Pregnancy Brain: Too much for my own good (L)

I’ve been married to my husband for about three years now. He was a Marine (thus my handle here) and I had fallen for him hard.
We met not long after he got back from Iraq, I can still remember that first time I saw him, we were in church, I was sitting with a few of my single girlfriends, and this Adonis in dress blues walked in. Let’s just say I was praying forgiveness for my inability to stay focused on the sermon. I was hot and heavy for him from day one. We started talking, and then a few weeks later he took me to the Marine Corps Ball.

But I digress. We have been married a few years now, and I am currently in my second trimester with our first. Holy blankety blank. I am horny. I never knew just how ridiculous my body could be until now. I’m starting to show, and my body is all kinds of weird, so objectively, I shouldn’t feel sexy. But I absolutely cannot get enough of my husband’s amazing cock. The cock that impregnated me. And with that thought, I don’t know how I will be able to finish writing this. My husband is a contractor now, working for the government advising on security issues. He has traded in his dress blues for a black, perfectly tailored business suit. I especially love how he looks with his ties. The man has no fashion sense at all- I blame eight years in uniform for that- but he can pick a tie. Oh my can he pick a tie. Unfortunately for me, he just left on a business trip yesterday. Since then I have masturbated at least five times looking at pictures he sends me.

I am a bit of a fitness freak, even pregnant, so I haven’t stopped running, and it’s about time for my afternoon workout. As I said, I have started showing a bit, and nothing fits. I’m not big enough for my maternity athletic gear, and too big for my normal clothes. I settle on two sports bras, I’m doubling up in a totally futile attempt to contain my enormous tits. Tits, my husband loves when I say that word to him. As I pull off my cammie, my tits bounce free, the cool air making my growing nipples hard.

Wow, I think, I must say, they look amazing, and my belly is so cute right now. I hesitate to put on the bras. I have an urge to be naked. I slide down my sofie shorts, exposing my pussy and ass. I hate wearing panties, and besides, without my husband around, and being this horny, I have needed a lot of easy access. The air hits my exposed mound and I can’t help but admire my neatly trimmed pubic hair. I’m still able to shave most of it myself, and my hubby helps me keep the rest a nice little triangular patch. And just about every time he goes down there to trim, he ends up with his cock buried deep inside me. The thought makes me so hot, and I can practically watch my pussy get wet.

Without another thought I pull open my panty drawer and pull out my trusty dildo. When my gorgeous husband’s cock isn’t around, old Charlie (my dildo) does the job. I suck on the plastic dick, feeling it’s rubber veins, thinking, wishing, for my Marine’s penis instead. Nice and wet, I slip it into my soaking pussy and am cumming within just a few minutes, my clit engorged with the extra pregnancy blood. Temporarily sated, I snap a picture to text my man. He will be stroking his cock to my picture soon I know.

Finally clothed in my sports bras and a tiny pair of spandex booty shorts I grab my keys to head for the gym. Maybe it is wrong, but I feel so hot, and I know that every one who sees me like this will be thinking dirty thoughts. It makes me so horny knowing that eyes will be undressing me, and knowing that this is all his. On my way out the door I take one more look in the mirror. My ass looks incredible. Perky, taught, amazing. I snap another pic and send it off to my man. I hope he is in a meeting when he opens it. I imagine his eyes bugging out, knowing he will be so jealous of the eyes that will be ogling his bride.

All the way to the gym I see heads turning, and feel eyes on my cleavage. I love those double takes, and deep down I’m shocked at my sudden, pregnancy brain, hormone driven exhibitionism. Most shocking, part of me almost wants to show more. I am wet at the thought and send off another selfie to my hunky hubs.

I pull into the gym and settle into my workout routine. Hopefully the exercise will get my mind off my engorged nipples and genitalia for an hour or so. I start with a light jog, but my boobs are way to big for the bouncing at this point. Thankfully the bouncing was uncomfortable enough that my libido seems to have calmed down. Unfortunately, I notice that one of the men there was staring a bit more than the others. And he is handsome. Amazing jawline, bright,  piercing blue eyes that I can feel wandering over my well endowed and frankly, overexposed self. His body is sculpted, he was obviously a regular here. I flash him a smile. I can hardly help myself. Oh dear, did he wink?! This is headed nowhere good, but a bit of flirting is harmless, right?

I shake my head, trying to clear the hormonal desire from my mind. Squats. I should do squats. That will get my mind off sex. And hopefully I will stop thinking about the bulge in that gorgeous man’s spandex shorts.

I head into the weight room and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror there. I am lightly sweaty, and my pregnancy glow makes me look positively radiant. And oh dear, despite the double bra, my nipples are rock hard and betraying my arousal.

I start doing squats, watching my voluptuous body in the mirror, my tits jiggling slightly and my ass popping seductively as I drop low over and over. And what is that? My admirer seems to have followed me. He is standing at the rack directly behind me, doing military presses. His shoulders and arms ripple with the motion, and his eyes never leave my body. Or they might have, I couldn’t really tell you. I was shamelessly devouring his body with my eyes. I grab some small dumbbells and sit on a bench, brazenly facing him. I spread my legs just so, knowing that the outline of my pussy would be showing just slightly beneath my pregnant belly. I know deep down that this was getting close to the line, but I can’t help it. I am horny, pregnant, and my body knows what it wants.

His cock is growing in his shorts, that much is starting to become obvious. At first it was just slight, but then I could tell he was having a hard time hiding it from the other gym patrons. Unfortunately, after just a few minutes, the last of the patrons left the weight room. Leaving us alone. The tension in the room is palpable. My pussy is soaking. His cock is hard. I need his cock. I close my eyes. Veritably panting. I keep them closed, squeezing them shut, trying desperately to keep my body under my control. But my heightened pregnant nose can smell his musty sweat. Even a hint of precum. I feel a touch on my shoulder and my eyes pop open with a start. He is there, right in front of me.

Mesmerised I stand, the slight pressure on my shoulder guiding me, like a puppeteer. I am under his spell. He guides me as we walk. The room is spinning, my pussy soaked, my nipples hard. All I can think about was removing those shorts, tasting the salty, musky skin of his penis. And filling myself with him. A door clicks, startling me slightly. Vaguely I realise we are in a family locker room, one of the small private ones at the gym. The door is locked, he has a hand on my face, turning it up to look into those mesmerising, steely blue eyes. The other is on my hip, slipping a finger into the waistband. He kisses me, and the chemistry is like an electrical current, his wet tongue in my mouth. I melt.

Hands are tugging at my bras, my arms go up and my tits bounce free. His eyes take them in. Then his mouth is on them. I am pulling his head into me, begging for him to suck more into his mouth. I am grasping my other tit, feeling the hot skin, my nipple hard on my palm. Then his hands are pulling off my shorts.

“Fuck me,” I groan, my voice dusky, low, husky. Thick with lust.

Then his mouth is on my pussy, his tongue exploring. I raise my leg, push my pussy into his face, one hand grasping a locker for balance the other behind his head. I am orgasming already, the first one rocking through my body, I know there will be more. I am consumed by the moment. He stands, his cock is out now, I don’t know when he undressed. It is magnificent. I need it, I tell him so.

“Wait,” he says. The first word he has spoken to me. His voice seems out of place, it shocks me some, stirring something in me, quickly repressed by my pregnant hormones.

He bends me over, I can see him behind me in the mirror over the sink. His body is sculpted, sweaty, slightly tanned. His penis hard, like a small flagstaff hovering over the mounds of my ass cheeks. He kneels behind me, disappearing from my view, his hands touch my inner thighs, spreading my legs slightly. Somehow they feel like red hot iron, and somehow this feels amazing. My ass is fully exposed to his view now. It is hairless, I know because my husband keeps it that way. The man’s eyes soak in the magnificence of my naked pussy and ass. He kisses my asshole, I moan. His tongue flicks over it, and pleasure sweeps over me. Then his fingers are inside of my pussy. His tongue is assaulting my vagina and asshole with wet pleasure. My orgasm grows. I am moaning, pushing into him. Suddenly my orgasm breaks, and I start squirting. This is new. At first I am shocked, and then I embrace it. He becomes even more earnest in his pleasuring as I ejaculate into his mouth and all over his hand.

I stifle a scream, “Fuck. Me. Now.” Is all I can manage. And then he is standing behind me again, and I feel his cock enter me. I thrust into him as he pushes into me. I watch him fucking me, feel him inside of me as I cum yet again. He locks eyes with mine and we groan together in pleasure. And then he cums, he moans, his hands squeeze my hips, and I push hard into him, feeling the explosion inside of me. He slumps onto me, arms wrapping around me.

I awake as if from a dream, suddenly realising where I am. The tile is cold under me, smooth and cool and real. I can feel cum dripping out of me, and it brings the world rushing into clear focus. He is standing now, wiping himself clean on a towel. I sit up a bit sheepishly and he hands me a fresh towel.

“That was new,” his voice breaks the silence.

“For you and me both.” I say, and flash him a smile. “Where did you learn to use your tongue like that?”

“I was inspired,” he replies. “You look amazing, babe. I absolutely couldn’t resist you dressed like that. Waiting until we got home wasn’t an option. Hurry up and clean up I have a feeling we will be back at it again tonight.”

He was right. I can’t resist my Marine.

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12 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Mary – Sizzling hot story! Every husband loves it when his wife is so horny with reckless abandon – that everything in her is screaming “fuck me”! Your story displayed that abandon. I must add that my wife also displayed such reckless abandon during pregnancies with our children. It was awesome. Though, I must admit that with our first, I had some apprehensions (from ignorance) about hurting her or my cock some how going up too far and doing some kind of damage. I grew past that naivete pretty fast. What a wonderful journey you and your husband are on – God bless you both, along with your precious baby!

  2. mary says:

    Thanks HornyGG and lovinghusband! It was SO hot to write and relive. So glad I have a place to share. He’s out of town but read it and we had some hot Skype sex when he got to his hotel room. I wore the outfit I had on that day, and he almost came just seeing my bulging tits constrained by the sports bras. This site has been great for us! And lovinghusband, good to know we aren’t the only pregnant horn dogs. 🙂

    • mary says:

      ET, I am sorry this made you feel uncomfortable, that absolutely wasn’t my international. I absolutely would never be unfaithful to my husband. He is the one that I love. The one I have been blessed with and the one who gets me going every time. This wasn’t so much a role playing sorry as it was about raw desire for each other. Every once in a while we have sex like this, where is not love making, though we do that frequently and so very well. It is fun to just see each other sexually and to remember what free me to him in the first place. To see him not just as my husband, but as the sexy, powerful man he is. I don’t have a problem with role playing, we do that sometimes, but we never pretend to be adulterous. I have eyes for him, and him only.
      In love,

  3. Mary Margaret says:

    Well done! I must say, this got me so turned on. My hubby and I love role playing like we don’t know each other. I remember how horny I used to be during pregnancy too! It’s just ridiculous! My hubby bought me vibes to help him keep me satisfied.

  4. Mary Margaret says:

    I know it’s tacky to comment immediately following another of my own comments, but this is my go to story when I need relief while I’m at home waiting for my hubby. As I write this I’m dripping and have sent a bunch of pics to my hubby. I’m sure he will find a reason to leave the office early.

  5. Andre van Wyk says:

    This is every man’s dream. Love this story. If we can’t imagine role play in the comfort of marriage, sex can get boring and the next thing you know its not role play anymore, but real. Good on you guys for the maturity in your marriage to do this, something that a lot of married couples miss out on, as I do in my marriage. Frustrating! !! Any ideas to get my lovely wife going in this department?

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