Best Country Sex Story – Oh Mr. Bluebird On My…

Best Country Sex Story

The end of July in the mid-west can be very hot and humid.  This particular day was no exception out here in the

country side.  It was an unusually, very hot heat wave while I was building our barn.  To provide relief from the heat, my wife and I purchased a small swimming pool.  We found this to be a good temporary solution for the heat until the funds for the new lake were acquired.

This particular day my 50+ old muscles ached from the long week of construction; now my task at hand was to lift, by myself, the interior walls I had just completed.  The merciless sun beat down, sweat poured out of my body, draining me of my precious body fluids.  After I managed to lift the wall and secure it, I looked over at the new pool sitting in the sun next to the Mimosa tree.  I glanced over at my lovely wife as she sat comfortably shaded in her chair on the back porch watching my activity and reading her latest book.

I love living our dream.  We live in a very secluded area with a country lifestyle.  Our beautiful home is located far from any prying eyes of nosey neighbors.  Now with the pool in focus my thoughts turned to how I could initiate my European wife to an old American country tradition, skinny dipping.  I carefully climbed down the ladder and walked about fifty feet to the pool, all the while dropping all my sweat soaked clothing along the way.  Glancing over at m’Love I noticed her relaxing and watching me just as I jumped into the water.  Her laughter and smiling face lingered in my mind as I plunged under the cool and refreshing water.

Oh, the water felt so good! I was no longer hot and sweaty but swimming free of any restrictive clothing.  I found the hot sun and stifling humid air but a distant memory.  When I surfaced I looked for m’Love on the porch, but she was no where to be found.  So I returned to back paddling and just relaxing in the cool water.  I dove under the surface of the water, enjoying being completely submersed.  Surfacing I looked up to see an attractive figure standing on the edge of the pool, my beautiful wife of twenty-five years was wrapped in a beach towel.

As she looked at me she slowly dropped the towel and was standing there completely nude.  Her sun lit, womanly figure momentarily reminded me of a priceless Greek statue I had once seen in the Louvre.  She smiled and then slowly raised her arms high and jumped in the air; her beautiful body arched as she dove into the pool.

I watched her distorted under water form as she spread her long legs and arms and then stroked moving underneath the water. She broke through the surface just in front of me her breasts sliding against my legs, then my thighs, and stopping to rest against my chest.

As I looked at her wet face I brushed her soft hair behind her ears. She took her delicate fingers and wiped the water from her eyes, while my soft cock was nestling against her neatly trimmed mound.

I wrapped my arms around her and whispered, “I love you,” in her ear.

She whispered back, “Honey, you were looking so sexy and hot up there working in the sun, and now you look even hotter naked in here with me.” With that said she slid her hand down my thigh and she grasped my cock with her hand under the water.

Suddenly there was some noise in the Mimosa tree next to us.  When we looked up a pair of bluebirds were cuddled next to each other on a large branch.  The female bluebird ruffled her feathers to the advancing pretty blue male.  I smiled looking at my love who was now watching the birds while continuing to stroke my cock. Seizing the opportunity of her outstretched neck I started kissing her just under her right ear; slowly kissing and moving to her throat and up the other side. Then with my tongue, I lightly rimmed her ear, my heavy breathing blowing softly into her ear.  Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and I noticed the fresh scent of the large honeysuckle vine with its blossoms filling the air around us.

As glanced back towards the bluebirds I saw that the male had moved behind his mate and began flapping his wings.  The female bluebird responded lifting her tail high in the air.

“Looks like we are not the only lovebirds here,” I remarked to m’Love.

We looked passionately into each others eyes and our lips met.  Her hand still grasping my now fully erect cock, she guided it to the entrance of her pussy.  She began massaging her clit with the head of my cock.  Then moving it a little lower placed it deliberately between her pussy’s lips.  With her other arm around my neck, she weightlessly wrapped her legs around my waist, “Give me a ride my sexy hard workin’ man!”  Her hot pussy hungrily swallowed my entire cock deep, deep inside; she sure felt wonderful inside.  When I am inside the love of my life, this is the moment in life when nothing else ever matters, absolutely nothing!

Long time lovers, we were now entwined in the cool water.  M’Love passionately began to torture me by slowly thrusting her hips, humping my cock in deep full strokes and then stopping completely.  Our passions were in sync by years of experience, our tongues dancing the dance of love, my tongue encircling her tongue. Suddenly her hands grabbed the back of my head and her tongue forced its way deep into my mouth. With my cock still buried in her pussy and now her tongue buried in my mouth, I sucked on it hard, rolling my tongue around hers.  Then I seized my opportunity, as her tongue started pumping in and out of my mouth, I moved both my hands to just under the cheeks of her beautiful ass.

My middle fingers stretched to reach that nice, highly sensitive, perineum. Reaching their destination my finger tips just barely caressing the sensitive pleasure zone, my hands working to spread her cheeks open just a little more.  With her ass firmly in my hands I forced her pussy deeper onto to my fully enlarged cock.  With out her raising objection my curious middle fingers now continued to explore the new flesh of the once forbidden areas.

Our chests were mashed together in the water making sucking noises as my arms pulled her in a tighter embrace.  This moment felt so right; to be here in all our natural nakedness, embracing my one and only true love; outside, in the open, and under the hot sun’s rays.  In nature, with all the honey suckle with its aromatic fragrance, birds singing and clouds floating over head calling to us.  My ears filled with our rapid breathing and the sound of water splashing between us.

Then the moment of “oneness” came, our simultaneous orgasms brought the deepest of sexual pleasure as we embraced tightly, my cock shooting my love potion deep inside her lovely pussy.

Looking into her beautiful eyes I whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you also, my hunk,” she answered.

Instinctively we turned to look at our little friends sitting on the branch. Noticing they were being watched, they flew off.

M’Love released her captive cock; the cool water was a cruel reminder of the cold lonely outside world.  As seductive as a Siren she turned around to climb out of the pool.  I watched her very erotic womanly form as it emerged from the water, she turned her head to face me as she said sexily, “I think I will enjoy our new purchase.” She winked, then turned, wrapped herself in the towel and departed for the house.

I thought to myself, “I am truly blessed to have such a surprising erotic better half.”  As I looked over at our nearby bluebird house the male was sitting on top singing and the female poked her head out; as if all was right in their world.  I laid back and continued my swim dreaming of when the next opportunity to skinny dip might happen.

“Late at night when the wind is still

I’ll come fly through your door

And you’ll know what love is for

I am a bluebird, I’m a bluebird…”

Touch your lips with a magical kiss

And you’ll be a bluebird too…”

Paul McCartney


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8 replies
  1. Barnboy says:

    Thank you Blondie. Our love grows stronger each day. A marital relationship is not something you can put on cruise control but takes daily effort on both sides.

  2. smitten says:

    We loved your romantic story, Barnboy. It seems like being outdoors with God’s nature all around not only brings out erotica but romance and bonding.

    • Barnboy says:

      Thank you smitten. It is time to put up the pool again. Our garden is in bloom and spring is in the air.

  3. Klein Rodgers says:

    Thanks Barnboy for a great country sex story. As a country boy turned city boy, I always look for you rural guy’s stories as I remember all the wonderful places of privacy there were to get randy.

  4. Barnboy says:

    Thanks Klein Rodgers for the kind comment. Been a little quite here at our home. We moved my mother in and she is now under Hospice care. That tends to dampening the atmosphere but not quench the ambers. 🙂

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