Train Encounter

This train journey will be a few hours ride
All inclusive service my ticket provides
I scan a few train cars and eventually see you there
Sitting innocently engrossed in the outside atmosphere
You are so beautiful; I automatically feel a sense of lust,
Looking around to see if we are alone, none we can trust
I ask you if the seat next to you is taken for this train fare
You casually said no and turn away from my manly stare
I soon make eye contact with you as I begin to flirt
Oh you look so damn hot in your professional mini skirt
Through your blouse, firm breasts bounce up and down
I fantasize of them in my face going round and round,
I place my bag over head and sit down with a magazine
My heads are spinning with dreams of an erotic scene
You pretend to be seriously focused with stuff on your phone
I want to bring a smile on your face with my horny bone
Closing my eyes and imagining your legs spread wide
Inviting me to lean over and let my tongue slide
Mustering up the courage to start a conversation
Your answers are brief without much consideration
The dimly lit coach set the stage for hopeful intention
I try not to hide my curiosity and wicked observation
After a while you stand and stretch before walking away
Your ass is so inviting, I would love to handle it and play
When I was not paying attention, you return quietly
And innocently sat in the empty seat right across from me
I pretend to read with my head slightly bent in my book
Slyly I glance across and take in the view of your great look
Then the most amazing thing occurred; you open your legs slightly
I can see your shaved pussy, and my cock begun to grow freely
Without eye contact, your flashing and teasing continues

Suddenly, your hands are casually touching your breast
That’s when I stood up and attempt to adjust my head rest
I feel your hand on my crotch, rubbing my bulge around
Anxiously looking around, there is no one to be found,
You tug at my zipper and then slide to the ground,
I am caught off guard standing; you’re swift like a hound
You eagerly take my semi-hard cock between your luscious lips
Your cute ass is in the air as you rock your wide hips
Teasing my raging cock with your wet long tongue
I reach down under your short skirt to massage your mound
Your gracefully oral pleasure makes my cock swell harder
Your skilful tongue and lips maneuver it down your throat further
You sure know how to suck a hard cock, you are blowing my mind
Another erotic train experience like this will be hard to find
Tongue massaging my mushroom head is becoming uncontrollable
If you continue your technique, I will no longer be stable
The train movement causes our bodies to sway smoothly
Your sucking, licking and deep throating blends in expertly
My two fingers maneuver the inside of your sloppy tight cunt mouth
Just when I thought you would go all the way, you stop and let my cock out
You kneel on the seat and hold firmly to the strong head rest
Your partially hidden ass and cunt under your skirt is an inviting nest
I drop to my knees and bury my face between your smooth thighs
You moan as my tongue invade your cunt and spread your ass cheeks wide
Your pussy is profusely wet as I drink your intoxicating love juice
Both holes are tongue reamed as your voice turns dirty and loose
As I grip your hips and vacuum your swollen oyster lips
You start to squirt and vibrate as pussy juice you hit me with
So wet and taste so sweet from squirting your juices all over my face
Eating your cunt hungrily and drinking your power juice thirstily, none goes to waste
I sat next to you so we can catch our cummly breath
You are still moaning and squirming from your needs just being met
Suddenly you stand on the seat with me sitting between your legs
Slowly you begin to squat downward so my flagpole can be fed
Allowing just my cockhead a sneak preview inside your wet twat
I try to push upwards but your pussy teasingly circle my fat cock
Eventually you allow inch by inch to dive in your cave deeply
Then you took the full length and stayed down a bit confidently
Slowly you began to grind my cock against your pelvic bone
And from your sexy lips escaped some really intense moans
I nibble on your ear and neck while rubbing your back
Giving your tight ass several firm hand smacks
Unbuttoning your blouse releases firm tits, your erect nipples are the best
Smothering my face between them while you ride my shaft to the crest
I know I cannot take this longer before I shoot you full of milkshake
I stand and lift you with my cock still buried in your water gate
Then I lay you on your back and spread your legs high and wide
While massaging your engorged breasts and nipples, my cock begin to slide
Such a hot diva you are so much energy, my cock I wish you would again blow,
Instead, I lick your pussy while pumping two fingers deep up inside very slow,
Sucking on your very swollen clit until you can no longer lay still
My cock wants to renter your dripping slit so it can give you its fill
Sliding my bursting cock deep up into your hot slick hole
Deeper in your pussy feels so good as my cock reach its goal
Holding your legs and pushing them back behind your head,
My cock begins to exit while you beg my cock to be fed,
Pumping in long strokes from my cockhead to my balls sack,
You try to control your moans, groans and nasty voicing
While I plough your cunt full of cock meat at your beckoning
I quickly flip you and place you on all fours for another attack
And immediately fill your greedy pussy with my power jack
Spanking your ass while I roughly ride you from behind
Fingering your anal button, in every part of you I take pride
Your tight dripping pussy I cannot bring myself to vacate
You begin to rub the top of your clit as if to masturbate
I sense that all too familiar feeling festering in my shaft
Hoping you will be able to handle the aftermath
My cock begins to get harder and its head begins to swell
You knows what is coming you can clearly tell
My intense orgasm begins in your cunt and continues over your ass,
Pulsing cock between your ass cheeks spurts every drop to its last
We both collapse on the train cushy seat to continue our journey
Never know what else is in store before our exit in a hurry
We had boarded the train through separate cars and doors
In our role play today, you, my wife, I adore

By: Peak84 for my soulmate and sweet Professor Chocolate.


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5 replies
    • Shark says:

      It says at the end of the story that it was a role play game and they purposefully entered in separate doors to play it. The husband also says, “you my wife, I adore”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for reading and confirming. All my writings involves me and my wife. She is the reason I am able to pen/type such intimate words – only she deserves that part of me.

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