A Night to Cherish

.Last Wednesday night after our ladies Bible study ended, several of us decided to go to IHop for supper. I called Ben and told him of

my plans and that I shouldn’t be too late.

” That’s fine, you have fun! I will see you when you get home. Randy and I will do the pizza thing. Love you baby!” Ben said.

” I love you! I shouldn’t be too late.” I told him.

Six of us loaded up in two vehicles and left the church a little after seven. I found it to be a true blessing to be with these ladies and enjoy an intimate fun night of fellowship over good food. Service was a little lax, but the food was good.

We laughed and talked about a variety of subjects for about 2 hours. We were about to leave when I ran into one of my old salon customers. I will call her “Pam”. She was one of my favorite customers and we used to talk alot . She is a very attractive woman in her early sixties, full figured and always dressed to a T. I hadn’t seen her since I stopped working.

The last time I saw her she was in the process of leaving her husband.  He was very controlling and jealous. She couldn’t breath without having to tell him about it. He was also verbally and physically abusive.  He would drink a lot and go off on a angry rant and accuse her of cheating on him, this often led to him beating her. He broke her nose several times, even broke her arm once. She once told me that he dislocated her shoulder one time and wouldn’t take her to the hospital until she performed oral sex on him. ( I think I would have bitten his dick off!)

I used to plead with her to leave him before he hurt her real bad or worse kill her. But she would always end up taking up for him and blaming herself for his actions and that she loved him. I would pray for her and ask the Lord to please watch over and protect her. Her husband wouldn’t even let her go to church, accusing her of ” whoring” with several men of the congregation.

When I left the salon, I lost track of her. It was so good to see her again as we hugged. She looked so good, smiling from ear to ear as a couple tears ran down her cheeks. I couldn’t help but tear up myself.

” Are you in a hurry?  Want to have a cup of coffee with me? I would really like to talk to you.” She said grasping both my hands.

I told her that I would love to, but that I had ridden with someone and was about to leave.

” Awwww!  I can run you home!  I would really love to talk to you.” She said as she wiped some tears from her face.

I smiled and said, ” Sure. Let me let my ride know! ”

After informing my ride,  Pam and I walked back into the restaurant and sat in a corner booth. She ordered coffee, while I ordered an Iced tea. ” It is really so nice to see you again!  How have you been?” I asked reaching over and squeezing her hand.

” I have been doing wonderful dear! I got divorced and recently got re-married. We just got back from Japan two days ago.” She said with a huge smile.

” That is so awesome! I was so worried about you! I am so glad you got out of that bad situation you were in. Praise God!” I said as my eyes filled with tears.

” I know you were dear and I thank you for listening during that time in my life, you helped me more than you know. I went by the salon but they said you no longer work there ” she replied.

” Yeah, I left to be a stay at home wife and mom.” I said as our beverages arrived.  ” So tell me, who is the lucky man? I hope he treats you right. You deserve to be happy! ”

” I could not be happier. His name is Richard. I met him through a friend.  He is a lawyer and is four years younger than I am.” She replied, then took a sip from her coffee.

” Well, you go girl! Got you a younger man! I am so happy for you! You look happy. ” I said, giving her hand another gentle squeeze.

” I am, I never thought I could ever love again and actually have a man love me back.” She said as tears once again filled her eyes.

” Well, you deserve all the happiness in the world! You are a very pretty and wonderful woman. ” I told her.

She looked around,  leaned forward and said softly with a wink and a smile,  ” The sex is fantastic too! He has a big schlong! ”

This caught me completely off guard and I couldn’t help but laugh. She actually made me blush believe it or not. ” Well, that explains the smile a bit more!” I said, then we both laughed.

” Gina dear, I have gotten back in church and have decided to rededicate my life to the Lord. I am gonna be re-baptized this Sunday and it would mean the world to me if you would come to church with me and walk down the aisle with me. You were so supportive and caring during that tough time in my life. You were my angel on earth. ” she said as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

Let me tell y’all, I lost it. It took all I had to regain my composure long enough to say, ” Absolutely! I would be honored. ” ( tears are flowing as I write this.) I definitely felt the love and presence of the Lord that night in that restaurant.  I stood and sat next to her and we hugged, crying on one another’s shoulder.

I will never forget when the young waitress came over to ask if we needed anything and was everything ok.  When I told her of the situation ( brief form) I noticed tears swelling in her eyes. ” Your ticket is on me. God bless you both!” She said,.then walked away.

Pam and I talked and prayed for another hour before she drove me home. We hugged tightly once more in my driveway before I got out of the car.

” Thank you dear Gina!” Pam said with a big smile.

” No ma’am! Thank you! Will see you Sunday! ” I said,then waived good bye as she drove away.

I walked up to the front door and let myself in with my key. I slipped off my shoes and quietly made my way through the darkened house to our bedroom.  I stopped briefly, opening Randy’s door gently and checked on him.I smiled as I noticed him sleeping peacefully.  ” I love you son!” I whispered softly,  then gently shut his door back.

I walked down the hall to mine and Ben’s. bedroom and gently opened the door. Ben was laying in bed watching tv.  He smiled when he saw me walk in. ” Hey baby! Did ya have a good time? Are you ok?  You look like you have been crying. ” he said.

” I’m fine, Sorry so late!” I said then walked over to him and kissed him. I sat on the edge of the bed beside him and laid my head on his chest. ” Sorry,I didn’t call, I ran into an old friend and former customer of mine . Just lost track of time. ” I said, then proceeded to tell him about Pam .

” That’s awesome baby!  I am so proud for you! Of course I always knew you were an angel, my angel! ” Ben said, then kissed me softly and held me in his arms. My heart was filled with an abundance of emotion and joy.

” Baby, will you say a prayer with me, thanking and praising God for his never ending blessings and love. And for guiding Mrs. Pam to this point in her life.” I asked him, wiping tears from my face.

” Sure will sweetheart. ” Ben replied, then we held hands and prayed. The love I felt was beyond words.

” Thank you baby, that meant alot! I love you so much and thank you for loving me. Think, I’m gonna go Take my shower now. ” I said, then kissed his lips once more before I got up and headed for our bathroom.

” I love you too, my sweet angel.” Ben replied.

After a nice hot shower, I dried myself then slipped on my purple mid thigh length night gown and headed for bed. Ben had already cut the television off when I walked from the bathroom. Walking over to my side of the bed I crawled into bed and moved next to Ben.  He put his arm around me and we kissed.

We talked about his day and just lay close to one another.  I felt so warm and secure as I placed one of my legs over one of his, rubbing his foot playfully with mine. I softly ran my hand over his chest and down to his abdomen.

After a few moments of silence, he lifted my face toward his and kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth and danced with mine. My body immediately began to respond to the passion of his kiss. I simply adore kissing him and cannot get enough of the taste of his sweet lips and tongue.

” Baby, I know it’s late and I know you gotta get up early, but I really need you to make love to me.” I said as I reached my hand over his abdomen to the edge of the sheet and quilt that covered his wonderful pussy pleaser. Slowly I nudged the cover down running my fingers through his dense pubic garden.

” Baby, Did you trim your pubes?” I asked as I ran my fingers through the dark hair.

” Just a bit.” He replied, then kissed me tenderly on the lips.

I eased the covers away a little more, exposing his thick flaccid cock and ball sack. I flicked my tongue over one of his man nipples as I grasped his dick and held it in my hand.

” Your dick feels a little moist baby! What else have you been up to while I was out?” I said with a grin, then gently nipped at his stiff nipple with my teeth causing him to let out a slight groan.

He smiled sheepishly and said, ” I have No idea what your talking about baby!”

I laughed then nipped his nipple a little harder causing a slight yelp to escape his lips. ” Yeah, sure you don’t! You beat yourself off didn’t you? You naughty boy! Hope you thought of me!” I said as I began to massage his meat, feeling it begin to grow slowly in my hand.

” Of course, I always do baby! Actually I watched our little sex tape.” He said with a chuckle.

” Mmmm, wish I would’ve been here! I would have let you cum in my mouth or perhaps my tits! Baby, my pussy is getting so wet just thinking about it!” I said, then kissed him deeply, practically shoving my tongue down his throat.

Breaking our kiss, Ben said, ” Baby, why don’t you take that gown off!”

Releasing his now semi-erect cock, I sat up and slipped my gown over my head and tossed it on the floor.  ” See anything you like baby?” I said, cupping my tits with my hands.

He grabbed me and pulled me to him and kissed me with such passion, my body tingled with desire.  ” I’m gonna fuck you so good and hard tonight baby, your gonna beg me to stop!” He whispered into my ear as he laid me onto my back.

” Ohhh YES! I want you too! I will never tell you to stop! You can fuck me all night if you want!” I gasped as he nuzzled my neck and nibbled ever so nicely on my ear lobe, then worked down to my breast.

” Ohhh, baby!” I wimperd as he began loving my tits, kissing and sucking on my nipples.  Moistening them, he blew softly upon them, sending a wonderful sensation throughout my body.

Slowly he began kissing his way down to my abdomen,  taking his time and kissing every square inch. I was hot and he was driving me wonderfully and erotically insane. My cunt was dripping by the time he reached my pubic bush.

” Such a sweet aroma! I must have a taste! ” he said softly then slipped one of his fingers into me. I moaned and my hips seemed to involuntarily move to his hand.

” Yesss, have a taste! Have all you want, finger me, eat me! Fuck baby! I’m so fucking wet for you!” I panted as he slowly worked his fingers in and out of my horny cunt.

He pulled his pussy coated fingers out of me and brought them to his lips. He smiled, then began to lick his fingers clean of my juices.  ” Mmmm, you taste so good and sweet baby! Do you want a taste? I know you love to eat your pussy juice baby.” He said, then slipped his fingers back inside me causing me to gasp.

” Ohhh YES!  Give me some! Please baby! Let me smell and taste my sweet pussy on your fingers! ” I panted.

He once again slipped his fingers from me, then brought them to my nose and let me smell my sex fragrance. He then took his fingers and traced them over my lips. I flicked my tongue at his fingers, then grabbed his hand and took them into my mouth.  ” Mmmmmm!”  I moaned as I eagerly sucked his fingers clean of my sweet pussy juices.

” You like that baby!” He said as he pulled his fingers from my hungry mouth.

” Sooo sweet!  I Loved it! Give me some more! ” I panted, my Voice raspy with pure lust.

” No, No! My turn! ” he said then put his face between my legs and began eating my pussy.

It was as if he flipped a switch as I exploded in a powerful orgasm.  I grabbed a pillow and put over my face to muffle my scream of pure ecstasy. My body, bucked and thrashed around as my orgasm over took me. It was all Ben could do to hang on.

As my orgasm began to subside I removed the pillow from my face. Panting heavily I said, ” B-Baby!  Y-You made me c-c-cum so f-fucking hard!” My body twitched deliciously with post orgasmic aftershocks.

Lifting his face from  between my legs, he smiled as he came up and kissed me. Once again I got to taste my sweet pussy, this time from his sweet lips.  ” You ready for me to fuck you baby?” He said as we gazed into each others eyes.

” Ohhh Yes baby! Fuck me! Please put your dick inside me! I love you so much my dear husband!  Your wife is pleading with you to fuck her, give me your big hard dick!” I panted softly, then groaned as I felt the swollen head of his thick penis slip between my swollen pussy lips. Ever so slowly he slipped into me inch by inch until his entire length was buried deep inside me.

” Baby, you feel so good inside me! Don’t move yet, just let me feel you for a moment.” I said wrapping my legs around him, holding him in place.

” Your pussy feels so good! So wet and warm baby!” He said as he slowly began to screw me.

I worked my hips in rythm to his, the bed making it’s music with the movement of our lovemaking.  ” Doesn’t my pussy feel slot better than your hand baby? Baby, you feel soooo good!” I panted.

I watched his face and could tell by his expressions that I was giving him as much pleasure as he was giving me. This excited me and I could feel another orgasm building to a boil deep inside me. ” I’m gonna cum baby! Your gonna make me c-cum again, Ohhhhhhh -Ahhhhhh! ” I gasped as my body tensed and vibrated beneath him. I locked my legs around him as my cunt tightened and pulsed around his thick cock.

We kissed as my orgasm began to subside and I held him tightly to me. Moments later my love began to thrust into me, pulling nearly completely out then thrusting deep. I opened my legs, pulling them up and holding my knees with my hands to give him as deep of penetration as possible. Small unlady like grunts escaped my lips as he fucked me, his balls slapping against my ass in rythm to his thrusting.

” Baby, you got some really hot pussy! ” Ben panted as he pumped his hard eight inches into me.

” Mmmmph! I-I- mmmph- know baby! Fuck me! Mmmmmph! Ohhh baby, I’m c-c-cumming!  Ohhhhhh -baaabby! ” I squealed , putting the pillow over my face once more as my body convulsed. My free hand pulled at the fitted sheet pulling a corner free from the bed.

” Turn on your side baby!” My hot stud said as he got up on his knees, then playfully smacked my ass with his hand as I did as he requested. Putting one of my legs over his shoulder, he began to hump me in the scissor position.  Let me tell ya, my man was in prime form on this night and I was loving it!

We were both sweating and panting heavily as we fucked, the bed springs creaked wildly. The squishy sound of our sex slapping together added to the erotic symphony that echoed in our room. I grabbed the loose corner of the bed sheet as my desire reached it’s fourth explosion.

” Ohhh fuck Gina! Baby, I’m gonna cum! OHHHHH-ARRRRRGH ” BEN groaned as he exploded inside me as we came together.

Ben slipped out of me and collapsed beside me, both of us exhausted and totally spent. We lay side by side for several minutes, then I turned to him and kissed his sweet lips.

” Thank you baby! I love you so much!” I said as my eyes once again filled with tears, then over filled running down both my cheeks. My emotional night coming full circle.

” I love you too my sweet Gina!” Ben said with a smile and wiped a tear from my cheek.

I smiled, then took his limp cock into my hand. I then leaned down and took him into my mouth and for the third time tasted my juices as I cleaned his dick with my mouth. We lay into each others arms the rest of the night. The bed a mess and the room smelling like sex. I Loved it.

I don’t know, maybe I was a little too emotional that night. But with my dear friend Pam, I saw the power and love of our Savior. I felt it at that corner booth at the IHop.  He did answer my prayer to watch and guide her. She may not be family but she is my sister in Christ. I did walk the aisle of the church with her and YES I cried when they baptized her. Afterwards I gave her new husband a big hug and thanked him. I didn’t tell him what for but I think he knew.

To my husband and love of my life: I Thank you so much for loving me and being there to comfort me when I cry like a baby.  I love you with all my heart and soul for God has blessed me with you!

Writing this story though emotional for me. The events of that night and of that Sunday. I will forever cherish in my heart. Thank you all for allowing me to write and hopefully have posted here on MH. God bless you all and stay horny!




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16 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Marriage Heat, Thank you so much for publishing this story. It was really hard for me to write this one, because the special event there in really touched me. It may not be as hot and erotic as some may like, but I wanted to share it.

    We are so blessed to have a God that loves and guides us. He does answer prayers. It may Take some time and it may not be like we expect, but it does happen!

    I am so blessed to have a husband who loves God and loves me. There are so many women out there who are in situations like my dear friend Pam was in. I now include all domestically abused women and children in my prayers. Thanks again and God bless!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Oh Gina thank you for this powerful, moving story. Our God IS an Awesome God! Look how he used you with Pam when she was going through her nightmare years. What a horrible awful situation she had to endure. Yet God pulled her through it–and what a tremendous honor for you to walk her down the aisle at her re-dedication. “And to Him who is able to do Far more than we can possibly Ask or Imagine.”

      I was moved and teary reading it–but did not see your big curveball coming! Only our Gina could weave an intimate MH story out of such a sad beginning!

      We loved the raw intimacy of your and Ben’s love for each other. Made me nice and moist reading it. Especially such phrases as “unlady like noises,” “my voice raspy with pure lust,” and “putting the pillow over my face again as my body convulsed.”

      Ooo-La-La 😀

      A very moving story Gina–we salute you!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Kay and K! It was a very special moment that touched and humbled me. I give all praise to God, for he was the one who pulled her through. We are never alone for he is with us always and all things are possible through him! I still tear up when I think about it. Pam calls regularly and we talk. She has been a blessing to me and a dear friend.

      That night when I got home, I was filled with so much emotion and love. Having Ben pray with me really meant slot as well. Kay, we are so lucky to have husbands who love us and treat us with love and respect. I’m quite sure Blondie feels the same about her sweet Josh.

      The way I was feeling and the love and tenderness Ben showed, I couldn’t help but want him to make love to me. The fact that he admitted to masturbating while watching our sex tape ( after some proding! Lol.) only fueled my desire to have him.

      As always I am touched and excited to know you and K. enjoy my stories. I am honored and truly grateful. Thank you two for your continued support of my stories.

      I so love reading ( and occasionally getting off to ) your awesome stories! They are always so hot and make my pussy very moist. Please give yourself a big hug for me dear, as well as give your sweet hubby one for me as well. You two are a true inspiration!

  2. Blondie says:

    wow, I was so touched by this story! Thank you so much for submitting this, Gina <3 God is so good! I teared up while reading. She was in such a horrible situation and God used your love and encouragement to help save her. God bless you, girl! And thanks again for sharing!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks once again Blondie! Our God is so awesome and I give all praise to him for his guidance in my dear friend Pam’s life! God bless you my friend.

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Gina, all of this is such a testimony of the power of God’s love to triumph over sin. I rejoice over His grace in Pam’s life! Also, the wonderful contrast of her former husband with the tender love that you and Ben have together. God is so good! I praise God for your willingness to minister to that dear lady. And yes, it was also hot and erotic! God’s continued blessings on you and your family in 2014!.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you Madeline 27! It is always so nice to hear from you. I hope you had a blessed and wonderful Christmas!

      What happened with Pam just goes to show you just how awesome our God is and how powerful his love is over sin. I pray that he blesses you and yours with a wonderful 2014! God bless and stay horny!

  4. hornyGG says:

    One question would it be inappropriate to use the f word in a story title. The spelling being ” f -” or ” F**k”. I have it in the title of the new story I just finished and currently touching up. If so I will change it. Thanks a bunch!

    • rocket says:

      What a wonderful story with truly good ending. God is a good God. He made up for your friend Pam’s years of suffering, giving her a loving husband and added a bonus of fantastic sex and a big cock. Can you persuade her to write her fuck stories on MH? It will be inspiring to those who have passed the age of sixty.

      And Gina you are great – not only at masturbating, fucking, sucking, drinking your husbands cum and telling us about it most erotically; but also at saving lives. Keep it up. May God help you help many others.

      And may God grant you many years of masturbating, fucking, sucking, and blowing and storytelling.

  5. Steve & Annie says:

    Happy New Year to you and Ben!!!!! Its so awesome how God can use each and everyone of us. Here you were being there for her and praying for her. And God moved and blessed her more than she thought. That is why we serve such an Awesome God, he will never leave us or forsake us. And such a great moment with Ben later that night. Continued Blessing on you two this new year my dear!!!!!!

  6. hornyGG says:

    Happy New Year to you to Steve and Annie! YES, our God is an awesome God! I give all praise to him for he did the work. I was just a small piece of the puzzle. I am glad you enjoyed my story.
    Have a very blessed 2014, God bless you both and keep it horny dear!

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