MH Challenge of the Week: Scavenger Hunt

This story is not one of a sexual nature but boy did it lead to one wild night of passion later! Husbands, try this out to show your loving wife how special she really is to you and trust me, she will “reward” you later!

My wife enjoys doing goofy things and I came up with a special “scavenger hunt” just for her. I waited until she was out on an errand and set my plan to action. When she came home I was not there, all she had was a note explaining the hunt she would now be taking. Her “hunt” would take place at a local strip plaza just down the road, her first note would be taped to the back of the last padlock on the rack at the office supply store next to (I don’t recall, but I made it easy to find). She had to find the lock and remove the note. The note said something about how she held the key to my heart (or some similar sappy thing) followed by the location to her next note. She went to a shoe store, a dollar store, a Walmart (in several departments) etc.
When she was done she was to find me waiting for her at one of the plaza restaurants where we had a few cocktails and some munchies. We went home and like I said, I was rewarded with her attentions (twice if I recall).

It was a simple and easy to do project that made her feel special. It cost me nothing to do but made her feel extra special!

(should you decide to try this, all notes were hidden on the back of the last product on display hangers or tucked inside the item and not on any fast moving items that might be sold in the time between putting on the notes and her removing them, the notes were very small and she had my cell to call if she had trouble. Some of the ideas I used or considered using also included a pair of sexy heels, a sexy thong panty, a note tucked into page 69 of a romance novel, a bottle of hot sauce, etc, you can imagine the things said for these types of items, I tried to get the notes a bit racier and racier as the hunt went along and that added to the heat she started to feel. I was careful to not make anything hard for her to find or figure out, it was more the thrill of what she was doing than the challenge of it.)

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3 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Thanks, Tom Ryan! I hope you don’t mind I used your story as the Challenge of the Week when I posted it. 🙂 I haven’t had time to come up with them recently and this… It’s a great idea!!

  2. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Blondie, that was smart! Save yourself a little bit of time & btw the challenges we have read about on here have all been really cool & fun! Now we can’t wait to try this one! We both know we’ll have to wait awhile to where when we plan this, we’ll kind of have to “tweak” the idea a little to where the other one won’t catch on as fast, but we know it will still be fun!
    Tom Ryan, that was a fantastic & great idea. We imagine you & your wife had a lot of fun! We can’t wait to try something similar!!! Thank you for sharing. May God bless you greatly!

    • doctemp2 says:

      A fabulous and romantic idea Mr. Ryan, great touch! I bet your dear wife loved that, supurb. How exciting and intimate. Sounds like she is very blessed to have you. My husband and I will add this to our To Do list. Will be hard to top your creativity. Take good care and thanks again sir! Kay & K. 😀

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