Sunday Pleasure Fest

I have been with my wife for over 16 years and married for 10 years this year. I still find her as attractive and sexy as ever. She understands how to please me and I do her. We have a lot of memorable sex and last Sunday was no exception.

We had planned on going away for an overnight but just decided to stay in and order takeout. The kids were away at the in-laws and it was time for some much needed alone time. We had sex earlier that day which was also amazing but quick. Then About 7 pm my wife comes in and joins me on the couch after she finished cleaning up in the kitchen. She gets up really close to me and after a while starts rubbing my thigh real slow. I know what she wants and I sit back in anticipation waiting for her to go for it. She moves her hand over my cock and starts running it through my underwear. She loves to play with my cock this way. I am growing ever so quickly until she takes the waistband and slides her hand underneath it. She is stroking my cock faster and faster and I am full on rock hard now.

She throws her right leg over and starts to rub her pussy against my bulging cock. We hump each other harder and harder until she slides down long enough to pull my underwear completely off and slide her panties to the side. I have a great view of her completely shaven pussy as she climbs on me and plunges my entire cock into her with one downward movement. At this point, she takes over completely and all I have to do is sit back and watch her beautiful tits bounce and listen to her moan as she grinds and fucks her way to a body shaking orgasm. I am not far behind so I flip her over with her legs still wrapped around me and I start relentlessly fucking her with her head buried in the sofa cushions. After about a minute, I pull my cock out and stand in front of her face so she can swallow my cum. She takes it in her mouth and I explode shot after shot into the back of her throat. She takes every last drop and then kisses the head of my cock gently. We both composed ourselves and turned on Netflix for some cuddle time. Just goes to show you don’t have to have a night away to have amazing sex.

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