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What It Was Like

“Do you remember what it was like before we were married?” my wife asked me. “You know, when we used to just make out and grind on each other with our clothes on? We couldn’t go any further. What did you do after you left my apartment?” We had been married for over ten years […]

Home Theater (L/A)

It was my goal in our new house to build a home theater in our basement. We live in a part of the country where it’s cold all winter, and our family likes to snuggle and watch movies together. After several months, it was complete. We made it very cozy with new furniture, blankets, plus […]

First Time (A)

It started with a simple massage and it just sort of happened. It wasn’t planned out and was never really talked about. Let’s rewind to 30 minutes earlier. “How about a massage?” I asked my wife. “A real massage or a ten-second massage that turns into sex?” she quipped. “Probably the latter. You know I […]

Double-Ended Dildo

If you’ve read any of our previous stories, you’ll know that we’ve started a toy collection that continues to grow. I do most of the ordering, but one night we were laying in bed browsing our favorite site to purchase sex toys and saw something that piqued our interest. “What’s that?” my wife wondered. We […]

Sixty-nine (A)

“I have a new fantasy I’d like to try tonight,” I told my wife. “What is it?” she replied. I had a dream the night before that Sally climbed on top of me in a 69 position (my favorite) and masturbated using her dildo. I just wanted the view, and I didn’t want her to […]

Fun in the Sun – Part I

It was our 10th anniversary and I wanted it to be special. We had booked 10 days in the Caribbean free from kids at an all-inclusive resort. In Barbados, there were a lot of great places to choose from but eventually, we settled on a spot with infinity pools in each room, and ours even […]

Triple Play

I have an annual trip to Las Vegas for business that I take. I hate Las Vegas. I think it’s dirty and I despise the culture of the strip and the casinos. There are parts that are great, but mostly I miss my family when I’m out of town. I can’t stand being away. This […]

Shower Fun Part II

If you read our previous story, about Sally and I playing with the large dildo we ordered in the mail, you’ll get some better context for this story. This happened the next day … The entirety of the next day was spent looking at the two pictures of Sally sucking on that dildo. Burned into […]

Shower Fun Part I

“I ordered you a new toy baby,” I texted my wife. I sent Sally a link from Amazon to my latest purchase. I imagined her soft beautiful blue eyes as she clicked on the link. “Mmmm…” she wrote back. “I like the suction part. Shower time later?” “It’s a date,” I replied. Same day delivery […]

New Toys, New Fun

For the past several years, my wife and I have enjoyed playing with new sex toys and surprising each other with purchases online. We’ve amassed quite a collection of lubes and toys and there was one recently that caught my eye. I clicked purchase on Amazon as soon as I saw it. Two days later […]

Mile-High Masturbation Club (L)

-Sorry if this is a little long, but this is a very true story that just happened to us- When we boarded the flight back home from California, we were already feeling a little tired from the long trip. We looked at our boarding passes on the connection, and both sighed: C boarding level on […]