Sex Adventure – A South Beach Miami Trip (Part 1)

My husband and I are very busy. He is working hard to provide for me and our children. I am a busy mom and my

husband’s girlfriend. We both love our marriage and our marriage heat. We are at that point in life that we have to figure out how to make the most of every opportunity.

The annual business conference and banquet this year was held in South Miami Beach. Since wives were invited, I was more than happy to go, leaving our little ones with grandma. We flew into Miami on Tuesday morning and took a cab to our nice hotel on Collins Ave right in the heart of the action. In busy places like South Beach and Vegas, for this to be a sex trip, I have to get into the right mindset or I can get distracted by all the noise, fun, and sights (Vegas is even more difficult).

The 8th story room was spectacular. View of the ocean, wow. A treat. At times like this, I am glad my husband has a corporate job, he loves. I knew that he was going to be busy, but there was some free time scheduled for the conference participants. There were also dinner parties scheduled. I still masturbate to my memory of last year’s cocktail party. But a new sex adventure was awaiting me here and I wanted to seize the day on this trip.

My husband got in the shower and I couldn’t believe it, he started singing. My man was singing. He was happy. I suddenly got horny. I pulled my jeans down and took off my panties and started masturbating. For some reason I was fiercely fingering my pussy. I had gotten a Brazilian waxing a week earlier, no hair to get in the way. I arrived to a quick nice little orgasm before he was done singing in the shower. I was so hot for my man, I wanted anything he wanted.

I put my panties back on and took off my shirt, and entered the bathroom wearing only my bra and panties. My husband’s shower ended. He walked out of the shower with his penis hanging down. I stared at his penis.

“What are you staring at?” my husband asked.

“I was just thinking that I want your penis to direct my sexual identity on this trip.” I said.  (I totally trust my husband that he would not ask me to do anything that would violate my faith).


“I want the imagination of your penis to direct our sex adventure on this trip. So you are in your meeting, text me and tell me what your penis desires. I will drop everything and obey your penis’ will.”  I said. “When you get back to the hotel or where ever else, your wish is my sexual command.”

“My penis can be pretty weird,” he said.

“I am not worried,” I said seductively.

“No. I would never ask you to do anything to violate our faith, but my penis is weird,” he said.

“Try me!”

“Ok. Step in the shower and pee in your panties. My penis just thought that would be cool to watch your panties get wet from pee. Take your bra off too.” My husband said. I sensed my husband was testing me.

I took my bra off and I walked in the shower. This was easy. I had to pee anyway. If he wanted that, I was going to give him a show. I was still tingling after masturbating, and I put my hand down by my pussy. I started to pee in my panties as I put my fingers on my wetting panties. I slowly peed. Stopping, then starting to pee again. My husband was getting hard. He really wanted me to do this. I did. I have to admit I was surprised. This was weird. But seeing him get hard as a rock was really turning me on.

“Take your wet panties off and turn the shower on and wash them.”  I did. “Take your shower. My penis believes you,” he said.

I took my shower, surprisingly horny from peeing in my panties simply because he wanted me to. I sort of liked the wet feeling on my pussy. I completed my shower and saw my husband standing there with a robe over his shoulders. The robe was open and I saw his penis hanging there. My husband spoke up.

“My penis wants your pussy to tell him if you have any thoughts of what she wants,” he said.

I can’t believe I said what I said next. “I want you to masturbate in your hand and take you wet cum and push it up into my pussy. I want you to rub it all over my pussy.”

He started to jack off, while I was standing there with water dripping from the shower. My hands were caressing my pussy while I was watching him masturbate. This little game had gotten into his brain (and mine), because he ejaculated into his hand within a few minutes. I was on my way also. He took his hand filled with his cum and cupped his man juice on my pussy. And he starting working me. My fire was rekindled. Feeling his cum. Feeling his hands. I bent my knees and found myself exploding. Wow. Moments ago I was peeing in my panties. Now I was orgasming to his fingers dripping with his cum.

“I mean it,” I said. “I want to be your sex servant on this trip. Let me know what your penis wants. I trust you. I trust your penis. My pussy wants to be led, directed, owned by the thoughts of your penis. Just say, ‘My penis wants you to…’, I will obey.” I was getting wet just saying those words.

We got dressed. We went out to dinner. We walked around South Beach taking in some of the sights. We headed to bed by 10 pm. The conference started early.  I got up to go pee one more time.  I thought about what happened earlier. I was looking forward to the sex adventure that awaited us.

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11 replies
  1. Smitten says:

    That is such an erotic idea, Strawberry. I loved your story. My wife prefers to call it a dick and letting my dick guide us in sex is sooo erotic. They have a mind of their own that is for sure. They practically make a slave out of a man. Thanks for this idea.

    • Loved by my Wife says:

      It is fantastic that you were selfless enough to indulge your husband’s whim despite not feeling it mutually. I did not expect to find peeing one’s panties as being a demonstration of sacrificial love.

    • Strawberry says:

      Lol – I kind of like that weird imagination, within limits. I assure you I was not sacrificing that much. But thanks for the compliment.

    • Oldersingle says:

      That is a hot image…I love that these stories get you ladies as excited as I get …I often find myself sliding my shorts down to play while I read. The freedom and joy the couples enjoy is so stimulating.

  2. Jezuz11 says:

    I read a couple other MH posts that made me hard as a 2×4. And I landed at this one and it pushed me over the edge. I had to drop my phone and imagine this happening to me and my wife. Wow I was cumming in no time. I love everything about this story – from the solo quickie to the shared experience, and all the submission and reckless abandonment in between! A+

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