My Wonderful

It was a hard day at work. When I got home, my husband was waiting for me. I was curious as to why he was home so early. He came over to me and took all of my things.

We went to the bedroom, and he had it decorated beautifully. There were rose petals everywhere, he shut the curtains and made it as dark as he could and our only lights were candles that he had lit. He then proceeded to give me the most wonderful full-body massage I have ever gotten.

When he was sure I was relaxed, he started kissing me tenderly. We started doing some foreplay, and then we made the most passionate love we had ever had. The entire time he was telling me how much he loved me and cared for me. When we were finished, he led me into the dining room, where he had set up the table beautifully.

He sat me down and left to go into the kitchen. He brought me a wonderful meal he made himself. We ate dinner, and went into the living room where we talked for hours about how much we meant to one another, which we haven’t done in ages.

Then we went to the bathroom and showered, made love again, and went to bed and talked more. It was the most wonderful night I’ve had with my husband in years. He is my wonderful.

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