Shower Fun Part I

“I ordered you a new toy baby,” I texted my wife.

I sent Sally a link from Amazon to my latest purchase. I imagined her soft beautiful blue eyes as she clicked on the link.

“Mmmm…” she wrote back. “I like the suction part. Shower time later?”

“It’s a date,” I replied.

Same day delivery is amazing. All day at work I kept thinking about getting into a hot shower later with my wife. About 4:00 my wife sent me a text with a picture attached. Apparently, Amazon had already delivered our new toy and my wife had taken the liberty of sending me a picture. My eyes were astonished as I saw the tiny version of the pic in my iMessage. In private I opened it up and saw Sally with her new 10″ realistic looking, vibrating cock about halfway down her throat. Just then another picture came through, this time with just her tongue on the tip and she’s winking at me. Another message came through that just said, “This is going to be your cock in about 4 hours.”

I finished up at work and drove home. I must have looked at the pictures 100 times that day. I came in the door and told her how beautiful she looked in the pictures. “Let’s get the kids to bed early tonight. Like super early,” she said.

One of the features of our new toy is that it’s got a suction cup on the end so it can be attached to the shower wall or bench that we have in our master bathroom. I imagined my petite wife bouncing up and down on this giant dildo, rubbing her clit at the same time.

We got undressed and turned the shower on nice and hot. We locked the door and I pulled our new toy out of the box. “I see you’ve already some fun with it today,” I asked.

“I’m a little intimidated by it. It’s so big. Do you think it’ll fit?” she inquired.

“Only one way to find out,” I assured her.

I grabbed a bottle of lube, the massive toy, and set it on the bench in the shower. We kissed deeply and massaged her neck. She turned around with my rock hard cock between her crack and I rubbed her shoulders. I kissed her ear and sucked on her earlobe. I kissed down her neck and took the soap and gently washed her body. She turned around and did the same to me. I picked up the fake cock and turned it on to the sound of a low hum and then positioned it on the shower wall. I opened the lube and stroked it onto the dildo. Sally turned around and slid the tip inside her pussy. Gradually, I lowered to my knees so I could watch it slide in and out and moved closer to the wall so I watch it up close. She took it inch by inch and started to moan. I pulled her ass cheeks apart so I could see it entering her pussy.

“It’s so big. My pussy feels full but soooo good…” she said.

She started to pick up the pace; her breathing and moaning did the same. “Fuck this feels amazing.”

I stood up and got in front of her. She grabbed my cock and started sucking it. “Suck my cock like I saw you doing in that picture today,” I said. She was now fucking her dildo attached to the wall and sucking my cock at the same time. By now she was slamming her butt into it and I could see the ripples in her ass cheeks as she took the entire length of it deep in her pussy.

“You like having that cock in your pussy?” I asked her.

“Come all over my face. Pull out your cock and come all over me,” she screamed.

Her body went into shivers as her first wave of orgasm came over. Just then I pulled my dick out of her mouth and stroked it hard, shooting come all over her face and outstretched tongue. She stood up and kissed me passionately, passing the cum into my mouth. I licked her cheek and kissed her again spitting more come back into her mouth. We continued kissing and swallowing my seed.

“Damn that felt amazing,” I said. We finished our shower and drifted off into a deep sleep, satisfied with another incredible night.

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8 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    WOW, soooo HOT, I honestly owe you a BIG thank you sensualcouple, this was always a fantasy of mine and after your advise I ordered the cock-like dildo with balls you suggested and described in this story, we had a similar experience (and repeated it a couple of times). I love your stories, please keep them cumming and have a blessed new year! Thank you again for sharing.

  2. Dean316 says:

    Oh my god that was super sexy!!! That toy is a beauty for your wife, I like the pictures and messages she sent of it to your phone and having fun with it and you in the shower. Shower sex is a big turn on for me, I just think it’s a fun way to be sensual. You two showed this on the shower bench showing beautiful affection for each other.

    I’m really liking your posts sensualcouple so keep up the marvelous monogamy this year! Hope your lovely hot wife likes the toy!

    Stay sexy and horny this year!

    God bless,

  3. Tulsa says:

    That’s great! Thanks for sharing!
    I’ve never been a fan of cumming on my wife’s face, but that is a way that would be HOT, and better than OK with me!
    Have to have her read this later….see if it’s OK with her!!

  4. lenos says:

    Hate to hijack this post but I haven't seen any conversation about the new picture scroller on the front page. It's great to see we're not afraid of some nipples. The human body is a beautiful creation!

  5. Happy Husband says:

    Well, Sensualcouple pretty much lived out my fantasy for my wife and me. Would love to have my wife ride one of the dildos I bought her in the shower while she sucks my cock and then she urges me to cum all over her. 🙂

  6. texasman76 says:

    This story never fails to get my cock rock hard. It's very well written and passionate. Love the sharing of cum together…playful and fun as sex in marriage should be.

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