What It Was Like

“Do you remember what it was like before we were married?” my wife asked me. “You know, when we used to just make out and grind on each other with our clothes on? We couldn’t go any further. What did you do after you left my apartment?”

We had been married for over ten years now and we had never actually talked about it. Only recently did we start masturbating together.

“I guess I would go back and try not to lust after you, but eventually I would masturbate imagining what it would be like to be closer to you. Imagining what that day would be like,” I told her. “What did you do?”

“Pretty much the same thing. I didn’t have any toys then, so I would just use my fingers and imagine what it would be like with you inside me. What it was like sucking your cock. What cum tasted like…” Sally said.

“I think I masturbated to just about every fantasy I had at the time. I couldn’t wait to 69 you. I wanted your butt in my face and I wanted, no I needed, to taste you,” I said.

We started kissing and still had all of our clothes on. “How about we do it again, only this time we get to see each other?” I asked.

“Mmmmm….” she moaned. I took that as a yes.

Our tongues flicked in and out of each others mouths as I lay on top of her, grinding on her through my jeans. I wanted to slide my cock into her right there, but I knew this would be a fun night watching each other. We have a couple chairs in our room so we got up and each sat in a chair. Sally got her vibrating dildo from the nightstand and I got the lube.

“No touching, okay?” I said.

She pulled off her clothes and I did the same, and we both sat in our respective chairs. We were only a few feet apart. It was so difficult not to get down on the floor and start eating her wet pussy.

“Show me what you would do,” she said. “And tell me what you’re thinking about.”

I poured some lube on my cock and started stroking. “I would lay there for about five minutes and think of what I wanted to do to you. I would tease myself trying to make it last longer. I imagined taking off your jeans, pulling down your underwear, and tasting your pussy for the first time. Then you would turn around on top of me. I imagined your asshole only inches from my face. I thought about what it would look like and if you would be receptive to me licking it. How tight it would be if I put a finger, or two in there. I imagined making you squirt all over my face and lapping up all your juices while cumming in your mouth.”  By now my pace was quickening, but I wanted to wait. I wanted to hear her story.

“I would usually go lay on my bed and think about your cock and how big it felt through your jeans. I wanted to feel it inside of me. I thought about being on my knees in front of you and you teaching me how you wanted it sucked. I wanted to feel the force of your cum in my throat and see the look in your eyes as I made you cum with my mouth.”

By now Sally had her vibrator turned on, and she was moving it in and out of her pussy. She turned around then and said, “Then I thought of what it would be like to be on all fours just getting pounded by you.” She started putting her dildo in all the way and her pace quickened. She was now fucking herself with it, ramming it in and out. Her hips were bucking and I knew she was about to cum. I couldn’t take it any longer and got up so she could see me. I was standing next to her, watching her play with her dildo. I inched closer and I could tell she wanted it. She turned her head to see me and opened her mouth as I filled it with my cum. She came hard at the same time.

“Now, I never imagined re-creating this when we were dating!” I told her.

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6 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Loved this story! I want more stories about pre-marital days… the waiting, The anticipation, the early passion. This was excellent. I wrote an entry on MH how we became dry humping experts. We loved making out (with clothes on like good horny Christians). But we quickly realized neither of us had a difficult time reaching orgasms in our clothes. 😉 But we each masturbated 3-4 times per week privately too. I love the memories of our engagement period! Before I logged onto MH this morning, I was just thinking about the day we got engaged and the makeout session that night!! (And WOW, great photo MH Admins! 🔥)

  2. lenos says:

    Oh man, I remember those days of making out with my wife when we were engaged, getting so hard and wet. There was so much anticipation and tension. I agree with Pacman about that photo, too! Very sexy, that couple, with their jeans and naked torsos. Actually that's the outfit that most turns on my wife: bare-chested, barefoot, and jeans. 🙂

  3. snagd says:

    It takes a lot of honesty when one talks about experiences before marriage. Bjlove (my wife) and I are outspoken about it. I was not a virgin; my wife had had oral sex with previous boyfriends, both giving and receiving. When we met and got married, we didn’t make much love as she could sense my inexperience. But as time went by, we opened up to each other and today we enjoy anything sexual.

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