Day Off, Love On! (L) ( Part One)

The sun shown brightly through our bedroom window, waking me and warming my face. It had rained hard the night

before as a band of thunderstorms rumbled on through. I love the rain, but hate strong thunderstorms.

After glancing at the clock, I turned and noticed my dear husband Ben sleeping peacefully. He had worked late the night before and I had never heard him come home. His nude frame was fully exposed as the covers had fallen away from his body. I smiled and my sweet pussy tingled when my eyes caught sight of his large morning erection.

Though his cock looked so delicious and inviting, I had a full bladder and needed to pee really bad. Trying not to wake him, I eased out of bed and quietly made my way to our bathroom.

Upon finishing my business,  I walked back into the bedroom. Ben was still sleeping and had covered himself, his back to me as he lay on his side. I decided to go and put some coffee on. Slipping on my robe, I eased the bedroom door open and made my way to the kitchen.

After making the coffee and throwing away the three empty beer cans that my dear husband had left on the counter. I clicked on the television and settled on the couch. I basically channel surfed for about an hour as I enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Clicking off the television. I decided to join my man back in bed. He was still sleeping as I enterd the bedroom, so I gently shut the door behind me. Slipping off my robe I eased into bed next to him, snuggling close and putting my arm around his waist. He felt so good and warm, I couldn’t help but smile contently.

“Good morning!” he said in a low deep voice, gently stroking my arm. A sleepy smile crossed his lips.

“Good morning baby! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you! What time did you get home last night?” I said softly, then kissed his sweet lips.

“I don’t know. It was a little after one I guess,” he said, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I asked as I ran my fingers softly over his chest.

“I spoke to you when I got into bed. But you were sleeping so soundly and peacefully, I guess you didn’t hear me.” He replied.

“Aw, I’m sorry baby!” I said, then kissed him once more.

“Not an issue. I was just gonna let you know that I was home. I didn’t really try too hard to wake you anyway. I enjoyed watching you sleep. I’ve got to piss like a Russian race horse!” He said, then got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

“Don’t take too long, you handsome hunk of man!” I replied as I admired his sexy naked butt as he walked. I have said it before in previous stories, but my dear Ben has a great looking ass! It had been nearly four days since we last made love and I was in all honesty feeling quite horny.

Moments later he emerged from the bathroom. His flaccid dick and large meaty balls danced as he walked over and got back into bed. I snuggled close and put my head on his chest as his muscular arm embraced me.

“I guess Randy is still sleeping, huh?” Ben said, then kissed the top of my head.

“Probably. I really don’t know. He spent the night over at Cynthia’s with Billy and Clint. Rick mentioned something about taking them out on the river in his new boat sometime today.” I replied, placing my leg over his.

“Oh really! The last time I talked to him,he mentioned something about getting a new one. What kind did he get?” Ben asked.

“A silver and red bass boat is all I know. It’s really pretty.” I replied.

“Ok, well I’m gonna have to go over and check it out one day.” He said.

” I bet you will! But don’t be getting any ideas. You already bought a boat a couple of years ago, sweetheart!” I said.

“Oh no! Don’t worry about that. I am however gonna have to put the truck in the shop here pretty soon!” He replied.

“What’s wrong with your truck?” I asked.

“I noticed the transmission slipping a bit yesterday. I can use one of the company trucks till it gets fixed. Probably put it in Monday.” Ben replied.

“That’s nice! I guess your gonna want a new truck now! ” I said, gently smacking his chest with my hand.

He laughed and said,  “Well, baby,  it is nine years old you know! Figure probably next year.” He replied.

“So, you gonna sell this one?” I asked.

“Probably. Randy wants to get his license, so may sell it and get him a car. Depending on how his grades hold up. That last report card could have been better.” Ben said.

“Yeah, too much video gaming! I talked to him about that the other day. He’s doing much better studying wise now. Baby, can I ask you a question?” I said, then flicked my tongue over his nipple.

“Of course, baby, what is it?” Ben replied.

“I was just curious and I know it has been a busy week with you working late and me helping at the salon a lot lately. But I was wondering,  are you figuring on fucking me anytime soon?” I said, looking into his eyes pleadingly.

Ben chuckled and said, “Is my baby horny?”

“Baby, it’s been nearly four days! Your right, I’m horny! Woke up this morning to the sight of your big dick all swollen and hard as you slept. I wanted so badly to suck it off!” I said as I reached under the covers and gently fondled his limp dick.

“Why didn’t ya, babe?  That would have been a great way to wake up! Feeling your sweet lips around my cock!” Ben said as his dick began to thicken in my hand as I slowly jacked him. We kissed.

“Baby, I love you so much! I need you to love me, baby! I want you so bad! I want your cock! I want you inside me! I need you to fuck me and make me cum like only you can, baby!” I panted as I felt his dick harden rapidly in my stroking hand. My cunt was dripping and my clit throbbed with desire.

“I’m gonna fuck your brains out baby! I love you too, my beautiful, sexy wife. Watching you sleep last night gave me a hard on, baby! I was so tempted to wake you and pound that sweet pussy of yours!” He said as he put his hand to my cunt and began to finger me.

“Oh, baby! I wish you would have! Did you jack off as you watched me sleep?  Did you pump your meat like I’m doing to you now, baby? Ohhh, baby! Your fingers feel so good!” I panted as I worked my hips to his thrusting fingers and continued jacking him off.

We kissed, our tongues meeting and explored each others mouth passionately. I could feel my orgasm begin to build deep within me as his fingers did their thing for my pleasure. I could wait no longer, I wanted him inside me now!

“B-Baby, now! Put it in! I want you inside me n-now! I need your dick! Dick me! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” I demanded as my body felt like it wanted to explode.

I opened my legs wide as he mounted me, then pushed his massive swollen cock into me in one deep thrust pushing me over the edge.

“Oh-Oh-OH, BEN, BABY! I’M C-CUMMING! So good, Yes! Ohhhhhh Fuck, BABY!” I literally screamed as my body erupted in sweet release.

That’s it, baby, cum! Cum for daddy!  Baby, you’re so wet! I love how your pussy contracts around my dick as you cum! You’re soaking my balls!” Ben groaned as I convulsed beneath him.

As my orgasm ceased, Ben began slowly thrusting into me, my dripping cunt making that squishy sound with each thrust.

“Yes! That feels so nice,I have so missed this! Your dick feels so good, baby! That’s it, fuck me! Take my sweet pussy, baby! Feel how tight and wet I am for you, baby! You made me cum so hard, I love you so much, baby! Love me, baby, love me with your big dick! I love it!” I panted as I lifted my knees up to my chest and held them with my hands to give him the deepest penetration possible.

Ben groaned deeply as he increased the intensity of his thrust. He was really beginning to pound my pussy hard causing me to grunt with each thrust. I reached my hand to my clitoris and began frigging it as he continued to fuck me. It didn’t take long for me to feel another orgasm begin to swell inside me.

“That’s it, harder! Harder, BABY! OHHH -OHHH, BABY! I’m gonna cum again!  B-Ba-BABY I’M CUMMING!  OHHHHH -ARRRRRGGGH!  YESSSS, FUCK ME, YOU FUCKING STUD!” I squealed as I came.

“Pussy so tight! Baby, it feels so good! My balls are boiling, baby! I’m gonna CUM! GINA! BABY I’M GONNA SHOOT! BABY, I’M GONNA CUM INTO YOUR SWEET SNATCH! OHHHH FUUUUCK! ” Ben growled as he thrust deep, his dick pulsating as he injected me full of his warm sperm nectar.

I wrapped my legs around him and held him inside me as he spasmed. It felt so good as I held him close as I felt his love warm me.

“I feel it, baby! Let it go! Give it all to me, baby! I so love feeling you cum inside me! Just stay inside me. I love you so much!” I panted into his ear.

We stayed that way for several minutes before he finally slipped his now flaccid cock from my cunt.  I soon began to feel some of his cum leaking from me.

“Baby, would you be so kind to grab me a damp wash cloth from the bathroom. I’m leaking a bit!” I said as I ran my hand over my pussy and caught a bit with my fingers.

Ben smiled and said, “Sure, give me a sec!  Don’t know if I can walk just yet!”

I giggled and replied,  “Well you can always clean me with your sweet tongue!  Hungry for some Cream Pie, baby? Mmmm… good!” I said as I licked our combined juices from my fingers .

“OK, I’m going!” He said as he got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to retrieve a damp rag.

“That better, baby?” Ben said as he came back to bed and handed me the dampened rag.

“Yeah, this rag will do fine, baby! ” I said, then wiped my pussy and inner thighs clean.

Ben chuckled and said, “No, baby, I mean the sex! You feel better now?”

“Oh! Yes, baby, I feel wonderful!  Of course I always do after we fuck!” I said giving him a smile and a wink as he got back into bed.

“You were really hot and wet this morning, baby. You got some pretty good pussy for an old gal!” Ben said with a laugh.

I laughed and threw the damp cum covered rag at him and said, “Yeah, and you dumped a good load into me. And who are you calling old, old man?” We both laughed.

“Gina, baby! I love you so very much. You are so beautiful and sexy. Your such a genuine, kind hearted and loving woman. I honestly don’t know how I was lucky enough to grab you. I don’t know what the kids and I would do without you! And let me say that you never cease in making my dick hard. I love ya!”

“Aww!  Baby, you’re so sweet! Are you trying to make me cry? I love you too. Like I have said before, you are my fantasy and my reality!  I love you with all my heart.” I said, then kissed him.

We held each other in a loving naked embrace. Then drifted off into a post sex slumber.


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16 replies
    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Mrs. Smitten, I am so thrilled that you enjoyed my story. I truly enjoy yours and your dear husband’s stories as well. Thank you for the comment, God bless you both and of course stay horny!

    • hornyGG says:

      MADELEINE 27, so nice to hear from you my dear friend! Yeah, things have been a little hectic here at the ” Madhouse ” lately. Lol!

      As always, I am so glad you enjoyed my story and thank you for your support. It really means alot! Be sure to watch for Part 2. God bless you my dear and stay horny!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Hornyhubby! Part 2 should probably be up in a few days. Thank you for the comment and your support of my stories. I greatly appreciate it. God bless and stay horny.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks Blondie! Life has been a bit hectic at times at my house. God Bless and stay horny my friend.

  1. Bootylicious says:

    HornyGG, I love reading your stories! They get my pussy dripping wet 🙂

    One thing I’ve noticed from your stories (and Blondie’s too): you both seem to cum easily from having your husband’s cock thrusting in and out of your pussy. How do you do that? Have you always been able to cum from intercourse alone? I would love to be able to have an orgasm from my husband’s dick but I can’t. I have all my orgasms from him eating my pussy. He is really really good at eating pussy! He makes me cum over and over that way (like 4 or 5 times). How many women on this list can cum from dick thrusting alone? Is there a trick to it?

  2. hornyGG says:

    Bootylicious, Thanks for the compliment! Lol. Regarding your question. I guess I am lucky in the fact I am and always have been very orgasmic.

    However there are times when I find it hard to cum during penetration. I have found that that manually manipulating my clit while Ben is fucking me helps to get me off. You may want to try it if you haven’t already. I Hope this helps. Maybe have your hubby build your passion to the point of climax, then dick you hard!

    Anyway, Thanks for your support. God bless and stay horny!

  3. Bootylicious says:

    Thanks for the reply HornyGG. My hubby has had the same thought: get me to the point where I’m ready to cum and then “drive me home” ;-). Usually, I’m so into him eating me, though, that I don’t want him to stop. I reach that point of no return and then I’m cumming hard and there’s no turning back. I’m also the kind of gal that can lose my concentration in an instant, if you know what I mean. So I’m afraid that if I’m at the point of cumming and he stops stimulating me (in order to get ready to bang me) I’ll lose my cum. I’m a complicated woman. LOL

    • hornyGG says:

      Us gals are all complicated my dear Bootylicious! The good Lord created us that way to keep our men confused and on their toes! Lol.

  4. Smitten says:

    Mrs. Smitten to Bootylicious. I have always cummed to my husband’s dick inside me. I have better orgasms that way than from clittoral stimulation. I think it is the thought of his dick inside me and the anticipation of his hot cum pulsing inside me.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much adel! It is a nice way to wake up, isn’t it! Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the story. God bless and stay horny my friend.

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