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Terrific Titties

I love my wife’s tits so much. Always have. The first time I touched them was 20 years ago. We had been dating for six months. (We took our physical relationship very slow at first.) We were making out at my future in-laws, and I groped her tits for the first time—outside her bra and […]

Clean Up on Aisle 69 – P&H (L)

“Honey, can you come downstairs? I spilled all over, and I could use a hand,” Holly called up to Pete. Fearing the worst, he quickly came downstairs and noticed right away that all the drapes were shut in the middle of this Saturday. He turned a corner, but then stopped in his tracks. There, standing […]

A Means to an End — P&H (L)

“Oh yes! Right there!” moaned Holly. Pete replied, “This part of your upper back need a massage?” “No you idiot… my G-spot.” Holly was lying flat on her stomach and Pete was straddling her thighs. He was pumping his long hard cock deep into her sloppy wet pussy. Pete was leaning over Holly’s back, his […]

Lovely Lady Lumps (L)

A couple of nights ago, we were making love. She was on top. She stretched forward so that her beautiful breasts could reach my mouth. I love to lick and suck. She loves to have her tits licked and sucked. I blurted out, “Shit, you have the most amazing boobs!” But this memory goes back […]

Exhale in Unison

Our sex life is infrequent these days, usually once a week. She doesn’t really want or desire more than that. I could have sex every day… and actually masturbate almost daily (with her blessing) to calm my sexual “frustrations” (it is a huge help to our marriage). But tonight we laid in bed and she […]

Two New Spices in One Night

Our sex life has had ups and downs, and in this phase of child rearing is a bit more in “survival mode.” I know marriage is a marathon and not a sprint.  So I am looking forward to some years ahead of us where our sex life will heat up to new levels. In fact, […]

Everyday Normal Sex is A – OK

I’m an avid MH reader and commenter but haven’t contributed much writing to the site (this is my 2nd post). One reason is that my sex life seems a bit vanilla compared to other writers.  At the same time, I recognize that most are writing about special standout high-water moments of intimacy because frankly it’s […]

Explosive first kisses

I’ve been a reader at this site from jump street, since it was just weeks old — but this is my first post. I met & started dating my future wife in our mid 20s. I knew right away that this was likely “the one.” I also knew that physical relationships were progressive (very difficult […]