Sixty-nine (A)

“I have a new fantasy I’d like to try tonight,” I told my wife.

“What is it?” she replied.

I had a dream the night before that Sally climbed on top of me in a 69 position (my favorite) and masturbated using her dildo. I just wanted the view, and I didn’t want her to touch me.

“I don’t know if I can resist touching you in that position,” she said when I told her about the dream. “But I’ll see how long I can go.”

Later that night, after showers, we started with kissing in bed. Then Sally pulled her glass dildo from our toy stash and lubed it up. Climbing on top of me she turned and faced the other direction.

We were both naked and I loved the feel of her breasts against my stomach. I kept both hands out to the sides as she arched her hips forward, giving me a lovely view of her pussy and her nice, tight, little asshole. Her sweet scent wafted to my nostrils from her freshly shaven mound. I wanted to dive in and feast on what was in front of me.

I watched as she slid her dildo in slowly. I heard her moan as it went all the way in and then she pulled it out slowly. In and out it went. I was rock hard seeing my wife enjoy fucking herself with this toy. She moaned some more and then I felt a wetness on my own cock. She had drooled some of her saliva down, out of her mouth and onto the tip of my penis.

“I can’t last. I need this in my mouth,” she panted. She picked up my cock with her hand, stroked it a few times and then slid it into her mouth.

“Well, then it’s my turn, as well,” I said as I grabbed her glass dildo from her.

Pulling it out and then plunging it all the way back in, I then tugged her sweetness down to my lips. I licked up all her juices and covered her clit with my mouth, flicking my tongue back and forth. When I pulled the toy out again, I could see that it was dripping wet. I wanted to taste it, too. I licked the tip and savored my wife’s juices coating the glass.

Returning to her slit, I licked up to her butt and slowly circled her asshole with my tongue. I felt her twitch but she kept sucking on my manhood. I licked all around, then finally ran my tongue inside her rosebud. After a few strokes,  I replaced it with one finger, then two. I grabbed the bottle of lube and coated her butthole inside and out with some of it. Taking her mouth off of me, she turned her head to encourage me.

“Go ahead. I wanna see how it fits.”

I started slowly with the dildo, easing it inch by inch into my wife’s ass. I licked her clit slowly as I watched the glass rod disappear into her until it was all the way in. The very sight made me want to cum. I held it in one place and watched her move back and forth on it, fucking it slowly. I picked up the pace on her clit as she bobbed back and forth.

She was now grinding hard into the toy. It was getting hard to keep my position on her clit. So I just held my tongue out. That way, each time she passed by, she got a little touch (and I got a little taste).

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” Sally whimpered then hungrily gobbled my shaft again.

When I heard those words, I came hard into her mouth. My hot cum spurted straight down her throat.

She collapsed on top of me as I slowly withdrew her dildo from her butt. Then Sally turned back around to kiss me deeply.

“It fits fine,” she whispered against my lips. “I think I like fantasy sixty-nine.”

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4 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    Oh my, my, my. This is hot. The pictures you painted with your words are so clear. I love the fact that you did not try to go over the top with "sex" words. It made it more sensual and real.
    Your writing is clean-cut and drew me into your experience. Write more please.

  2. ArtRutherford says:

    Nice story. I love 69 on my wife. We've done it lots of times and I just love it. The smell. The taste. The view. The feelings. Please write more.

  3. PacMan says:

    I agree. HOTT story!! I love the whole thing. I LOVE that your wife seemed willing… even excited to fulfill this fantasy. And the ass play part really revved my engines. The thought of my wife taking a dildo in the ass, while in 69, while sucking my dick, and then having simultaneous orgasms… it sound like HEAVEN!

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