First Time (A)

It started with a simple massage and it just sort of happened. It wasn’t planned out and was never really talked about. Let’s rewind to 30 minutes earlier.

“How about a massage?” I asked my wife.

“A real massage or a ten-second massage that turns into sex?” she quipped.

“Probably the latter. You know I can’t resist,” I responded with a sly smile and a wink.

After Sally got out of the shower, she lay face-down on the bed completely naked. “Five minutes of real massage and then you can do whatever you want,” she told me.

I poured massage oil on her back and worked it into her shoulders. Pushing hard and kneading her muscles, I made my way to the small of her back.

I only had on my underwear. Deciding that this was going to be a quick five minutes, I got off the bed and took it off. My manhood sprang free like it was getting air for the first time.

I straddled my wife, who was still lying on her stomach with her eyes closed. I continued working her shoulders and moved to her side.

Sally turned her head and opened her eyes, seeing my hard cock for the first time. Moving her head a little, she arched her neck, opened her mouth, and took me inside.

“Mmmmm….tastes good,” she told me. I half-heartedly continued rubbing her shoulders, not able to concentrate any longer on the “professional” massage I was supposed to be giving her. We were way past professional at this point anyway!

I pulled out of her mouth wanting to pleasure her. I straddled her again sliding my cock between her ass cheeks. This time I poured a ton of silicone lube all over her crack as my cock slid back and forth.

I could tell by her moans that she liked it. It was very slippery, and you could hear the sounds of it sliding back and forth. I picked up the pace. It felt so good that I thought I would cum right there, but I held off. I wanted to please my wife.

I slowed my movements so as not to cum, and gently entered her backdoor with the tip of my finger. There was plenty of lube, but I added more. We had explored each other anally before with fingers, tongues, and toys, but never gone all the way. It wasn’t something that we had on our ‘bucket list’ to do, either.

“Oh…that feels sooooo good,” she whispered. “Do what you were doing before with your cock.”

I put my cock between her cheeks again and started moving back and forth. She reached back, grabbed the head of my cock and then did something I never imagined: she positioned it right at the opening of her asshole!

“Do you want to try?” she asked.

I almost came right there!

Going slow, I pushed the tip of my cock in and held it there. While my wife slid her hand underneath to rub her clit, I inched in ever so slowly.

Soon I was all the way in, deep inside her butt. I added more lube and watched my cock slowly withdraw and enter her back door again. It was so tight. The image was now burned in my memory forever.

“It’s so tight, baby. Your asshole is so tight,” I told her.

I pumped in and out for what seemed like forever (but I think I only lasted about three minutes).

“Let’s cum together,” she said.

“I’m ready, baby,” I said. I unloaded all my cum into her asshole, and she came hard right after me. I looked down as I pulled out my cock and saw my cum dribble out of her tight hole.

“That was different. How did you like it?” I asked.

“I didn’t think I would,” she gasped, “but it was amazing! I wish we had tried that a long time ago!”

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8 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderfully Hot story SensualCouple. I have hoped to one day read a story on anal sex, thank you MH.
    My husband Ben and I enjoy anal sex, have for several years now. I admit that I was scared at first due to Ben's size, but now enjoy it just as much as he does. It is such a different sexual experience. Thank you again MH, and thank you sensualcouple for posting. God bless and stay horny.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    SensualCouple, your detailed description and attention to being careful was so amazingly hot! You two had an experience that went so well. The tightness – and the sheer power of that tightness – was almost visual by your words. The final visual you saw was one of my favorite sights. I really enjoyed your story. God bless you and your family. LH

  3. PacMan says:

    Wow! Congrats Sensualcouple on the inauguration of a new era! The first (A) story! A new “Anal Play” category! And this first time story was awesome. I had to celebrate with a masturbation session! 😝 We have not had anal sex yet, but it’s a strong desire for me. I’m patiently waiting for a moment just like what you described, so it was easy to imagine my wife being the one taking all of me in her bum. And I hope our first time will be just as pleasurable as what you experienced! 🔥🔥

  4. Sultryheat says:

    Wow, yes finally!! I have also hoped to see a wonderful loving erotic anal experience here on MH! I’ve been considering being the first to write since the recent survey, but wasn’t sure if it would be accepted. I love that they posted it.
    My husband and I have anal sex very often. It is such a wonderful and different sensation than vaginal sex….BOTH are amazing, just different.
    Anal play on our hubbies can also be a wonderful and exciting venture as well. I perform prostate massage on my guy and it is euphoric for him. He doesn’t last long because of the sensation because it’s just too good!
    Thank you so much for this super HOT story, sensualcouple! Your stories are always hot.

  5. ArtRutherford says:

    Sounds fun. I wish my wife would try it. But, she is too much of a germ-o-phobe. 🙁 But, I do use a vibrating prostate masssager, with lots of lube, it is wonderful.

  6. PatientPassion says:

    Well written, sensualcouple! What a blessing that your wife was open to enjoying this new kind of sex! I'm so glad to see the introduction of anal sex stories to MarriageHeat, and the positive response from the comments as well. Hopefully stories like this can show people that, when done right, anal sex can be an amazing addition to your sex life!

    I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of these, and hopefully writing some of my own!

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Wow, this was interesting! I like how the "(A)" is added here, like how the "(L)" is added for the language stories. God bless!

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