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Shopping Fun

We were in the clothing section of the local department store. My wife was trying to find something to wear–because the 837 items currently in the closet just won’t do for our upcoming dinner party! She always looks good and today was no exception, although she always says she hates how she looks. We hadn’t […]

Unknowing Shower Tease

It was just a regular weekday night and rather warm for this time of year. School had just finished up and summer break had begun. The wife and kids decided to take a walk before I got home. When I arrived they had just gotten back and my wife said she was sweaty. She headed […]

Sunday Pleasure Fest

I have been with my wife for over 16 years and married for 10 years this year. I still find her as attractive and sexy as ever. She understands how to please me and I do her. We have a lot of memorable sex and last Sunday was no exception. We had planned on going […]