Not Your Ordinary Day at the Gym.

I had taken a part time job as a spin instructor at my local gym to supplement my meager income when my sweetheart

and I were newlyweds. I had always been physically active and loved the time sharing my enthusiasm for a hard sweat with others.

My wife on the other hand had her science books and her two cats as her favorite pastimes, so it came as a surprise when after months of encouragement she accepted my invitation to join my class.

The room was packed and the music loud and by the time the hour was up sweat seemed to be pouring off the walls. As the last few people made their way out of the designated cycling room and into the main gym area I approached my sweetheart and asked how she did. Smiling awkwardly and with a big exhale that seemed to say, “You tell me” she was clearly still trying to catch her breath as I put a gentle arm around her shoulder and stood her up straight. I told her to take some deep breathes with her hands above her head while I got her some more water. She had her straight blonde hair tied back in a pony and her black tank top and sports bra revealing just a hint of cleavage from her ample bosom. She wasn’t the most fit of the ladies who were in attendance that night, but I’ve never been into that type of physique anyway. The curves on my lady always get me excited when she shows them off and that tight little outfit I had never seen was working on me. With her hands above her head her breasts jetted out as an invitation for me to stare.

I caught a glimpse and looked away, then back again. There was a different feeling that briefly came over me for some reason. My heartbeat bounced a little as I felt my face flush. There was a uniqueness about our location that made me feel like I was looking on this woman for the first time. Like the time my friend invited me to a sleepover as a 15 year old and I had mistaken his mother’s bedroom for the bathroom. She was changing into a skirt and completely naked from the waist up. I quickly closed the door but not before making eye contact and his mother trying to cover up with her arms, recognizing who it was that was invading her privacy. The panic of the situation didn’t affect me nearly as much as that first sexual encounter did. It was well into the morning before I could stop reeling from the beautiful pair of exposed breasts that appeared before my impressionable eyes and fall asleep.

My wife caught my stare and said, “What is it?”

I snapped out of my brief spell and approached her again saying, “Nothing, I’m just glad you decided to come tonight, it means a lot.”

I leaned in to give her a little kiss on the lips and she lowered her hands to the back of my wet black hair and pulled me in closer. The kiss lingered and then her mouth opened wider to take more of mine. I responded in kind and allowed just the tip of my tongue to touch her top teeth. Something I loved doing. She had fabulous teeth and a radiant smile and I adored how her ridge was smooth and clean on my tongue. Such a great turn on to me. She thrust her tongue deep into my mouth and I could feel my cock thicken in an instant. I sucked on her greedy tongue and knew right then just how well she knew me.

I pulled her in close with my hands on the small of her back pressing my pelvis into her so she could feel for herself what she was doing to me. Our kissing quickened and my body grew as I pulled down on her pony tail to expose her neck to me. I leaned into her tender flesh like a shark and kissed hard just above her collar bone. She let out a gasp of air in return that filled the room. Afraid of being seen or heard by the masses I stepped away briefly and walked to the door, closed and locked it. I turned 180 degrees and began walking toward my beautiful bride of less than a year.  I had impure intentions on my mind for her in that little room. With my right hand I cupped the back of her head and with the other grabbed a handful of the back of her tank top and brought her in close to my body. Being quite a bit taller than she gave me complete control of her body this way. I kissed her mouth like a man possessed at first, her strong lips taking the force I was producing, then gently so to feel her soft lips just brushing against mine. Then turned her head slightly and worked my way up her jaw line to her ear, behind her ear and inside of her ear. I traced the rim of her ear with my tongue, flicked the tiny jewel on her earlobe then kissed her neck and shoulder then her eyebrow and forehead then back to her lips again. Our kissing took on a life of its own. From a slow rhythmic pace keeping in time with the metronome in our heads to licking sucking and even a little biting. We were literally feasting on one another. Amazing.

We seemed to make out in the dark room for an hour before I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have her. Right now. I reached down and began lifting the bottom of her tank top when she hesitated. Looking behind her towards the large panes of glass that separated our cycling room from the main gym she said, “Are you sure they can’t see us?” I assured her that the windows were tinted with a mirror finish on the outside and the only thing they could see was their own reflection. She then helped me remove her top and then her bra. Both of which were soaked with perspiration and hit the floor with a slap. I peeled my shirt off in kind and looked over to see her stepping out of her tights and panties. I was slightly shocked that she was really into the idea of making love with an unsuspecting audience in full view. The anticipation for such a risky and naughty act sent my senses into complete overdrive. My aching cock was so big I had a tough time getting my shorts over the top of it and off my body. I immediately went to her breasts and gently massaged, kissed and lapped them over and over with the tip and then flat of my tongue.

Waiting patiently for her response to determine how she liked it, I knew when her head fell back as she let out a slight moan that I had the green light I needed. My right hand wandered to her legs and thighs until she stepped wide signaling me to rub her hot sex with my fingers. Touching her lips and slowly rubbing the folds and creases up and down between my fingers I could feel her wetness moistening my hand. Inviting me to delve into her. To penetrate her with my long fingers. My middle finger slipped into her terribly wet pussy with little work. Than my ring finger until both were deep inside, inspecting the incredible walls and making her hips gyrate. “Harder.” she said and I began pressing deep inside of her while standing there kissing her open mouth.

She broke away from my mouth and tilted her head back in shock or maybe agony. Or both. “Faster, Harder!” she demanded and I obliged. I could see her breasts heaving as she took shallow rapid breaths of air. Grabbing onto my shoulder for support she got to the tips of her toes and finally let out a deep breath and began shaking out a steady rhythm of rushing pleasure as her pussy tightened around my fingers and then loosened four or five times until her climax subsided. Standing there supporting my wife as she got her footing back I was hungrier than ever to fill her with my sex. I gently turned her around facing the glass which separated us from the main part of the gym. I kissed her neck, back, ears and shoulders until I knew she was ready for me to enter. Separating her legs slightly I grabbed her hips with both hands and tilted her pelvis slightly to gain access to what I’d been waiting for. She maneuvered the tip of my cock to her opening and I slid in and guided her all the way down the full length of my shaft until she could go no further.

I seemed to grow even more while inside of her and I lifted her chin and kissed her lips while pulsing from behind. I enjoyed just standing there. Letting my full erect hardness just be inside of her and we were completely one. She began milking my cock and circling her hips in tight formation, like a belly dancer. It was driving me crazy. I began pushing in deeper and she was pressing back against me with every minor thrust. Meeting me half way as our bodies collided. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed both of her arms and placed her hands on the glass in front of her for support, my hands on top of hers. I began thrusting my cock deep inside of her now. Exploring the limits of her body. She began moaning loudly and I wondered whether or not the dozen or so people on their elliptical machines, their profiles not five feet in front of us could hear what was happening on the other side of the glass. I think she recognized it too when I noticed she was holding her breath in hopes of not giving us away. Maybe ten seconds or so then letting it out in an audible exhale.

Again she inhaled deep and held it while I, holding her hips tightly with both hands, pulled her hard onto me over and over again. She was such a trooper. I thrust into her repeatedly until she couldn’t hold it anymore. The slapping sound of my hips slamming into her thick, gorgeous ass filing the room, my cock tightening with so much blood I thought I would explode. On the fifth or sixth time of her trying to hold her breath she exhaled loudly and panted, “Oh my…, I’m coming again. Keep Going, Oh!” I didn’t think it was possible for her to be able to have an orgasm in this position and that was all it took to send me into a roller coaster of ecstasy. I pressed myself into her deeply, timing my deliberate entry with each and every powerful wave of ejaculate. Filling her so full of my heat I thought she or I might faint. Just when I thought my body couldn’t possibly produce any more another wave would hit me and make me shake again.

As the powerful energy subsided I turned her around to me and she wrapped her arms around my waist and put her head onto my chest as we both slid down to the floor in complete exhaustion. The faint sound of  a Cee Lo Green song came through the glass and we both laughed. I kissed her forehead and thanked her for being my one and only true love. I think about that day often.

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