Shopping Fun

We were in the clothing section of the local department store. My wife was trying to find something to wear–because the 837 items currently in the closet just won’t do for our upcoming dinner party!

She always looks good and today was no exception, although she always says she hates how she looks. We hadn’t had sex for several days as life was keeping us busy. I hadn’t had the time or opportunity to masturbate either, so I was ready for some action. Even this shopping trip was difficult enough to fit in.

I had a thought as she went toward the changing room with several items she would probably buy and never wear. I’d sneak in behind her and watch her try on everything. At first, she was reluctant to let me in. But she knows I am stubborn, so she agreed.

As she started undressing, I watched her clothing fall to the floor. That was enough to start my dick growing harder as she exposed more and more of her skin. Soon she asked me to unsnap her bra. As she turned around, I moved in closer and touched the head of my semi-hard cock against her tailbone. She felt it and pushed into me slightly. It was obvious she wanted me, too.

I unhooked her bra and pulled it off the front of her shoulders. As I brought my hands back to cup her perfect tits, she took in a deep breath of pleasant surprise.

I stood behind her, kissing her neck while fondling her tits. She reached back to unzip my pants so that my cock could grow to full length. Maneuvering it out of my pants, she started stroking it behind her.

I moved my hands down to her pants and unbuttoned them. Then I slid my hand down inside them but outside her panties. She moaned as I gently rubbed the lips of her pussy.

She said, “No. We can’t do this here. We’re in public!!!”

I said, “I KNOW!!”

I could tell how excited she was by the wetness soaking through her panties. I slid one hand back around and shimmied her pants off one hip. At the same time, my other hand continued to rub her pussy. Then I took my hand away and pushed her pants and panties down around her ankles.

I guided her to bend forward. Then I spread her legs apart with one of mine and grabbed her hips to direct her onto my cock. She pressed herself back against me as I entered her fully.

Sometimes I swear my cock was made for her pussy. I am not small but not super well-endowed either. We are just the right size for each other.

As I thrust into her, I pulled her hair and watched the action in the mirror. Her tits hanging down and my balls slapping her clit created the most incredibly arousing sight.

As we both neared orgasm, I sped up my thrusts to almost sonic speed. Our breathing got heavier, and the slapping sounds got louder. If anybody was in the changing rooms close to us, they surely heard it all. But we didn’t care.

Soon my wife was grinding into me and rubbing her clit until she shuddered with an intense orgasm. As I pulled out of her pussy, she knelt down below me.

And I came. I shot load after load into her mouth and onto her tits. Then we quickly gathered ourselves, and I helped her clean up our ‘mess’.

My wife went back to trying on clothes. I stepped out into the waiting area and enjoyed the after sex bliss and relaxation.

This was our first time experiencing sex in public. And I can say, it won’t be our last!

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3 replies
  1. wfewtchr819 says:

    Very nice story and this is something we have always wanted to try, maybe someday we will find the courage. Recently on a shopping trip my beautiful playful wife brought a number of outfits into the changing room including some new bras and after modeling each outfit she pleasantly surprised me when she walked out of the dressing room in one of the new bras with just her panties on, such a sexy thrill to witness.

  2. FantasticSex says:

    Dressing room sex is crazy fun—thank you GAP for not being busy on that day.

    Isn’t it the best being married to a godly woman who is nearly as passionate about her sex life as she is about serving in God’s Kingdom; not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus, and not ashamed of banging one out in the dressing room.

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