Birthday Surprise! ( cont’d)

While falling onto the bed on my back I said, “You know how I like to watch.”

She raised up on to her knees to my left side, her skin glistening in the candlelight. She slowly lifted her left leg to straddle herself up on to my chest. And responded lustfully, “you want me to play with my pussy?”

The dim light provided a sparkling view of her beautiful small frame. My eyes captured the scene, starting with her ruffled blonde hair, shimmering blue eyes and her petite mouth, further down I could see small amounts of perspiration on her gorgeous breasts and large aureolas. My eyes worked further down to her manicured pubic hair which provides a fantastic outline of her luscious, swollen, wet love pocket.

She begins to lean back to provide me a better view and gently rubs her wetness against my abs. I tighten my abs inviting her to use them for the friction her wet clit clearly is aching for. As she descends slowly and powerful down on me. She lets out a load moan. “Oh, baby, I am going to cum just thinking of your cock. Oh, baby!” She exclaims. Before I know it, she explodes and Her juice is running down my abs on to the bed, I violently grab her ass with both hands and pull her now soaking pussy to my face so I can taste all of her loveliness.

My balls are tightening and my cock is rock hard and I tell her once more that I want her to take my cock deep inside her mouth. I get up abruptly pulled her to the side of the bed so that she is facing me on her back, with her head hanging over the bed. I am standing in front of her at the edge of the bed and I take my cock and guide it into her sweet little mouth. She moans with enjoyment as I begin to rub on her clit fast and rough with the palm of my right hand, just like she likes it. I have a beautiful view of her dripping wet pussy in the candlelight. My eyes track down to see my beautiful God sent bride taking my cock deep inside her mouth.

I stand upright and exclaim, “You are taking me so deep, baby!” as a shiver runs from the base of my back up to my neck I let out a loud grunt.

“Baby, my cock feels so good in your mouth.” I continue to pump my cock deep inside as she begins to tug on my tightened sack.

My orgasm is building and I grunt, “I’m going to cum.”

I want to up squirt my hot sticky seed in her tight wet hot pussy. So I get her up and position her in front of the mirror and slowly but firmly insert myself inside of her tightness. ” Ohhhh”. we say is unison and I begin pounding and pounding her pussy as my balls slap against her ass lgetting closer and closer to full release.

“Come inside me Chase” she exclaims.

I respond “Honey, I love Your pussy. It feels so tight when you want me to cum.” And with one final thrust my cock explodes with loads of my man juice deep inside her. She begins to squeeze her muscles as if to milk every last bit out of my cock. I collapse, now half on top and half to side paralyzed by our passion.

“Happy birthday! I love you,” she says.

By: Ibrahim Iujaz

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