Steamy Sex on a Business Trip

We were married 13 years and, with two kids and a busy career, sex had become very scheduled. So when I took a business trip to Las Vegas, I asked my wife to come along. We had not been away since our 10 year anniversary cruise. We had my parents watch the kids and off we went for a week.

The last time we had sex had been a few days so I already had a good load built up. All I could think about on the plane flight was making passionate love to my wife. I had a hard on literally 75% of the time during the flight. I would vary between fantasies of what we would do once we reached the hotel. My special treat has always been to enjoy her juices orally. It drives both of us wild.

We reached our destination and took a taxi to the Hotel Aladdin. My hear was racing as we boarded the elevator. I was a stud hungry for his mare.

As soon as we entered the room I sat the luggage down and kissed her passionately. It was the early morning and the sun lit up the room. My hand ran under her blouse and up under her bra. I could feel her swollen nipple and gentle squeezed it. My dick was pressing hard against my shorts. My hand went lower into her shorts seeking her precious mound. As I inserted my forefinger I could feel she was incredibly wet already. In went a few more fingers.

Her clit was swollen and juice was everywhere. I brought her to the heights of orgasm with my skilled hand.  The scent was so intoxicating.

Once she got her composure back she took off my shirt and undershirt so she could play with my nipples and chest hair.  It was so erotic.  Her hands went down and unclasped my belt dropping them to the floor.  My cock was so swollen.  It had seemed like forever since I gave her my load.

I could not wait any longer and mounted my bride.  Her velvety lips received my thick cock hungrily. It felt so amazing.  I just pounded her until my man cream filled her.   The oneness was amazing.  We got dressed and went down for breakfast.  I love my wife so much.  Marriage is such a blessing.


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