Loving You Enough to Ask

“Baby, does it say anywhere in the Bible that it is wrong to act like a slut?”

“No. Being a slut, yes; but acting like one with your husband, NO.”

“Good, because tonight I want to get dirty. That is if you want to?”

“Let’s do this!” I was smiling broadly as I grabbed her hand and ran to the bedroom.

Donna and I had been married for about six months and I had loved every second of it. Up to this point, she and I had the best sex. We had done things that I could have only dreamed. Donna is just not the type to initiate it. So when she brought up not only having sex but kind of a role-playing scenario, I was ready.

As soon as we hit the bedroom, Donna pushed me onto the bed and began getting undressed. “I have three things that I want tonight.” She pulled off her shirt, revealing her ample tits and erect nipples. Then she turned her back towards me and bent over to remove her pants. “I want to be treated dirty.”  She was naked in front of me with her erect nipples and shaved pussy. She pushed me back and straddled my stomach. “And I do not want to make love. I want you to take me hard.” She planted a kiss on my lips and added, “Also, I want you to spank me.”

Instantly, I rolled her off of me and got on my knees in front of her.  I did not even bother getting undressed, at first. Unzipping my fly and pulling out my now hard member, I grabbed her hair and pulled her face towards my swollen cock. With one thrust, it was down her throat and making her gag.  I knew that she did not mind when I felt her hand grab my sack and give it a pull. Her eyes and mouth watered, both fluids rolling down her face as I plunged myself as deep as I could go.

Pulling out and slapping her face with my man meat several times, I then rolled her over on to her stomach.  When I gave her ass cheeks a few smacks, Donna let out a couple of moans.  I knew it was a sign she wanted more. She arched her ass up towards me. Grabbing her hips and raising them up, I kissed her ass cheeks then spanked them again. When I spread those cheeks and ran my tongue around her brown hole, she pushed back against my face.

I could not take any more teasing. I gave her ass one last swat and told her, “Roll over and spread those beautiful legs!” She did just that. Leaving my pants on, I slid my cock with one thrust deep into her soaking wet pussy. God, it felt so good.

I pounded her for several minutes. Her moans turned to soft screams. I felt her wetness begin to flow as her legs raised higher into the air. The sound of me pounding her and of her passionate cries filled the room.

I was so close to finishing. I pulled out, moving to her face and she opened her mouth. Stroking my meat for her, I sprayed goodness all over her face then let her suck the aftermath of both our juices. We kissed and I held her in my arms the rest of the night.

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  1. Pushbabypushhard says:

    Your tongue in her brown hole. Mmmmm…so amazing. Had to grab my member on that one. Something about slapping and lovingly 'abusing' a woman's ass. Love the taste of forbidden in marriage. Keep writing

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