Shower Fun Part II

If you read our previous story, about Sally and I playing with the large dildo we ordered in the mail, you’ll get some better context for this story. This happened the next day …

The entirety of the next day was spent looking at the two pictures of Sally sucking on that dildo. Burned into my memory was the sight of her slamming her pussy up against the shower wall grinding on that monster cock.

I sent her a text at work: “Had so much fun in the shower last night. I loved seeing you get off like that. Such a huge turn-on,” I wrote.

She replied, “I think I’m still sore from last night but I want to do it again!”

Following a similar routine to the previous night, we put the kids to bed, showered and got ready for bed. This time while Sally was in the shower, I locked our bedroom door and attached the suction cup to our wooden headboard. I wasn’t sure if it would stick, but it was on there good. This monster cock was 10″ in length, with about a 6″ girth. You twist the base to turn on the vibrations. She got out of the shower and walked out of the bathroom with her towel around her. She dropped the towel and came over to the bed. She kissed me and then turned to put the dildo in her mouth while maintaining eye contact.

“I want two of them,” she said motioning me to sit up. I got up to my knees and got as close as I could as she moved her mouth back and forth between the two cocks. Stroking me with one hand, and holding the dildo with the other, she effortlessly brought me to the brink of exploding. I managed to hold back and turned her around so the toy cock could penetrate my lovely wife from behind. I crawled underneath her in a 69 position and guided the massive cock into her waiting pussy. It was so long that I still managed to be able to lick her clit from underneath. She slid back and forth all the while stroking and sucking my cock as well. I could tell she was close, so I slid out from underneath and had her turn around again. This time I slid my cock in as she turned her attention to the bed frame cock. She fit it into her mouth.

“How does your pussy taste on that cock baby?” I asked as I was slamming her from behind.

“Mmmm…so good,” she said turning around again so she could taste mine. “I like yours better with my pussy juice all over it. I’m coming all over both cocks.”

She turned around one more time as I slid my own deep inside her pussy. “I’m going to come so hard. Where do you want me to come tonight?” I asked.

“Anywhere you want, baby. Just don’t stop fucking me,” she screamed.

With those words, I exploded deep inside my wife’s pussy. I felt her contract as I filled her with hot come. She rolled over and told me that she wants some more. “I want you to make me come again. Lick my clit, please?”

Sally opened up her legs and I kissed down from her nipples to her belly button, then to her cum-covered pussy. I licked her inner thighs and slowly spread her legs even farther so I could take in the sight. We had never done this before and I was all in. She moaned with pleasure as I teased the lips of her pussy. Our come was now mixed together and it smelled so sensual and naughty. I looked up and my wife instinctively was still holding onto the dildo with one hand and stroking it. I focused on the outside of her clit licking up and down before taking her throbbing nub into my mouth flicking it with my tongue. With two fingers I found her G-Spot and slowly started massaging it while keeping her clit in my mouth. I could feel come all over my chin, dripping down my neck. Sally was still stroking the fake dick in her left hand and I could tell by her speed that she was close to coming herself.

“Fuck, I’m coming. I’m coming hard…I’m gonna come all over your tongue,” she said. “Oh…oh…mmmm….yeah that feels good.”

I looked up to see my satisfied wife, wearing our passion all over my face. I kissed her deeply and she licked all my come-covered face.

“That was so hot and I can tell by your cock that you’re ready to go again.” She asked me, “What do you want?”

I laid back down next to her and reached over to get some of the come from her pussy, and then started stroking my cock. She reached down and did the same only sliding first one, then two fingers into my asshole. My pace quickened as did hers until finally I shot another stream of come all over my chest.

“I’m turned on again,” she said. “Are we just going to go back and forth all night?” she asked as she pulled her purple vibrator out of the nightstand.

“I think so,” I replied.

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4 replies
  1. Dean316 says:

    Hot follow up from the last story. Exciting to see that the toy has benefited your sex lives and your doing new things which is all the more sexier. Personally, its a turn on seeing Sally giving loving and hot services to your cock in her mouth and the toy cock in her pussy.

    Explosive start to the year Sensualcouple! Keep it cumming!

    Stay sexy and horny!

    God bless,

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