Going Down…

What a privilege is being your husband.  I love watching you with our kids; love how you deal with them.  I see why animals often eat their young and yet you are so patient with them.  I wonder often how I can possibly deserve you and love rewarding you every now and then — especially when you’re not expecting it.

Last night was one of those nights, wasn’t it .  Remember?  I told you, “I have something extra special in mind for you tonight.”  And you got it, didn’t you!  And I can tell you *really* enjoyed it!  The short back rub you wanted was extra nice for you — verrrry long…and full of really yummy touches from your head to your toes.

Mostly your back and your tired, sore shoulders and neck muscles.  Your back.  Your sides.  Alternating gently between squeezing and caressing.  your lower back.  Your hips.  Your butt cheeks.  The outsides and the backs of your thighs.  The sensitive backs of your knees, your calves, your ankles your toes and arches.  Mmmmmm. so very nice, eh? I can tell because as I worked my way back u0p your legs, your knees parted a bit, and then a little bit more as you sighed your contentment.

I repositioned myself w/ my head by your knees so I could reach your legs better, since it obviously felt so good — and since your were obviously starting to feel a little aroused (which I did not expect!).  I think you are so hot, even after 16 years of marriage.  You are still the girl I fell in love with in high school.  Squeezing your calves, caressing them, and the backs of your thighs.  You part your legs a little more, urging touch on the insides of your thighs and I willingly oblige you — caressing the insides of your knees then the back, the insides of your lower thighs and the backs, the insides if your middle thighs and the backs… and your legs part a little more so I can reach the insides of your upper thighs and the backs… and then the sexy, sensitive crease where your butt cheeks meet your legs.  I trace from the top of your butt crack down…slowly…parting ways from your now very hot and aroused pussy lips to your leg but brushing yoru sensitive lips at the edge on the way.  You moan seductively and I can’t help but gratify you a little — gliding my two fingers along the now dripping wetness of your parted pussy lips.  I can see you in my  mind’s eye biting your lip in pleasure and feel your hand touch my now very hard cock, and my head spins with your touch.  mmmmmm.  Sweetie, I have something so special in mind for you…

As you caress my cock, I lean up and turn you on your back.  You shift as I do so can still reach me, as I move onto my hands and knees to kiss the tips of both your legs.  Kissing wet, hot trails on both sides, closer and closer to your waiting lips!  I can smell your excitement and you are so exquisite!  I get my first gentle taste and wow — I can’t resist sucking your entire vulva into my mouth at once.  Reaching up with my hand, I can caress your legs and all around your pussy with my fingertips while i kiss and lick and suck on your hot, now-desperate pussy.  I feel your hips start rolling under my lips and tongue.  No, sweetie, you can’t touch my dick any more.  You are in my power.  You will now enjoy with no obligation.  You get to abandon yourself now!  Enjoy!  Feel my finger barely touching the flesh over your clit.  Massaging your clit now, alternating between my finger and tongue.  Hips really moving now — I can tell its good.  I love doing this for your, everything about it.  The way you look, sound, taste, smell, move…  sucking and massaging faster now.  Your hips are bucking… your whole pussy in my mouth with tongue flicking all over, my finger now frantically back and forth over your clit and your explode, screaming something I can’t even understand.  mmmmm.  wow!  You calm a little after about a minute but you still can’t talk…only giggle a little, and now its time for round two — and my turn.  I turn my whole body so I’m between your legs, kissing your lips gently, looking into your smoky eyes, kissing your tummy, your ribs, your round breasts, your nipples, your chest; you feel my thick hard cock just brush your still hot, wet and engorged lips…

More later my sweet.  You already know how it ended though.  But I know how you enjoy reading about it and reliving it, knowing we’re sharing it with others too.  Enjoy Honey.  I love you…

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