marriage fantasy

In Praise of My Wife

Despite her rather infrequent desire for sex, my wife has lately been trying very hard to make me feel desired and loved.  While I know she loves me, it is still hard to not feel hurt when she doesn’t desire me.  Of late, she has been more present, putting in the effort – and that makes a world of difference even though it doesn’t always lead to sex.  When she isn’t in the mood, she doesn’t want her pussy touched and she doesn’t want to caress my manhood, but we’ll still cuddle naked in bed and she’ll caress my manhood anyhow, and maybe give me some access to her pussy lips.

Ashley is pretty straight-laced.  Sex is an on-the-bed activity.  Erotic emails will not typically get a reply.

Reading Marriage Heat stories is uncomfortable for her.  As she would say, “I don’t need to know what other people do.”

Sex toys are… kinky?  Well, except for Siri.

Siri is our new friend and our only sex toy, a nifty little vibrator.  Her name means “Beautiful Victory”.  How appropriate!  Somehow, Ashley agreed to give Siri a try.  I was smart enough to not tell her about Siri until she had already shipped.  A little vibration sometimes helps Ashley get warmed up.  Sometimes, Siri turns “It’s too late” into “Well, we could use Siri…”.  Siri also gives Ashley a boost of confidence – if she is having trouble reaching orgasm, there’s a backup plan.  Sometimes, my straight-laced bride will now even hint that I might get Siri out, like the other night…

We had gone to bed and were spooning together.  After a few nights of a disinterested Ashley, I had no reason to expect anything else. However, Ashley squirmed a little closer and pressed her sweet cheeks into my groin.  I absolutely love this, and she knows it is a sure-fire turn on for me.  This could be simple playfulness, a sign of affection, or it could be a hint of desire.  I pressed my body closer to hers.  I caressed one of her full, wonderfully soft breasts and pressed my quickly hardening cock into her buns.  She pressed back.  I embraced her from behind, kissing her neck and pressing into her.  She pressed back and ground her buns on my cock.  Our breathing quickly became heavy.  She turned her head and we kissed passionately, our tongues twirling around together.

I ran my hand down her body into her pants.  She spread her legs wide, inviting me to her beautiful pussy.  My fingers found her soft folds, and very soon they were spreading the juices of her arousal all over.  Her wet pussy is my great delight.  I am pretty sure she doesn’t understand this, but I love it.  It says to me, in a way that words never can, “I desire you, Tom.  I want you.  Come into me.  Be one with me.  Pleasure me and enjoy me.”  She moaned softly as I ran my fingers over her lips and gently massaged her clit.  Her hand went for my cock and she wrapped her fingers around it, caressing me.

It was now plain to see where this was going and it was about this time that Ashley said something like, “I thought you were going to get Siri out.”

I have no idea why she thought this, but it was all the hint I needed.  I hopped out of bed to close and lock our bedroom door, we both stripped down naked and I grabbed Siri, turning her on as I slipped under the covers again.  We pressed our bodies together, her breasts pressing against my chest, and kissed passionately.  I placed Siri just next to Ashley’s wet pussy.  She responded with a cross between “mm-mm” and “uh-huh” that means, “Oh yeah, that’s what I wanted.”  I was now harder than hard, all the more excited by her arousal.  I hungrily kissed her neck and breasts and teasingly moved Siri onto Ashley’s pussy.  Her breathing was becoming rapid, quickly responding to the vibrations.  Ashley slightly arched her back and pointed her chin toward the ceiling as the feeling of pleasure built up.  I backed off with the vibrator, and she relaxed.  Again, I focused it on her clit, and she again breathed arousal.

“You’re going to beg me to put this on your pussy, aren’t you?”, I said, suggestively.  She just moaned.  I turned the vibrator to its highest setting and put it to her pussy again.  She immediately moaned with greater pleasure.  On this setting, she would quickly climax, we had found.  I teased her with it, trying to get her to beg me to pleasure her pussy.  She obviously wanted me to bring her to climax, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“‘Put it on my pussy’ – say it,” I told her. “Tell me where you want this.  You want my hard cock in you now, don’t you?”

“You’re going to mess me up,” she replied, meaning she’d lose the orgasm she was so close to having.
Maybe I should have persisted, but I caved in, too eager to watch her orgasm.  I held the vibrator to her clit and kept it there.  Arching her back, eyes closed, chin pointing to the ceiling, mouth open in a wide smile and panting heavily, her face simply glowed.  This enhanced her beauty ten fold and making me want to just pound myself into her hot, juicy wet pussy more than ever.  I really think I enjoy her climax more than my own, and climax she did!

When she had come down the mountain, I set Siri off to the side, got on top of Ashley, and drove my cock deep into her waiting pussy.  We moaned together, enjoying finally being one again.  We quickly starting rocking our bodies together, rubbing my pubic bone and her clit together, bringing us both quickly to orgasm.  We lay there, motionless for a bit, catching our breath and relishing our marital union.

I still have fantasies unfulfilled, such as hearing my wife beg me to pleasure her using the word “pussy” or surprising me with a nice view of her beautiful slit and telling me to come and attend to it.  Our sex drives are still quite disparate.  But, my dear, beloved wife is doing her best to make me feel loved.  Trying out a vibrator was just a part of her stepping out of her comfort zone – and she found out she actually liked it!  For us at least, Siri has helped us have more sex than we would have had otherwise.  Ashley, I love you, and thank you for trying so hard to please me!  You are a wonderful wife!

marriage fantasy


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2 replies
  1. BlackLace says:

    I am glad you are making strides in your sexual life and I pray you will further find that special connection together. I know some girl friends of mine tell me they don’t like to talk during sex because it ruins their focus. I think it’s good that you mentioned it this story reading her bodily cues that she’s enjoying it and translate that into the words you know those reactions are saying.

  2. SexyDeafHunk says:

    This is the example my wife and i do with opposite of intercourse first then vibrator. I enjoyed all of these stories in all married and christian couples. It is hard for me too but my wife is willing to let me to make love tp her even she doesn’t have all sensual feelings only on rarely occassion that she does. The reason is her vaginimus. In before first marriage, her OB doctor really ripped her hymen badly. (As we, together, in our second marriage). She was raped in first marriage before she was divorced. I tried not forced her into that she doesn’t want. I loved oral sex but my wife doesn’t like it even she forced and gagged in her first marriage. I will be keeping into reading this site. Also there is a book that believe in the importance of sex in marriage without any shame. That’s all for now that i can. :-). You all have a wonderful day.

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