Any 30th Anniversary Suggestions

Trying to think of something special for our 30th anniversary, here I sit in my well worn recliner, glancing out my front bay window.  Spring rains outside are awakening the grass that will soon need to be trimmed.  Colorful birds having snacks, flit to various perches surrounding the feeders we keep full of seed.  The daffodil blossoms sway in the gentile breeze.

Remembering in my mind that beautiful day, as now the television rambles on through a senseless program.  My eyes continue scanning out the window as the birds hop in the green grass dodging between the early spring flowers.  This beautiful scene rejuvenates my memory back thirty years.  My thoughts reeling, recalling thirty years ago, to the special day of the 19th of April when my fiancee and I wed.

Much like the scenery here now, in Holland the beauty

arched to the sun.  While a young beautiful bride and grateful groom held hands walking through the park listening to the direction of our sweet photographer.  Now soon the day will be here when my love and I will be celebrating thirty joyous years.  For twenty years we endured the hardship of military life walking together through many trials and pleasures.  Together we experienced so many great events.  Seen so many beautiful treasures of Europe that are now stored in boundless photo books and displayed throughout our modest home.

Trying to come up with some special way to celebrate, I yearn now to have her home beside me.  I miss her presence as the frozen ground misses the warmth of the sun.  Soon our orchard will be full of beautiful little flowers.  Pear blossom’s creamy white as my love’s skin, so soft to the touch.  My love’s lips illuminating as the plum’s red petals.  I love to watch the pink cherry blossoms as they open revealing tender pink inner folds.  Yes it is a shame we are not independently wealthy and my love is at work as I soon will be. Oh the mind wanders when in love.

Searching for answers I logged on to MH and started wondering  if any of the MH ladies might have a suggestion? I would love for this anniversary to be special for her.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Barnboy, the best suggestion I can give you is, just enjoy being together. If possible slip away for a day or two even if it is just at a local hotel. ( Hotel sex is hot!) Go out to eat, go to a movie. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Just enjoy being with your bride and being in love.

    Welcome to the “30” Anniversary club! Happy Anniversary! God bless, congratulations and stay horny my friend.

  2. Loved by my Wife says:

    I am not an ‘MH Lady’, but, my wife enjoys Groupons: we get Groupons for getaways with amenities within a few hours from our home. They are above all affordable, but also peaceful, sexy, romantic & fun.

  3. Barnboy says:

    I appreciate your comments hornyGG and Loved by my wife. Unfortunately my wife considers it very extravagant and a waste of money to go to a local hotel. Especially since we do not have children and “we have a perfectly good bedroom.” As my previous story can attest to I agree totally hotel sex is hot. We make several trips and take advantage of that opportunity. Appreciate the suggestions though.

  4. smitten says:

    HornyGG hit on it. The special part is the joy of life, the joy of being with each other, and the comfortableness that thiry years together brings to a relationship. Relax in each others love.

  5. Blondie says:

    First of all, congrats to you two! Thirty years is so incredible! Praise God!

    If you want to do something a little more elaborate than the usual out to dinner, flowers and chocolates, maybe going to a bed and breakfast may be a good idea. It could be a little drive to one depending on where you are, but I know a lot of bed and breakfast rooms have sexy features like two person jacuzzis, four poster beds, room service that is romantically minded, etc. Some even offer couple massages and spa treatments.

  6. hornyGG says:

    I love Blondie’s suggestions! Another thing you might consider is renewing your wedding vows. Ben and I did and it was really a special memory. You can honeymoon in your own bed ! Hope this helps.

  7. Barnboy says:

    Thanks smitten and Blondie for the suggestions. I totally agree that just being together makes it special. We have had our honeymoon in Paris. Anniversaries in London, Amsterdam and again Paris. All our anniversaries have all been special in one way or another. (Except one when I was in the middle east. However the emails were hot!!! Guess that was uniquely special) Being male I forgot to include in my original request that her elderly parents are coming in from Holland for their annual 30 day visit. They are a real blessing. Right now I am kind of leaning towards a surprise get on the knee renewing our wedding vows in our garden. Then in June we will be out of town so I may surprise her with that romantic hotel time.

  8. BlueBee says:

    Congratulations to both of you!

    If you plan to stay home, my suggestion is to create a sensual environment in your bedroom with some music, candles, massage oil or something that would stimulate her senses. You could write her a card or a letter letting her know how much you love and appreciate her.

  9. happy45 says:

    Prepare a long love letter highlighting the joys of sharing 30 years – no holds barred.
    Make your own sensual/sexual greeting card with your own message
    and adorn with “special” pics you would only share with your loved one.
    Leave a love note under her pillow each night for the week leading up to your anniversary.
    Chocolate and flowers are always a pre-cursor to a great celebration.
    All the other suggestions work well too, so you take time and design your own celebration.You can always show love for free and the results are amazing for MH.
    Preparing for our 47th so have a few years experience of beautiful love.

  10. Barnboy says:

    Thanks everyone for the congrats and suggestions I really am blessed by the response. So I decided to get up early and decorate the house with wedding day photos. Then prepare a special breakfast for my wife and her parents. All during the day M’Love will find secret notes of love hidden in different areas she frequents. I will pay particular attention in sweet kisses, hand holding and strokes all during the day. At lunch I will take M’Love, her parents, my Mom and sister out to lunch to a special restaurant. Afterwards back at our house to enjoy the afternoon. My close friend, who is a pastor and his wife will arrive and we will have a private wedding vow renewal ceremony. That night when my in-laws are asleep, rock and roll.

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