Jack hammer

After our baby was born, my wife and I became devoted to our child.  Never knew how much dedication to a child can take a toll on you.   We were always tired and it was always about the baby.   I was sexually frustrated, as you read some of my previous stories, I am a very horny man.   Always have been. I was being patient with my wife since I knew she didn’t feel comfortable with her body after having a baby.  I suggested her and her friends do a night out soon so she could take her mind of our exhausting routine.

Night out with her friends came.   I was watching her get ready as she walked around the house half naked.  My dick rose instantly.   All this build up needed to be released.  I loved watching her walk back and forth.  Her tits were swinging at a nice rhythm. God I just wanted to take her right there and then. I got up and hugged her from behind pressing my fat rod against her ass and whispered you look beautiful baby.  She turned around and we kissed passionately. Thank you she said.  But I have to go.  Sure enough the doorbell rang and it was 2 of her friends.  My son started to cry and so the moment was over.  Have a good time I said.  Love you she shouted back.

I finally put my son to sleep but he wanted to sleep in our bed.  So I laid him next to me.  We fell asleep and I awoke to my wife getting home around midnight.  She changed into her tshirt and laid down.  Are you awake she whispered? Yea I replied.

We started talking about her night and she ended having a great time with her friends.  Then she said she wanted to talk about something.  “I know that we haven’t had us time in a while but there is never a good time. We are always busy with work and the baby and it’s just tiring at the end of the day.  I don’t like my body so that’s another reason.   I was talking to the girls and they are in the same boat.”  I then replied, ” baby I know.  But we have to at some point.  Its important for our marriage.   “I know”, she replied.   I got up and walked over to her side of the bed.   I leaned down and gave her a kiss.  My pole stiffened and I was ready to beat her pussy up.   Our son was on the bed and so she said we can’t the baby is right here.

I then pulled her arm and whispered, “come on I have an idea”.  She picked up our son and laid him in his crib which is in our bedroom. She then followed me to the living room where I laid her on the couch.  ” Just stop thinking and relax, I said.  I started to caress her legs and slowly up to her cunt.   She was starting to relax.  I began kissing her body slowly up and down.  I turned her over and started licking and kissing her ass cheeks. She loved it.  My dick was pulsating by this time.  I wanted to penatrate her badly.   I got on top of her and started groping and licking her titis.  She was moaning softly.

“I forgot how much I missed this,” she whispered in my ear.   We were both still wearing our underwear while I was rubbing my huge swollen cock against her pussy.  We were kissing like we hadn’t seen each other for years. Fuck me she whispered.

I quickly took her thong off and removed my briefs.  I jammed my huge cock in her pussy and she let out a gasp.   Oh my god, she cried. Keep going, she demanded.  I was thrusting fast but we were both falling of the couch so it became uncomfortable. I stopped.

Dont stop, she said.  I really need you.  I want you to cum inside me. Now, ladies and gentleman, my wife always says something to provoke me into demolishing her pussy.  She admitted to me one time after having sex.  She said it turns her on when I loose control and treat her like an animal.

So guess what? I picked her body up so her back was on the couch and the bottom half of her body was in the air.  I grabbed her like a jack hammer and proceeded to demolish her pussy like you demolish cement.   Her pussy was gushing with juice all over the couch at this point and I was getting ready to blow a load inside her.  Oh my god!!! She shouted and came all over me.  Thank you! She said.

Youre welcome baby, I replied.  But I’m not finished with you, I said.  Then go ahead and finish baby.   Do what you need to do to me, she continued.  Man!  I continued to fuck her like a jackhammer.  Oh shit! I moaned.  I’m fucking cumming!

My dick was having convulsions. It kept squirting out cum even after I pulled it out. I laid in top of her and we proceeded to kiss.  Thank you babe, I told her.  That’s exactly what we needed.  After that we took a shower and went to bed.

At this point we realized how crucial it was for our marriage to be together as one.  We thank god for allowing us to have this moment.  Having a family is important but being intimate with one another is important as well.

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8 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    What a hard erotic fuck professor dude, really enjoyed the story, I loved the raw passion and I love to fuck my wife like that too, hard just thinking about it ! God bless you and you family and please write more !

  2. professor dude says:

    Thanks guys. Daily routines can be exhausting especially when you have a baby. Thankfully, she insists that I rip her slit open about 4 times a week in order to prevent future dry spells. And that is perfectly fine with me 👌🏼

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi again. I got a another question if you don't mind. I noticed you mentioned "dry spells" and preventing them. Did you mean that sex for her a lot will prevent her from being too dry or something? Just curious. God bless

  4. professor dude says:

    Hello Harper! We refer dry spells to days with out sex due to excessive work. There was a time where we were working a lot and forgot about ourselves. But now we make sure we have time for each other.

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