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Valentine’s Day Game Present

I debated back and forth about submitting this article. Then Lovinghusband posted, “Why Do We Come to Marriage Heat.” Well that answered my dilemma. First I would like to apologize for my writing skills. This being my first time writing in a very longtime, my grammar skills are a bit rusty. Also I would like to thank all the contributors to Marriage Heat. Your stories have been a real inspiration to me as a Christian husband. I have encouraged my wife to read your stories, but as of yet I don’t think she has. Since Christians married couples don’t talk much about the subject of sex, I was really beginning to think I was the only Christian man out there who actually liked sex and all its pleasurable attributes.

In my past, secular and after I received Christ, I suffered through the addiction of pornography. I was set free from that addiction but still had a desire to better my love making techniques for my wife. A few years ago I started researching on the subject on the Internet. It became a passion of mine to know how I can bring toe curling, back arching sexual pleasure to my lovely wife. Finally I came across Christian Nymphos, then several months ago Marriage Heat.

I am thankful for the many stories Marriage Heat has shared. My story may be a bit mild compared to some of the other stories I have read, but I would like to share them to encourage others to share. Please pray for my wife and I as we continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord and the whole new aspect of sex in our marriage. Any suggestions your readers may have would be greatly appreciated. As Paul Harvey would say, “And now for the rest of the story…”

In 1981, after a very unfortunate time in my life, my first wife of three years divorced me as I was just beginning my twenty year military career. I surrendered my life to Christ in 1982 while stationed far away from home in Germany. This started a wonderful transformation to a new life with new Christian single friends. It was during this time I met a wonderful young European Christian lady. I was 28 years old and my lovely fiancée was 21 when we married in 1984. Both of us were sexually very shy and my bride a virgin. Early on in our marriage we had both confessed to each other that we had experienced masturbation in our past. After that conversation the subject was never again brought up. Being an active Christian husband and wanting to please my wife I read all the typical Christian books on sex. Reading them once and then I kept them securely out of sight. I seemed to be the, forgive the pun, the driving force, behind trying to improving our love making sessions. My wife continued to tolerate my fumbling attempts of touching all the right spots. Our standard position to make love was in the Missionary position, in bed before sleep, and with the lights out.

In the military we spent many times separated. We didn’t have Skype, texting or email in those early years, our love had to be shared through letters and quick pay phone calls. After about 12 years of marriage we had great concerns of our lack of ability to have children. While stationed in Europe we went through the hormonal infertility treatments available at that time. Wow, what new and exciting erotic times started to develop. Those stories alone will be saved for another possible writing opportunity. Even after much prayer and many loving Christians praying for us to have children, monthly disappointment continued to come. All our love making sessions was being transformed to fertility schedules, not necessarily physical enjoyment. We eventually set aside the fertility treatments and just put God in control. We learned that sometimes our loving and caring God’s answer is no.

Now retired from the military, my beautiful wife and I are now in our fifties and have been married 29 years. Two years ago I was diagnosed with low testosterone. No wonder my sexual stamina was starting to slow down. Now with the help of some medication my sexual life is beginning to take a new fresh crispness like that of the early autumn mornings. Since retiring from the military, we are finally settled down in a permanent stateside home with all the outdoor freedom that comes in living in the countryside.

For Valentine’s Day about five years ago I had the inspiration to create an “erotic” board game. The game was tailored mostly to our personal sexual appetites, plus a few “pick a card” located strategically on the board. These cards are designed to begin widening our personal experiences. I also bought a special soft red comforter for the bed and installed a dimmer for the bedroom lights. The soft comforter, ambient lighting and our game board between us makes for the beginning of an erotic evening.

After my wife’s initial surprise of my gift our sex life started again to blossom and flourish. One early “game” night in particular I had landed on my soon to be favorite spot, “Express a desire that you want your Lover to satisfy right now.” So after a short pause I looked into my love’s beautiful brown eyes and gently asked my wife to caress her pussy for me. She hesitated at first but looked into my eyes and asked why I wanted her to masturbate. I explained that I knew I lacked certain skills in bringing her to an orgasm I had hoped she would begin to teach me about how to stroke her pussy. I further explained to her I had hoped it would transform a hidden little guilty secret, to very pleasurable “being one” teaching time. She looked into my eyes, touched my hand and smiled that sexy smile she only gives me.

Still smiling my love continued to look at me, and then rolled over onto her back. I watched in admiration as she laid her beautiful brown hair softly on the pillow. Right before my eyes the love of my life sexually metamorphosed into a sexual wife who knew how to take control of her own sexual desire to please her horny loving husband. She softly ran her fingertips down and slowly teased her nipples. With her hands cupped my love caressed the soft underside of her beautiful full breasts. My love stroked them back and forth opening her eyes watching me watch her then she closed her eyes again. I watched her legs slowly begin to spread open as one hand began to gently move down her stomach. My love’s facial tone was turning red hot as her gorgeous eyes opened then rolled back closed and she began to lick her luscious lips. One of her dainty hands moved down and slipped under the black lace of her panties. My love released her breast with her other hand to increase her tempo, pleasuring her wet pussy. Through the fabric I could see her slim fingers move in sync with her heaving pussy mound. Under the fabric I could barely view in wonder the sensual passion as my love’s delicate fingers entered the soft moist folds of her pussy.

After a few heated moments my sexy wife looked at me, erotically smiled, and then told me she always had trouble receiving sexual pleasure on her back. It was her desire to give me a sexy show fingering her pussy. She confessed that for her, masturbating was more enjoyable lying on her stomach. I explained it would greatly arouse me to watch my wife in orgasmic passion so I asked her to go ahead and do what ever she needed to give her body that pleasure that had eluded us all these years. My eyes where fixed on her beautiful body as her natural rhythm began to move her soft ass up and down on those slender responsive fingers. As I lay beside her naked, my hot throbbing hardened cock stiffened between us eager in anticipation of being surrounded by my love’s sweet hot pussy. For now it would have to be content throbbing and aching against her sizzling thigh.

Watching my beautiful wife I began to caress the soft inside curves of her long beautiful legs. Soon my strong hand slipped between her lovely thighs. Drawn toward the heat I continued to stroke the inside of her thighs, my fingers barely touching her hot moist pussy. Pausing briefly she carefully laid my fingers under her moist fingers while she continued to use my fingers to rub her clit. “Darling let me teach you the way I desire you to open my pussy.” My horny wife increased her tempo as I felt my fingers move deep inside her flaming hot pussy.

Looking dreamily at me, our mouths met and our tongues entwined and danced with delight. Our new sexual enjoyment was beginning its journey…

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  1. She Writes says:

    You have a talent for writing! It’s touching, no pun intended, that your wife was so brave in responding to your request and that you were so willing to learn. Sending a prayer for your journey together to continue to hot destinations.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Barnboy – Somehow I had not seen this wonderful story and testimony. I loved seeing how the Lord has patiently brought you two to grow to new heights. I also that it was hot the way she used your fingers as her tool to masturbate. I enjoy it so much when my wife does the same – especially to feel the power and rhythm the like to have when touching themselves. Many times I have cum while dry humping my wife as she is masturbating while on her tummy. One of the hottest and most sizzling thoughts is seeing my wife masturbate. Just last night, she laid on my hand and masturbated herself to an intense orgasm. Her pussy got my hand wet, and I licked it to my heart’s content when she was done. I didn’t cum myself (was way to tired – which is not my normal!!) 🙂

    Anyway, I’m glad I came upon this one – because I didn’t see it originally. God bless you and your wife. LH

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