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I first came to Marriage Heat just 4 months ago (September) – and I am so glad! As I reflect on 2013, I am grateful to God for this website. I am not an internet expert, but I don’t know of another website like it.  What I write here – is a Marriage Heat testimony. And I hope it will motivate comments about your MH testimony.

I think I found MH by using “Christian married sex stories.” I was looking for the very things this site has. I was immediately drawn to the fact that the people writing love Christ and want to be pleasing to Him. The context of their relationships was always clear. They were married, not swinging or in an affair. I was so ready for this site to somehow not be good. Yet, to my joyous surprise, I was reading people who wanted to express their stories of love in the context of their lives in Christian marriage.

I also was pleased by the carefulness and restraint in the stories. The contributors to this site don’t want to be a stumbling block to others. On the other hand, they seem to have an ever growing sense of the real freedom in Christ that they have on their marriage bed with their spouses. A freedom that has loving, biblical limitations set by God. The kind of balance that I saw in these stories matches the balance we need to strive after each day as we seek to serve the Lord in our marriages.

For example, to be more specific about what I mean by balance: The stories of couples with other couples are always clear to avoid being inappropriate (no swinging or swapping). Couples out in public are careful to not be exhibitionists. The stories are written with a biblical, self awareness that is refreshing and godly.

Of course, I discovered that Marriage Heat is hot and sexy! The raw eroticism that exists between the spouses is described beautifully – but it is always about “their” eroticism together! The stories touch us. They make husband’s cocks get hard and wive’s pussies wet! Why? They are real and erotic. We can easily identify with our own relationship. We, who are sexual – get aroused by these stories – and with God’s wisdom translate them to our own marriages. By design, we don’t know what any of the contributors look like – and that is a blessing. We are not fantasizing about a picture of anyone. Instead, the stories and ideas of love and sex easily translate to our own marriage beds.

I have also been blessed from MH to learn much about what other Christian wives think about; and what other Christian husbands think about. This is be helpful. Each of us have our own observational limitations. We all are blessed by God to have the Scriptures. We have differing degrees of maturity. Yet, I love being able to learn from the creativity of other couples. Frankly, MH has taught my wife and I some new creative things. We know we are one of many Christian couples who love the way God made us to be sexual in our marriage. It has helped us to know what other people, who love Christ, think and experience sexually.

I knew a lot of what was in my wife’s mind – but, there is a lot I don’t know (of course). I have been so encouraged to learn what other Marriage Heat wives think about and do. Like: enjoying watching their husband’s masturbate, appreciating a gentle touch, wanting to be naked around the house with no one home, desiring to have their assholes played with in a number of ways, enjoying having their boobs played with as their nipples go hard, noticing the hardness of their husband’s cock in all sorts of different places and situations, liking the smell and taste of their own pussy juices, being satisfied and turned on by their husband’s physical appearance, their masturbation habits and techniques, their sexual thoughts through the day (and night!), their sexual fantasies, that they have many sexual fantasies, their contentedness and method in sucking their husband’s cock, their awareness of their tits in all kinds of places and situations, their overall patterns of being hot for their man, their openness to new things, their honesty, loving having their pussy eaten out, loving the feeling of double-penetration, liking their husband’s cum on them, and being content in knowing that their husband is faithful to them.

The godly ladies on this site have helped me to ponder my wife more and find out that she is like them in most of these things, too. My wife is definitely a more quiet and reserved person in many settings – but, she is a horny, ‘lusting for me lover’ when it comes to our sex life! No one knows just how crazy horny she is – but me!  Marriage Heat wives have helped motivate me to ask some questions I would not have otherwise asked. I know my wife better and am more contented with our relationship because of this.

I have learned from other Marriage Heat husbands: in many ways we are so much alike. This is such a blessing to know! Like: putting their wives first, the tenderness that they have for their wives, learning how masturbation functions in their marriages, how they surprise their wives, their love of their wife’s ass, their desire to taste her pussy and drink her down, the pleasure they get at spurting their cum in and on their wife, the frequency of fingering their wives in places when no one else knows, and the popularity of fucking doggy-style.

These husbands have brought new ideas or put new spins on some things we were already doing. Most of these husbands are so much more creative and imaginative than me. It is a pleasure to learn from these brothers. More than anything, I see husbands who love sex with their wives – but who love their wives so much more than the sex!

My encouragement for us who are blessed by this site is to: Keep it real and keep it godly. Let’s stay on this same path! I look forward to more blessings from MH in 2014. For this to happen, we will need the Lord, His word, and the fellowship of His church to keep working in our daily lives! We need to be walking with the Lord. We need to be in the Scriptures and growing as husbands and wives. Healthy marriages are byproducts of God-saturated people. There are no shortcuts! We can’t fake it.

We will also need to keep seeking excellence in the way we contribute to this site. When we realize that what we are writing has the potential to bless others – that is so rewarding. My wife and I (praise God) do not need supplements to get horny. That said, the stories on MH build on an already existing truth foundation – and they absolutely add something more to our lovemaking.

We are encouraged to want to give more to each other – as we see our fellow MH family doing the same in their relationships. We want to stay away from pornography and smut – as we see our MH family also striving to as well. There is so much good to imitate in these stories. This unique site has the potential to bring encouragement for holiness in the marriage bed. Let’s keep seeking Christ – and this encouragement will continue to spread in and through the distinctive stories that appear on MH.

As we keep it real and godly on MH – we need to do so remembering that we all stumble and have bad days. Most of the stories on MH don’t focus on that – and thankfully so. Yet, we all know that we all have to work hard at our marriages. We all still sin. We all still need to repent often. I’m glad that this comes through in some of the stories. MH doesn’t portray phony, perfect lives – that end in sex every night. That kind of marriage has not existed since Adam fell in sin. Let’s remember to look continually to Christ and the cross for forgiveness. Confess your sins – for He is faithful and just to forgive! This site will not only promote godly sex – but motivate couples to thrive in their marriages for life. What a testimony to a watching world!

Lastly, I have written this on a number of occasions – but I thank God for Blondie – and the heart and conscience He has blessed her with. It shows in her leadership on this site. It is obvious that she wants MH to serve and exalt Christ – and I am grateful to her and her husband. I’ve prayed for her – and will continue to.

Marriage Heat is not some fabricated reality show. Marriage Heat is real Christians, thoughtfully encouraging others and receiving encouragement from others – by sharing the love stories that exist within their marriages. We are the players on Marriage Heat – yet, Blondie does a very important task in not letting the wrong things get on this site! This is vital for the ongoing blessing of MH. We want to use it for good! So, don’t take Blondie for granted. Please pray for her and the ministry and encouragement that can and will come in this coming year from MH.

I am curious about the testimony of others who have come to this site. How has God blessed you and your marriage by MH? Have you learned something more about how your spouse thinks – by first seeing it articulated in a story on MH?

Happy New Year and God’s rich blessing in Christ to you all!

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5 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Wow, LH! I am so encouraged by this post and it brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you so much for your prayers, they are felt and needed! God bless you, LH, and give you and your wife a happy new year!

    I could never have imagined how much my own life would be touched while running this site, by people like you and so many other contributors and commenters. There is so much love in the marriages on here and it encourages me every day to see I am not alone in being a horny, Christian wife who is crazy about the man she loves with a Song of Songs passion.

    I also encourage all members to continue to keep it real. Real marriage heat love. 🙂 we all aren’t perfect on here, but through Christ we one day will be!

  2. hornyGG says:

    Lovinghusband, all I can really say is God bless you sir and thank you for your openness and honesty.

    Let me honestly say that your post truly are an inspiration to Ben and I. I am not saying this just to be nice and complement your post, I truly mean it!

    I ran across this site merely by accident and like you Ben and I are really glad I did. We have both been really blessed by this site as it has enhanced what was already a great sex life. Ben and I also thank God for Blondie and MH. Though I have never met her, I consider her as a friend. I also thank God for contributors like you, Kay and K, Steve and Annie, motherof3wifeof1 and others.

    Like Blondie, I too am a horny Christian wife. I love my husband and desire him all the time. I can never get enough of him. I love to be held by him, kissing him, laying naked with him, sucking his dick and of course fucking him. I am not ashamed of this fact and will never be.

    A big thanks goes out to Blondie, but also to you and the other contributors who write the stories that inspire and encourage Ben and I as well as others. Thank you for supporting my stories and doing your part in keeping this gal’s pussy nice and moist.

    God bless you and your lovely wife, continue to love the Lord, keep it real and please. STAY HORNY!

  3. n2n2 says:

    Fully agreed @lovinghusband. Fully… except… I worry very much that I will soon see a post where someone will experiment with a vibrator in the spouse’s anus.

    Because until recently there was no talk about ‘ass-holes’… Or I missed it.

    Like @lovinghusband said, ‘MH doesn’t portray phony, perfect lives –…
    …We are the players on Marriage Heat – yet, Blondie does a very important task in not letting the wrong things get on this site!…’

    We are not looking for our platform to be like the world for we love not the world (1John 2:15) and do not try to be conformed to it (Rom 12:2).

    @Blondie and everyone, I hope my comment is taken in and with love.

    Happy New Year MH

    Constrained by His love,

  4. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you for your real honesty and erotica about your and your wife, LH. It really moved us. What a gift from God to share our bodies and souls with our spouses, and our intimacies here on MH thanks to dear Blondie. We learn a lot from everyone and look forward to reading MH whenever we can (which is not enough!)

    And yes, we have your story in the que–we will cum up with something! 😀

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