Morning Dreams

She sighed the way she usually did.  It was 7:15 a.m. The first round of kids was out the door for school and the second

round wasn’t due to wake up yet. Her husband was upstairs already into the day’s email and schedules, and she sat downstairs unable to get her mind off last night.

She closed her eyes, holding her warm coffee cup and wishing she was holding his hot penis again.  Maybe because, as a guy, he has had so many years of climaxing that it was now a bit routine. But recently, he had become more powerful in bed, and combined with a renewed commitment to making the marriage better, he awakened desires in her even she could not fully express for fear he would think an alien had invaded his wife (And, if he was thinking this, he was not asking for the old wife to return anytime soon!).

He had been exercising regularly for a while. He had been getting harder and so hot, and she felt overwhelmed with desire for his body. But it was more than that. He was the total package. He was smart. He was amazing at his job. He was the father to her kids that she always knew he would be. He fixed stuff around the house. He was handsome, funny, and so strong in the Lord that even that was a turn on for her now. He was a turn on to her because he was…him.

They had overcome a lot of obstacles in their life, but finally, blissfully, they wanted more than ever to be fully, intimately married. A team that supported each other in decisions, minimized the irritants, emphasized the good, encouraged and supported, and put the needs of the other before their own.

So when he found her g-spot and ground his way to a waterfall explosion in her, he awakened in her a renewed awareness of all that God-designed marriage could be.

She found she began dreaming of making love to him throughout the day. That even his voice in low whispers could make her want him. That a kiss in the gym was enough to make her want to whisper more!! All the things that she was too embarrassed to try, or even think of, were now what motivated her to get up in the morning. She had even ordered a vibrator! She was wanting him so much now that she had to find some release during the day just so she could “try” to focus on the many tasks of a domestic engineer. She knew that he wanted her to learn to pleasure herself for his own enjoyment, but couldn’t get over the fact that it seemed…so ..well, selfish. Then, one day she fantasized of what it could be like to do this one evening in front of her husband, and it got her wet enough to try it. Instead of thinking how selfish it was, she just imagined giving him pleasure by doing it, and by imagining it was his penis that was pushing hard against her clit. In mere minutes, she had sprayed the floor with her climax!

Another of her dreams had become enjoying his body for hours instead of the glorious, but often minimized time they could fit in at the end of the day after the kids were (hopefully) whisked to bed. She wanted something to use so that one day, they could spend hours pleasuring each other, and getting good with this could give him time to recover enough so that her other secret wish of making him cum twice (more?) might be realized. Not enough hours in the day it seemed for what she wanted! She whispered, “Thank you, God!” sincerely grateful for His blessing on her marriage.

They had begun sending each other sexy texts and even pics meant just for each other’s eyes. (Another reason she could hardly focus during the day!) He had sent her a picture of him in all his glory, and she loved looking at it numerous times throughout the day. She was one blessed woman! How could she not fantasize about him? She thought over and over again of what she wished she could do to him…to show him beyond just the sexual attraction which often left her shaking with desire during the day, but to show him how intoxicated she was with him.

She wanted to arrange a getaway where they could go to a romantic hotel complete with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi. She would wear underneath her clothes her new unlined bra and thong panties that promised to give him a good view…she would sit him on the bed and slowly begin to take her clothes off in front of him, asking him to stroke himself as he watched. She would then turn around and bend down, starting to touch herself while giving him a good glimpse of where he would be heading soon. She would turn around again and begin to pinch her nipples to get them erect for him and cup her breasts, all the while imagining his strong hands on her body. She would then slide her fingers down her body to her clit, and begin to get herself even wetter for the action ahead. Not able to deny her desire to engulf his manhood in her mouth any longer, she would take over stroking and licking his engorged penis, so passionate about giving him every satisfaction she could. She would pull him off the bed onto the floor, and have him sit with his legs gently crossed, so she could straddle him and he could have his head in her breasts and his hands pulling her hips onto himself, aligning with her thrusts. There, so intimately close, so united, they would explode into each other, with Jacuzzi sex , slow, full- body massages, and quiet time just in each other’s presence on the menu for the weekend… and that vibrator might make a special appearance just for him as well!

She got up, walked to him and asked if he wanted more coffee.  “Sure, hon, thanks,” he replied with a quick smile from his work.  If only he knew how much she wanted to refill so much more than that! Perhaps the time for that private show was now.

“I’ll be right back,” she said with a smile.


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4 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Elise – I loved your story and especially your testimony in the “About elise65” bio section.

    Your focus on your spouse is a good example to us all. Isn’t it awesome how God protects us and nourishes us in our marriages – as we exercise self-control – in dedicating our sexual energies towards our spouse. Your dreams and fantasies are honoring to God (and your husband), as they are singularly toward the one you are in covenant with! Your godly dreams encouraged me towards my wife.

    I encourage you to thank God anew not only for the dreams and fantasies you have towards your husband – but also for the ones that are then lived out. I hope you both make it to that hotel with the fireplace and Jacuzzi. May God’s rich blessings continue in your marriage and ministry!

  2. elise65 says:

    Thank you both so much! Truly I am thanking God for this renaissance in our marriage. Blessings on all who seek to know a Song of Solomon marriage, and the richest of all unions that gives life to all others, that with Christ.

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