Toy Story – Alternate Ending (A)

In the comments following the original Toy Story posted by Man with a Plan (here), Rich encouraged sensualcouple to write a new, fictional ending to the story. Here is the result!

…With both hands, she plunged my cock in and out of the silicone asshole. The wet, slick noise of the motion intensified.

“I’m ready for my turn,” Katie said, as she lowered herself next to me. She pulled my cock out of the tight orifice with a pop and eagerly gulped it. After a few moments, she said,“I’m jealous of her! I want you all to myself.” Then she straddled my waist with her back to me and poured more lube all over my cock, stroking it with her hand. With her head turned to the side she reached back to slide first one finger, then two, inside her perfect little butt. She slipped her fingers back out.  Then she grabbed my cock and positioned the tip at her rear entrance.  She lowered herself onto its hardness.

As she proceeded downward inch by inch, I could hear her moans. “I wish you could see this,” I said.

“I know, baby. I bet it’s so hot watching your hard dick fuck this little hole of mine,” she whispered. “Why don’t you show me?” She motioned to her phone on the nightstand.

I leaned over and grabbed it, snapping a shot from my point of view.

When I handed her the phone, she groaned. “That’s so hot. I’m envious that you get to watch that.” She bounced up and down, each time going a little deeper. But soon she climbed off and lay back with her hips at the edge of the bed.

Standing up, I slid my rod deep into her tiny butthole again. “Do you like my asshole better than hers?” she asked. “Oh yeah, baby. I’m gonna come so hard,” I said breathlessly.  I pulled out and shot my cum all over her pussy and asshole.

“What a mess! Someone is going to have to clean this up,” she said, pointing to her coated cunt.

I knew what she meant, and I couldn’t wait to dive in…

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  1. Man With a Plan says:

    HOT, Sensualcouple! We read it together this morning. Got us both really aroused! We have the second part of Backdoor Beauty scheduled to post next month and it’s similar to your story, only much longer. We think you’ll like!

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