Quickie Sex

My mouth covers his cock and I take him in and out in deliberate strokes, then I suck on his balls and roll my tongue over them. My pussy is dripping wet with want, jealous of my mouth for having all the fun.

“You want to hop on for quickie sex?” Allen asks breathlessly his hands in my hair.

“You know me,” I grin and stand up. I start to take off my pants, but Allen stops me and points to the window we haven’t gotten curtains for yet. Since it is night time our neighbors can probably see into our house. The window is just high enough that Allen can get away with not wearing pants while sitting down on our couch.

Let me explain us…

Allen and I were watching one of our favorite tv shows together and we started cuddling.

I know a lot of women say they wish they could “cuddle” more, but it seems every time we cuddle we end up having sex. Allen’s hand always manages to find my butt or breasts, and my hand always tends to travels from his chest and down his abdomen to rest over his junk.

It’s inevitable for us.

On this particular night we are in an awkward situation, because usually we head to the bedroom for our sexual sessions, but today our bed has our little newborn sleeping in the center of it.

“I have an idea, baby, I think you’ll like it,” I say and I saunter off toward the clean laundry basket sitting next to the bathroom door. I take a black lace nightie from it and shut the door of the bathroom while I remove my clothes except my bra and slip the nightie on. I look at myself in the mirror. The skirt is just long enough that it covers most of my ass. The plunging neckline of the nightie shows ample amounts of cleavage and most of my bra. I come out of the bathroom and out of view of the window I bend over to show Allen I’m not wearing any panties.

“Mmm, baby, get over here,” Allen growls and beckons me with his index finger.

“Now we can have sex and they can think what they want because they can’t really see what’s going on,” I purr as I straddle his naked lap and let him fill my wet, tight pussy.

“You naughty thing,” Allen groans. My breasts are right in his face and he nuzzles his nose and lips in the bouncy softness of my cleavage. I brace my hands against the couch’s end and I thrust on top of his hard huge cock. Every time he enters me his pubic bone rubs my clit. It doesn’t take long for me to feel the tension that had built up since we first started cuddling to turn into an orgasmic release. Allen fists a handful of my hair and tugs, knowing full well how much I like that combination of a sudden rush of adrenaline with my pleasure. It extends my orgasm, and I continue to pulse around him as he thrusts from underneath. I can feel him growing hot and swollen with his own release building.

“Oh, Christie! Oh, baby!” He exclaims, and comes inside me hard.

We kiss in the aftermath of our quickie sex, still joined together as one. Then, I hop off of him, and we go back to cuddling and watching our tv show as if nothing happened.


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7 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    I simply loved this story BlackLace! Awesome job! Ben and I have have had experiences much like this, though early in our marriage. Let me say, that I am quite aroused after reading your lovely story. I cannot wait for Ben to get home so I can jump his bones! Lol. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you and your family my dear.

    • DanceFunLove says:

      For the longest time I thought women just didn't want sex like that as much as men….I m seeing that I was completely foolish for thinking that…how do I find a wife whose into the same things I am into?! It seems as church women hide behind Religion and act and play as if they aren't into it but truly are?! Help me understand

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you Blacklace. I enjoy your stories!

    My wife and I will periodically be in the living room (with our kids in the room) watching TV and have a blanket over us – as she is gripping my cock and I am fingering her pussy and ass. We are careful not to be found out. It is some of the most enjoyable foreplay. Most of the time, we can’t wait for the program to end – to go to bed!

    • BlackLace says:

      Thanks, Lovinghusband! You should write a story about that sometime too! I love how Allen and I can be doing just about anything and it somehow turns into foreplay.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      I will plan to write on that BlackLace. We have many experiences with that – including cumming on the blanket. I can also identify with how just about any situation can turn into foreplay. I grab my wife’s pussy or grope her breasts in just about every place you can imagine. Always being careful to not be seen. She loves to be touched and I love to touch her! It leads to you know what!!

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