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My Bride Part II

Click, click, click the shutter continued while my nervous index finger continued pressing the camera’s release button. Each photo quickly captured the beautiful sensual sight of M’Love. My eyes exposed to the loveliness and vulnerability of her stunning young image burned into my very soul. My sexy young bride sat provocatively on her old school […]

My Bride

The spiral staircase kept winding upward to the third floor of her childhood bedroom. I was mesmerized by the sight of the backside of my new bride’s colorful sheer dress in front of me. The beautiful tulip fabric patterned with spring colors covered her buttocks as they rocked back and forth just before my eyes. […]

Any 30th Anniversary Suggestions

Trying to think of something special for our 30th anniversary, here I sit in my well worn recliner, glancing out my front bay window.  Spring rains outside are awakening the grass that will soon need to be trimmed.  Colorful birds having snacks, flit to various perches surrounding the feeders we keep full of seed.  The […]

Valentine’s Day Game Present

I debated back and forth about submitting this article. Then Lovinghusband posted, “Why Do We Come to Marriage Heat.” Well that answered my dilemma. First I would like to apologize for my writing skills. This being my first time writing in a very longtime, my grammar skills are a bit rusty. Also I would like […]

“Oh, My Queen!” (L)

Infertility can cause a wide variety of emotions in a married couple who desperately want children. When you are a Christian couple there are even the added pressures that our good well meaning brothers and sisters in Christ can create. For over ten years of our marriage we prayed and received many prayers for God […]