Unexpected Wake Up Call!

The other morning was like most: my husband woke up before me and put his headphones on to let me sleep. But this particular morning, he woke up in a very horny mood and wanted his wife.

As I lay there half awake from hearing my husband move around in bed, I felt the blanket pull off of me a little. He wanted a peek at my half-naked body in the white tank and white panties I slept in.

I felt his hand start rubbing my ass. At first, I thought nothing of it and assumed he was just going to rub my ass like he always does when I am sleeping.  But I knew something was up with him when I felt his hand slip down and start rubbing something else 😏. At this point, I woke fully and turned halfway over to see my husband staring hungrily into my eyes with a look that said, ‘I’m horny, baby. I need you.’

I flipped over completely and kissed my husband on the lips, as I always do each morning. But this morning, after what he had done earlier when I was trying to sleep, I was turned on. I didn’t just give him my everyday good morning kiss, but I added some tongue to it and grabbed my husband’s firm ass. That let him know that he wasn’t the only one that had woken up in a good mood.

As I lay there on my back, my husband on top of and kissing me, I felt his hand start slowly running down my body.  He knows how much that turns me on and I let out a moan inside his ear. As his hand made its way down to my already wet pussy, I felt it slip into my panties and start pulling them off.

I knew he wanted me and I wanted him, but I also wanted to be a little bit of a tease. So I did the same thing that he had just done to me. I slid my hand down to his nice, hard dick and started slowly massaging it with my hand. Then I helped him out of his shirt and he helped me finish taking off my panties.

He started slowly kissing me from my lips down my body, finally working his way down to my very wet pussy. Though I didn’t beg out loud, I was thinking, ‘Please. babe, please! Just take me, already; stop teasing me.’

Slowly still, he kissed my wet pussy all over and rubbed it with one hand. At this point, I was barely keeping myself from screaming with pleasure. Then he opened my legs wide, lowered himself in between them and started a slow thrust.

I let out a moan and couldn’t help but run my nails down his back.  His hard dick slipping in and out of me felt so good! I moaned his name, begging him to thrust into me faster.  I grabbed the headboard with one hand and the side of the bed with the other. The sensation of his dick getting bigger and bigger inside me with every thrust was pushing me toward an orgasm.

Then I got what I asked for, as he gave it to me faster and harder and licked my hard nipples. I lay under him, barely feeling anything from the waist down, repeating his name. I told him to fuck me good and hard because I’m the type of woman that likes it a little rough. As I was laying there, I heard a moan come from my husband. Now he wanted to come, as well. I let out a moan in his ear as I got off on his dick just as he got off on the outside of my pussy.

We knew we were done; there was no more energy left in either one of us. We lay there with him still on top of me, barely able to move because the sex had worn us out. We lay there for a good 20 minutes.

I whispered in his ear how much I love him and how much he truly means to me. We kissed, then he climbed off of me and we both got up to get a shower.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    What a way to wake up! The second half in particular got me going 😉 Btw, how do you get that emoji? Like what do you have to type for it if u don't mid my asking? God bless you two, dear

  2. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Very hot story Samantha. Nothing like a " Wake up fuck"! My husband Ben loves morning sex ( his favorite time). He is always so hard and horny. He occasionally has erection problems ( age! ) but it doesn't seem to effect him too much in the mornings. Anyway thanks for posting and stay horny dear.

  3. Love2pleasemyhubby
    Love2pleasemyhubby says:

    Mmmm what a good way to start your day! I am always so horny when I wake up—to the point that sometimes I will call my husband to come home from work and fuck me before I can get up! Weekends are the best bc we get to stay in bed together. We often wake the other with our tongues. I will take my sleeping hubby’s soft dick (or sometimes hard with morning wood) and suck him until he’s ready. I have woken up before with his tongue shoved inside of my pussy. I have even woke up to him already fucking me!! While that does not happen often, it is sooo hot to wake up and your man is humping you with no regard to if you wanted it or not. The best is when he holds my hips down with his weight and cums hard in my pussy before I even get a chance to get turned on….but then he will clean his cum out of my pussy which makes me ready for round 2 🙂 I am so horny typing this and can’t wait to suck on him when he gets home.

  4. thongmom
    thongmom says:

    My husband loves a good morning fuck, too. I’m not necessarily extremely horny in the morning, but my pussy seems to get wet very easily, despite my sometimes contradictory mood. The end result always leaves us both happy however😉. Thanks for sharing!

  5. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Mrs. Thornton, I'm not sure but I expect the author was typing on her smartphone. That would explain her access to the emoji. 😁

  6. tk8990
    tk8990 says:

    I love reading our story baby. Every detail in it just goes to show how much fun we have every time we have sex. Doesn’t help that every morning I’m a turn on being as I sleep in nothing but my underwear. I love you! 😘❤️💕

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