Blizzard Heat

The howling wind shoved an occasional crystal of snow past the front door on the old farm house. Jena Mason shivered and hugged her arms around her breasts. The thin sweater skirt that was supposed to keep her warm did little to conceal the beautiful body underneath. Glancing at the clock on the stove, her concern about her young husband, Sam, increased. The couple had been married only a couple of years, and were struggling to make a living on 160 acres of Iowa ground Jena’s grandmother had willed her.

Earlier, before the blizzard raging outside had hit, Sam had headed out to check the small group of cattle in the heavily timbered pasture north of their house. The task should have only taken 20 minutes, but now, nearly an hour had gone by and Jena’s apprehension grew to be too much to bear. Grabbing a heavy parka, gloves and a stocking hat, she pulled on her snow boots and headed out into the storm. Just as she left the porch, she grabbed a 3 cell Maglite, since darkness would be settling in within the next hour.

Bracing herself against the driving snow, she put her head down and headed into the blustery north wind. Making good progress, she soon came to the pasture gate – still no sign of Sam. With her heart in her throat she trudged on into the timbered section of the pasture, hoping his smile and cheery voice would soon greet her.

Just beyond the next grove of trees, she could see the cows with their young calves huddled up on the south side of a large clump of brush and wild plum bushes. All of a sudden, she smelled wood smoke. Panic set in, as the recent dry conditions had made the entire farm a tinderbox, and the 30 mile per hour wind would threaten all they owned if fire broke out. Running toward the source of the smoke, she rounded a bend in the cow path she’d been following, and stopped short. There, just a little ahead, was a small wooden cabin, obviously constructed from the native timber that surrounded it. Smoke was coming from a small stovepipe that exited near the roof’s ridge.

Jena tentatively approached, smiling when she noticed her husband’s walking stick leaned up against the front wall. Pounding on the plank door to be heard above the howl of the storm, she attempted to let herself in. To her surprise, the deep rumble of Sam’s voice said, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me, you silly!” she replied. “Why should I let you into my cabin?” Sam asked. “Because you love me, you knucklehead! Now open this door before I kick it in!”

As the chuckling Sam swung the door open, he grabbed his sexy young wife by the waist and kissed her deeply. The blowing snow sifted around them, and Jena pushed him back, pulling the door shut behind her. The warmth of the small wood stove quickly replaced the storm’s chill, and Jena started to remove her outer garments. Once she was finished, Sam stepped up behind her, and slowly reached under her remaining clothes to her silky skin beneath. She leaned back against him, savoring the masculine touch.

Reaching behind her, she placed her small but strong hands on his denim covered thighs. Stroking his muscular legs brought the first hint of moisture to her swelling labia. As the erotic tension increased, Sam slowly lowered his caresses toward her panty covered mound. Her tight derriere slid up and down his swelling penis, but the clothing between them muted much of the sensation. In a single motion, Sam grabbed her sweater dress by it’s hem and jerked it over her pretty blonde hair. Now clad only in a lacy black bra and matching thong, she arched her body against him, again trapping his manhood with her sweet cheeks. Still not satisfied, Sam ripped the remaining bits of fabric from her revealing her perky breasts and dark pubic region.

Really into the situation, now, Jena sensuously turned toward her man and tore his heavy work shirt and Levis from his hard body. As buttons hit the floor, Sam suddenly became the victim, allowing his hot wife to have her way with him. His only remaining garment, his boxers, were tented up with the hardness of his thick rod. She slid her hand up under them, grasping his pulsating member, leading him toward the small cot in the corner of the tiny cabin.

As Jena pushed Sam’s boxers down his hairy legs, she took his penis into her eager mouth. Her sucking lasted not nearly long enough from Sam’s perspective, but she had other things in mind. Pushing her now naked husband backwards onto the cot, she suddenly realized that she could straddle it’s narrow width. Doing so brought her female heat into direct contact with his hardness, much to each lover’s delight.

Bracing against his rippling chest, she slid her aching love button and labia up and down his length. Her groans mixed with his as they both writhed in pleasure. Sam’s brown eyes betrayed the nearing approach of his release, and Jena immediately raised off him, giving him a chance to regain control. Resuming her thrusting, she quickly arrived at a point of no return herself, climaxing long and hard against his rod. Rolling her pelvis forward, she took his length deeply into her, providing that total filling that she so craved. His bucking hips drove him again and again into her, smashing his pelvis against her clitoris. Her frenzy to be impaled increased, and another earth shattering orgasm swept over her as he pumped his hot, thick seed into the woman he so loved.

His continued thrusting motions brought a series of smaller climaxes to her, completely satisfying her every need and instinct. As the passion subsided, Jena fell on Sam’s sweaty body, reveling in his ability to complete her. As they kissed again and again, Sam’s hardness rose again, much to her delight. As he moved over allowing her to take his place, she pulled him intimately back inside her, mouthing “I love you!” over and over to him.

Several minutes the young couple concluded their cabin interlude with a sweet, shared climax, the result of Sam’s slow, tender lovemaking. As he rose to throw a couple of logs in the stove, Jena said, “That may not be all that gets heated up in here tonight!” Sam grinned, his semi erect shaft swinging against his thigh with each step. As the wind howled outside, they snuggled together in the tiny cot, safe and secure in each other’s arms, his hand on her breast and heir’s gently resting on his inner thigh. “Good night, babe!” “Good night, sweetie” were the last words before he blew out the lamp.

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