Note to Wife (L)

This is my first story.  This website has been a blessing to my wife and I and thought I would try writing something.  Maybe I’ll send this note to my wife in hopes that it will come true.
Baby, I need you, want you like never before. As I watched you get dressed this morning I couldn’t help but notice you have been sticking to your diet, and it’s paying off. As you got out of the bath I noticed how smooth and sexy your thighs looked. I made sure you thought I was asleep, but I was secretly watching you dry off your beautiful body. As I saw you pull your panties up I couldn’t help but look at your beautiful round ass, it caused a slight stir in my pants. You slowly turned and I caught a glimpse of your nice big breasts, your nipples hard from the cool air. Oh how I love your large dark nipples against your white tits. My dick is growing and I can’t help but to slowly move so I can brush up against it, it’s growing harder by the second.
You slowly slide into one of your dresses, it’s your Jean dress, now I know you’ve lost some inches cause you haven’t worn that dress in a while and you only wear it when you feel you look good in it. And let me tell you baby you do look good in it. Everytime you wear it I notice guys looking at you in it, especially your ass. There is something about the way it fits you that makes you look smoking hot.  Its at that point where its almost too short, you can see the top of your thighs and it shows just enough of your big heavy tits.  I can tell it makes you feel slutty when you where it, you have a confidence when you wear it like you know you look sexy and you know guys are looking at you.  Whenever you wear it I want to fuck you, not make love to you, but fuck you. Give it to you good, hard, rough, dirty…treat you like my sexy slut. It makes my dick strain against my boxers, it’s throbbing now.
You still think I’m sleeping, but I’m really trying find a way to rub my hard dick to get it relax a little. My mind is going crazy watching you do your hair, you look amazing…I’m fighting the urge to pull my thick throbbing dick out and start stroking it while watching you. I’m trying to decide if I should get up and walk over to you and force you to your knees and feed you my big hard cock. Then bend you over the bathroom sink and fuck you from behind with your dress still on. As I’m fighting the battle in my head you finally finish and come over and give me peck good bye.
As I hear you leave the house I can’t help but thinking of how you looked. I slowly pull down my shorts and boxers and unleash my rock hard cock from it’s restraints, it’s sticking straight up and begging for release. I look down at it and there is pre-cum all over my tip and the head is already swelling. I know it won’t take long for me to cum so I slowly start to trace my dick with my finger tips starting at the base and working my way to the head. I stop and slowly rub the pad of my finger over the tip, then on the underside of the tip where it meets the shaft…I imagine it’s your tongue.
As my fingers are teasing the head of my dick I start to message my balls with my other hand, I’m imaging you on your knees in your Jean dress, and I’m feeding you my big cock. I know how you love it when I feed it to you, I start stroking myself as I imagine you taking inch by inch of my throbbing cock in your warm mouth. If I let myself I could cum right now, but I slow down because I want to savor this feeling.  I feel so hard under my fist pumping slowly up and down letting my thumb and finger graze the head of my dick, it’s so sensitive and it sends waves of pleasure through my shaft and to my balls. I’m getting lost in the vision of your beautiful big lips sucking me, then I tell you to undo the top buttons on the dress so I can see your lovely breasts.
I’m starting to pump a little faster now and I can feel the pre-cum sliding down my shaft as I jack myself off. I’m really rubbing my balls now, pulling, rubbing and squeezing them as my hand is pounding at my dick. Then I imagine grabbing you by your hair and standing you up, you kiss me with a hunger I haven’t seen in a while, panting and shooting your tongue in my mouth. I grab your arms and spin you around and kiss you from behind as you gyrate your juicy round ass against my wet dick.  You reach in front of you and release your tits out of the top of your bra, squeezing and rubbing them as we continue to kiss. I break our kiss, forcefully bending you forward I slide your dress up to wear I can only see half of that glorious ass. I pull your now soaking wet white panties to the side and drive my fat dick all the way in your wet pussy…you scream at the surprise of feeling me all at once, gasping and moaning.
I’m really pumping my dick now, the whole length from the base to the tip it’s taking everything I’ve got to hold off. The vein on my smooth dick is growing and my head is purple and swollen and just aching to be released. I squeeze my chest and slide back down to work my nuts as they pull up to my body ready for their release. My mind flashes back to me pounding your dripping pussy, I can feel your cum dripping down your thighs and my balls as I’m looking at your beautiful ass as I’m slamming against you.  In the mirror I see one of your hands working your clit and the other squeezing your nipple and your face is lost in the moment. I can feel myself getting close and I’m trying to decide where I’m going to cum, do I pull out and cum on your ass, do I cum in your pussy and make you walk around at work all day with cum dripping out of you? Do I pull out and spin you back on your knees and cum all over your tits as you play with your pussy, watching you rub my hot cum all over your tits and nipples as your bring yourself over the edge. Or do I tell you where I have secretly always wanted to shoot my hot load?
As I shove my dick in and out of you the last couple of times I tell you I want to come on you while you play with yourself, you moan a low and deep “yes, baby, please do it”. Then I pull out and you kneel in front of me with one hand rubbing your clit harder and faster than you ever have, with the other you slide your arm under your tits holding them up for me. I’m inches from your beautiful face and I can tell you are out of control with lust and are so close to creaming all over fingers, I’m stroking my cock slowly in front of you trying to hold on for a couple more seconds. I tell you I’m close and then decide to tell you what I really want to do. You start moaning and are begging for it on your tits, I squeeze my hard cock and tell you I want to cum all over your face. That I want to see shot after shot of my hot cum land on that beautiful face. It doesn’t slow you, in fact your starting to cum and all you say is “yes, please, do it baby, cover me!” Before you can finish I feel the rush of cum start at my balls and rush threw my dick and I let out a loud moan and shoot load after load of my hot cum on your face. The first shot flies over your face and hits the counter, the next one hits it’s mark and lands across your forehead and into your hair. You gasp as you are still cumming, mouth now open trying to catch at least one shot. My next shot lands on your cheek followed by chin and eye lid…finally I bury my cock in your mouth and you take the couple strands in your mouth. You back off my dick and show me my cum in your mouth before swallowing it.
Just as I’m envisioning this glorious site I stroke my cock one last time and release stream after stream of my hot cum…landing on my chest, stomach and hand. I almost black out and it takes me ten minutes to get up and go take a shower before going to work.

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8 replies
  1. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Great story Lovingcouple! Very hot! I think your wife would like it, if you left her this note. Wishing you the best of wishes & God’s blessings on that!!! Yes, please write more!!!

  2. Gina G. says:

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Awesome tribute to your wife. I sure she would love it! ( Have to get BEN to masturbate for me tonight! Lol!)

    Thank you so much for the post. God bless and stay horny!

  3. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you for posting this descriptive HOT story lovingcouple. Yes, please post it for her and see what transpires. K. and I read it a few minutes ago and since he is off tomorrow I am going to put on a show for him when he gets out of the shower in a few minutes. I think I’ll ask him for a nice hot man-cream massage all over myself too. Goodnight!
    😀 Kay & K.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My wife enjoys knowing that I get excited thinking about her and then masturbate. I often tell her which gets her hot. I had this happen Saturday morning and the blowjob that followed was amazing. Share the letter and let her show you her appreciation.!

  5. JethRo says:

    My wife enjoys knowing that I get excited thinking about her and then masturbate. I often tell her which gets her hot. I had this happen Saturday morning and the blowjob that followed was amazing. Share the letter and let her show you her appreciation.!

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