Precious, Unconditional Love

My name is Alejandra and my husband’s name is Ricardo. We were born and raised in

. We now live in Southern California and have 6 beautiful children and want to have more.

We Puerto Ricans are known for having a very high sex drive. We LOVE to make love whenever and wherever possible.

People ask me all the time about how my husband and I find time to make love with six kids running around. I tell them that we are constantly making love. Making love involves romance, foreplay, sex, and then cuddling. We might not have sexual intercourse all the time, but we are always romancing each other and engaging in mild foreplay such as kissing, sexy texting (sexting), and touching throughout the day. And then when sex finally does take place, it’s something magical. Because all of the tension that has been building between us from kissing, and touching, romancing throughout the week, is released and the result is a wild, passionate physical expression of love towards one another. It feels like something sacred.

Making love is not about me. When I am intimate with Ricky, my desire is not to GET pleasure, although that’s definitely a plus, my true desire is to EXPRESS my undying love and need for him by GIVING him pleasure. And he does the same for me. We both focus on each other’s climax instead of our own.

Sometimes one or both of us are just too tired from the day to be sexually intimate. When he is not in the mood, I wait. And he does the same.  So,being devoted Catholics, I must wait patiently until my husband is ready and he must wait until I am ready.

So, as you read my personal experiences here, I hope everyone who reads them will understand the unconditional love I have for God and my husband.

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