My Exercise Incentive

“I’m going to the gym at 1 today,” said her husband. “Got it,” she said, eagerly noting it on her schedule.  That was one

appointment she didn’t want to miss.  “See ya then,” he said, and with a kiss, left for his job.  She smiled.  1:00 couldn’t get here fast enough.

The gym was moderately busy, but it was his form she was seeking as she came in. Having already been there for a while, the sweat was covering his face and back. “Hi, there” she said, and went to put away her coat and get on the elliptical where she could have a good view of the coming show.

Once there, her eyes found him again. He was doing shoulder shrugs, and his muscles bulged. She didn’t need an elliptical to get her heart rate up. Watching him from machine to machine, the smile on her face said she was enjoying exercise a little too much perhaps…and then he went to the chest press. Lying down, he heaved up the weights in a powerful rhythm. That one always got her. Now she was really gripping the bars, wanting so badly to go over and straddle him right there. She never knew working out could be so fun! After that, he went to sweat more on the bike. Playfully, she texted him a note saying, “I wish you were riding something else!” He smiled back.

She timed her workout to end with his. “What’s next,” she said, hoping she would hear the answer she wanted to hear. “Well, got to go home and shower and then back to the office,” he said. She whispered under her breath, “Please, God…” as they drove home.

She let him have a few minutes in the shower alone, then she opened the door and slipped in. At first, he smiled and began to say, “I’ve got to go..” but she put her fingers over his lips. Grabbing the shampoo, she poured some in her hands and began to work it over his body, starting with his massive chest and shoulders. “Just a few minutes together, honey?” she said as she slicked her way down to his already enlarging penis. She rubbed him and stroked his entire manhood, getting to where she had him rinse so she could suck on him hard, grabbing his butt and pulling him to her.

After a few blissful minutes, she said, “Here,” and gave him shampoo for her. Now, with intent, he began to soap her breasts and body, inching down to caress her thighs and clit. They slipped against each other, appreciating the benefits of exercise. His firmest muscle, though, was the one between his legs. She turned around for him to press it against her from behind, raising her arms over her head and against his neck, arching her back so he could access her breasts as fully as possible. She was shaking with desire as he once more caressed her breasts, kissed and licked her neck up to her ears so she could hear his labored breathing, and then while pressing hard into her, reached down with one hand to touch her pulsing clit. She moaned with pleasure… she literally couldn’t stand anymore and went down to finish him in the shower when he said, “Wait.”  He turned off the shower, grabbed a towel, wrapped her in it and said, “Get in the bed quick.”  She smiled and practically ran. He came out a minute later and went right on top of her. Panting, she grabbed a condom because she knew they both couldn’t wait another minute. She rolled it onto his length, and he pushed her back and went in, thrusting hard. She pulled him up higher so his base could rub her clit as he thrusted, and in seconds, could feel her body soaring that now familiar elevator of desire.

“I’m cumming,” she gasped as he quickened his thrusting. His answer was to gasp as he released as well. She was breathless to feel his powerful, pumping eruption within her. They laid there for a moment, pulsing with the afterglow of their lovemaking. When she could speak, she said with a smile, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you late for work.”  He laughed and said, “It was worth it!”  He got up and quickly dressed, but gave her a deep, lingering kiss on the way out.

“Working out tomorrow,” he said with a low voice.

“What time?” she whispered back….

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