The Nice Morning After

Typically I am the traveler of the family.  Traveling on company business while my wife of twenty years has been a stay at home Mome since our son (our 2nd child) was born.

The tables were turned this time however when my wife went out of town for  a week to visit some old friends and attend their kids graduation exercises.
The weekend she returned happened to be Fathers day weekend.

When I woke up that Saturday morning (her first morning back)and rolled over to face her, I found that she was awake and up on one elbow watching me. She smiled sweetly as I looked up at her.

“So Sleeping Beauty finally awakens! Happy Fathers Day!”

I was still a bit sleepy, but my mind was beginning to work. With a somewhat groggy voice, I said, “You’ve got the roles mixed up, don’t you? Sleeping Beauty was the girl.”

“Details, details. Just call it ‘poetic license.'”

Mentally, I was now quite functional, but I pretended to still be sleepy. “Is its Fathers day already? one more day to go right?”

“Well you’re right, but the kids will be back from Grandma’s in the morning.  “And now,” She continued in her matter-of-fact tone, “I thought we should do something special to get an early start on celebrating the day”.

“Oh, yeah? What?” I asked

She smiled and leaned down and gave me a short kiss. Then she put her arm around me and snuggled up close. With her other hand she began caressing my face.

“Well…I thought maybe…”

Her voice trailed off, and her hand started working its way down my chest, drawing little circles as it went.

Perhaps some wives are not fully aware of it, but men often wake up in quite an amorous mood. So over the years, there have been times when I tried to interest Laurie in some love-making before we got up in the morning. As she lay next to me in bed, I would snuggle up close and wake her with a few gentle caresses along her neck, shoulders, and breasts. She would awaken with a sweet sigh and a smile. Usually, she would snuggle up even closer. But when my escalating overtures made my intentions clear, Laurie, still with her sweetest smile, would caress my face…and shake her head no. She usually is not in the mood to make love in the morning.

That is what astonished me so much this morning. My Wife was really taking the initiative.

Her hand had reached my already growing member with very predictable results.  She lightly caressed the head of my penis with the tips of her fingers.  As it grew in response to her touch, she began alternate between delicate caresses and more forceful stroking from the base to the its head.  It was only moments until I was fully erect. She sat upright and pulled the covers down. My heart was already beating quite fast when she pulled up her nightshirt far enough so she could straddle me on her knees. She then put her hands on my shoulders and leaned down to kiss me again. By this time, my passion was soaring. Reaching between her spread legs, I began my own caresses, gently removing her panties and exploring the outer limits of the luscious garden that is her vagina.  The moistness of her garden began to appear, slowly at first but more and more as we mutually caressed each other in the early morning light.  As she pushed me full on my back a sat astride me, she adjusted her hips so that my shaft aligned along the length of her garden lips; then she began to gently rock back and forth.  I gently caressed her breasts that were there in front of me for my pleasure though still in her bra.  I thought of and cherished the words of the Song of Solomon that they are here for me to enraptured by.  Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the dual sensation from her breast and her garden and I felt our juices mix as the nectar from her lips covered my shaft while it massaged her clitoris.  On many occasions she climaxes just like that.  This time though, she reached between us and guided my firmness directly into her softness…we both sighed as my head parted her lips and was captured by the soft, moist velvet walls of her garden.  We rocked together until i could no longer hold back and released myself into her waiting warmth.

We lay their afterward, my arm around her, stroking her lightly. Her head was on my shoulder.

“My breathing is only now getting back to normal. That was some wakeup call,” I said.

“Well, I thought it would be a nice way to start off your fathers day weekend. It sort of sets the stage for adventures that may lie ahead.

“We’re going to have sex twice in one day?” I asked with enthusiasm. We typically only did that when we were on vacation and the kids were with the grandparents or otherwise occupied.

“Did I say anything about having sex again?” She responded in a tone that seemed to ask how I could even think such an outrageous thing! “I just have a little surprise planned for you she added, her tone now dripping pure innocence and sweetness, just as if she were planning nothing more risque than an evening listening to our Mozart collection.

This morning had brought a great deal of passionate pleasure. But of course that is when a peculiar paradox enters: once a pleasure is had, one can no longer look forward to it. I had anticipated looking forward to making love tonight.

But later that day a curious development took place. When I was ready to leave for some errands, my wife kissed me goodbye with a lot more passion than our goodbye kisses normally entail. Her smile and the look in her eyes were definitely seductive. She took me into a tight embrace and ran her fingers through my hair while pressing herself firmly against me. When she backed away, she certainly projected a flirtatious, tantalizing demeanor.

“See you later,” she added in a low, sultry voice.

Throughout the afternoon, I wondered what she was planning, this “adventure” of hers. In her reference to this evening, in her goodbye kiss, and in her overall behavior, she had definitely been provocative. Yet, she seemed to deny having any plan to make love again tonight.

As the day dragged on, those thoughts were never far from my mind.

When I finally arrived home, the curiosity, mixed with a sense of anticipation, had reached a peak. However, I quickly felt a sense of disappointment. There was nothing unusual, except that a few pieces of furniture in the living room had been rearranged. She was prone to do that every now and then. But nothing else: no candles, no fancy table setting, no music. In addition to all that, I noticed that there was nothing especially sexy about the clothes she was wearing. Both the skirt and teeshirt were prudently loose. She greeted me with a short kiss, and said hope you like your surprise with only a hint of the provocative mannerisms that were so clearly apparent earlier that day.

“When will I see it?”  I asked?

“Oh, later this evening, she said.

So I had not imagined it: the surprise for this evening was still on.

Nothing unusual took place while we had dinner, but that vague excitement was beginning to build in me once again. What could her surprise be? Yes, sex was never far from my mind, and my wife could look appealing to me no matter what she was wearing. But had she not in effect already said no? Well, that, of course, builds up my desire too. I decided then and there that I was going to make the most adroit advance possible when it was bedtime. So whether or not they would be fulfilled tonight, the old familiar passions were rising within me.

After eating, we retired to the living room, and I took my usual place in my favorite reading chair. It was then that I noticed the effect of the rearranged furniture. My chair was now facing the sofa.

My wife sat down opposite me on the sofa. Her eyes were suddenly sparkling with excitement. She must have put forth quite an effort to keep that excitement under control up to this point.

“Now,” she began, “you’ve probably been wondering what this surprise was that I had for you tonight.” Now there was an understatement, and I have no doubt she knew it. “Well, that’s pretty easy. To ask the question is virtually to answer it,” I butted in, smiling.

“Yes, yes, I figured as much, and we did that this morning.” She then assumed a decidedly pensive expression as she stared off to one side. “But I was wondering…would there be anything else we could do? Perhaps something closely related…to what we did this morning.”

My heart started beating a bit faster.

“Well, an idea came to me, and I got on the Internet to do a little research. But then I decided, no, I didn’t think I could really pull that off with the proper result.”

“What was it?”

“Oh, we won’t go into that just now. But then I came up with a truly brilliant idea. Something that should excite you.

I was puzzled but nevertheless getting more excited by the minute.

She walked over to me and sat down on my lap, putting her arm around me. With her hand drawing my face to her, she gave me a sweet, tender kiss. “I wanted your input on some of my new clothes, and, yeah…I thought you might enjoy watching me try them on and off.” This time, there was a definite lack of innocence in her tone (especially the “and off” portion).

There also was little doubt that I felt quite aroused at this point. I put my arm around her and my other hand on her leg, starting to reach under her skirt. But she eased herself off my lap. “Now, now, ” she said sweetly, “you mustn’t get too carried away.”

Without waiting for a response, she went back to the sofa. “Let’s try this skirt first.” She reached into the stack and pulled out one. She stepped out of the one she was wearing and pulled the other one up. It was quite a bit shorter, about three or four inches above the knee, but still discrete enough for public use.

On to the next one.  This time removing her panties as she made her next selection.  This one was pleated but really short–a micro-mini. After getting it on, Laurie look down at her knees.

“Oooo…this one I think might be just a bit too short for wearing in public.”

I was immediately captivated, as i always am, by the glimpses of her garden.

After watching her antics through several choices of skirts, my excitement level was just as she predicted.

She finally made her around and sat on my lap. In that position, this latest skirt was barely able to cover her garden. I was oogling her legs and the place where the connect when she wrapped her arms around my neck. We embraced passionately and kissed.

I worked my hand up her skirt and began a gentle caress on that sensually smooth, skin that makes up her outer lips. She closed her eyes and sighed softly.  I moved my hand underneath her shirt to find  her nipple stiff  to my touch.  I took it between my fingers and gently caressed it as we continued to kiss.  As my hand alternated between her garden and her breast, each  visit to her garden was met with more and more of the delicate slippery nectar of her excitement.  As my fingers probed, i would gently massage her clitoris with one finger and probe the depths of her soft inner lips with the other.  I reached around her and began massaging her other breast and she lay her head on my shoulder enjoying (for the 2nd time in one day!) the dual sensations by gently rocking on my lap and hand.

After her show in the living room, neither of us felt the need for much more foreplay. We made our way to the bedroom and made sensational love.

As we savored the afterglow in a tender embrace, I asked, “That was your version of a striptease, wasn’t it?”

“Yes”, she said with hint of shyness returning to her voice.

“Well, it certainly was the best Fathers day present you every thought of. And I think it was even sexier than a striptease. I never was much into dancing.”

She turned and kissed me tenderly.

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