie; you do an amazing job coordinating two little ones, your dear hubby, and this outstanding site! THANK YOU for all you do to minister to Christian couples who honor God and their soul mates. Thanks to you, my husband and I no longer feel like sexual freaks, lol. Christianity is all about Community and Marriage Heat is a wonderful Community where married couples can share their stories of love, trust, intimacy and red hot married heat! Keep up the outstanding work and thank you for permitting people like us to share with fellow Christians who love to have and write about married sex. And we adore the illustrations. (my husband especially enjoyed the illustration for The Black Corset, lol) Be on the lookout for our next story–it will be a three parter! Kay & K. 😀

    • Blondie says:

      Thanks, Kay and K! That’s what this site is all about and like you I am happy and encouraged to meet other married couples here who love getting hot and heavy just as much as my husband and I do too. Excited for your future story submissions!

  4. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you Gina, as a fan of your stories K. and I are thrilled you have enjoyed ours. As new members, thank you for encouraging us to keep sharing. You,, Blondie, and Mommyof3wifeof1 have made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Marriage Heat is an answered prayer for us. We look forward to your stories and yes, “we know the rest!” (my husband has tonmorrow off and we plan to make yet another adventure)…

    Kay & K. 😀

  5. doctemp2 says:

    Mommyof3wifeof1 we love your name and your writing! Please know how wonderful you are home schooling 3 litlle ones! I have been a stay at home school mom ever since leaving corporate America and going through fertility treatments together with my dear husband K. I know how hard it is for you and Blondie to juggle everything. Bless you ladies! We enjoy reading your stories–even more so now that we know how hectic it is for you. We thank the Lord daily for Marriage Heat and the blessingis it brings to its readers and contributers; especially sweet Blondie. Please keep writing, we enjoy the sweet spirit behind your heat stories. Make some adventures this weekend!

    Kay & K. 😀

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      Kay & K, thank you again for your kind compliments & your encouragement. I have to admit that if it were not for my Father, God I in no way would be able to home school our munchkins. I have to give everything to Him, for I know & have had to learn the hard way more than once, that I can do nothing on my own. Also thanks for the compliment for the name. Again God gave me the idea for that name awhile back for something I needed a username for & He just put that one in my brain.
      Look forward to celebrating our 14th coming up & I as well look forward to writing a story as God allows my husband & I to create & make many more amazing & loving memories! 🙂

  6. doctemp2 says:

    Anonymous–thank you for your kind words! Yes, we have been blessed and work hard (practice makes perfect) to keep building our marriage heat for 17 years. It is sooo fun pleasuring each other and submitting to our Creator. We especially enjoy watching our lovemaking relection in the mirrors. Take good care and hope you like our next story! 😀

    Kay & K.

  7. Ben G. says:

    Kay&K, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the story. Gina read it to me and I must say it is well written and wonderfully erotic. Gina says Thank you as she reaped the benefits of my state of arousal. I Thank you too! Lol.

    Anyway just wanted to put my two cents in. Keep up the good work and God bless you both.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Hey Ben G. thank you for taking the time to write! I bet it was very erotic having your dear Gina read our story to you. We are honored to have helped Gina reap the benefits of your arousal. I think I will read K. one of your and Gina’s stories tonight. Which one do you both recommend? Enjoy your weekend together! Kay & K. 😀

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