Camping with Best Friends [P&H] (L/F)

“Oh my goodness, I am so thankful you guys have a jumbo size tent,” said Brie.

“We’re especially thankful to be in a DRY tent,” said her husband, Trevor.

Pete and Holly had gone camping with their best friends at a remote part of a scenic state park. It was a rainy night, and with a gust of wind, one of the tent poles ripped a gash in the top of Trevor and Brie’s tent. Some water had collected up top, so about a gallon of water poured into the tent. The rain kept coming in as well. Within 30 seconds, everything was utterly soaked: all their clothes, food, books, pillows. The camping trip was ruined… almost.

The two of them grabbed their sleeping bag-for-two (thankfully still rolled up) and jetted toward the nearest shelter — Pete and Holly’s tent. Trevor said, “The only two w-w-waterproof things were our c-c-cooler, and thankfully, our sleeping bag.”

Holly said, “Oh dear, you guys are soaked to the bone. Brie, honey, your teeth are chattering. Listen. This is a bit awkward, but you guys need to strip out of those wet clothes! I’m serious!”

Brie asked, “Are you suggesting we strip naked?” And Trevor joked, “Are you sure? If you see us naked, you can’t UNSEE that.”

“Come on!” Holly answered, “We can all be adults about this; it’s for health reasons only. Plus there’s no reason to be shy about showing a little skin.”

Trevor teased, “Good point, Holly. It’s not like you’re doing anything to hide your nipples.” Brie punched him in the upper arm. But then she glanced over. Holly looked straight down. Pete and Holly were ready for bed, so she was wearing a semi-transparent white tank top, and the cool air had her nips erect by a full inch. It almost looked like they were trying to rip a hole in the thin fabric.

Holly said, “Well, you’re right about that. I’m not hiding much. Oh well. Here maybe this will help you out.” And with a swift motion, she removed her thin tank top, and her gorgeous breasts came bouncing out. Everyone was gawking at this act of boldness, especially Pete. “There! If I can do it, you can do it. Now get out of those soaking wet clothes!”

Brie with eyes still wide exclaimed, “OK… this is really happening.” With that, she started peeling off her soaked pajamas. Pete was frozen. Trevor took his t-shirt and flannel pants off and added them to the growing pile of wet clothes.

Holly was in instructor mode. “Guys, you don’t have to show off your junk, but you NEED to get out of that underwear. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep in them. I’m not joking.”

Trevor said, “Uhm… I’m not sure about that. I mean, I’m in a tent with two gorgeous topless women. Trust me. I’m not in a good position to take my underwear off.”

Holly replied, “I’m flattered, Trevor. But don’t worry about it. Erections are quite natural, right honey?”

She looked over at Pete. He cleared his throat, “Uhm, right. Totally natural.”

Holly reached under the pillow Pete was holding and rubbed his shorts. “Yep, just as I suspected. Hard as a rock!”

“Can you blame me? First you, then her…”

“Listen,” Trevor interrupted, “if I’m getting full-on naked, we all are. We have to ALL go in. Are we doing this?”

Holly and Brie replied, “Yes.” “Okay.”

They all start peeling off clothes, socks, and underwear – four naked friends. They all decided to embrace the moment and just let it all hang out, unashamed.

Brie broke the ice, “You weren’t kidding. Pete is rock hard!” Pete’s face caught on fire.

Holly replied, “Well, take a look at your husband.” He was sporting a full hard-on, too.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” replied Trevor.

Holly said, “I didn’t think I would be saying this on our little Christian Best Friend camping trip… but, well, Trevor, you have a very nice looking cock! Brie is a lucky lady!”

“You picked a winner yourself,” Brie stated as she glanced again at Pete’s boner.

Instructive Holly returned. “Okay, guys, this is fun and quite sexy. But let’s not let this get out of control. We each have a couples sleeping bag. We’ll all sleep naked. But this isn’t an orgy, so no sex stuff tonight, ok? Pete and I have an extra set of clothes you can wear tomorrow while your things dry out. Now, I think we’ve had enough time ogling our collective body parts. Let’s turn in for the night.”

Brie said, “Yeah, you’re right. We should keep it civilized tonight. Let’s hit the hay.”

“But,” Trevor added, “you gotta admit, we are a sexy set of friends!” Everyone was giggling.

Pete and Holly gave one of their pillows to the other couple. These four naked friends slid into their double sleeping bags and then turned out the lanterns. Each couple cuddled close to share a single pillow.

Time seemed to stand still. Pete and Holly spooned, and his very stiff cock pressed against her ass. Holly reached back and gave it a firm squeeze and whispered, “I’ll take good care of YOU tomorrow.” Pete cupped her naked breasts and squeezed them too.

Twenty minutes passed, but no one could sleep. Then, in the quiet of the night, Pete and Holly heard the familiar sound of exchanged kisses. It’s turned them on, but they lay still except for Pete’s caresses of Holly’s hard nipples. Before long, a muffled whisper from Brie reached their ears.

“No. Babe, no. Mmm. No, we can’t. Ungnghh.”

The kissing turned into heavy breathing. By now, Pete cock rhythmically pressed against Holly’s ass crack.

They heard a muffled moan then a whisper. “Mmm. Okay, yes. Yes. Do it. Do it.” Then an unmistakably loud EXHALE. And “Yesssss.”

“Shhh, keep it quiet.”

No doubt now. Their best friends were fucking just three feet away from them. Should they stop them? …More moaning.

Holly was turned on, but also slightly miffed that her rules weren’t being followed. “Guys… are you sexing?”

“Sorry, Holly. (Unghh) Thought you were asleep,” Brie responded. “We couldn’t (mmmm) stop ourselves. (Uhhh, yeahhh) — Babe, keep doing that. Yes. — You guys should join the fun!”

Pete did not know if Holly would respond favorably, but she did. She spooned back into Pete’s lap. Reaching back, she grabbed his hard shaft and guided it right into her soaking wet snatch and let out a moan of her own.

There followed some shuffling and a short zzzzip. Brie lost all inhibition and began riding Trevor’s dick cowgirl style. It was pretty dark in the tent, but there was no hiding what was going on.

Over her shoulder, Holly told Pete, “Lay on your back.” With that, she unzipped about 3 feet of their sleeping bag and mounted her hubby, her breasts proudly pointing into the air. She also got into a rhythm.

Four naked friends, fucking in a tent. No one saw this adventure coming.

And speaking of coming…

All four of them were now openly moaning and panting, but all dialed in only on their partners. Brie was the first to orgasm – and she wasn’t quiet. The sounds she made almost instantly triggered Pete’s climax. And Holly, feeling the warm cum filling her pussy, blissfully slipped over the edge. Only Trevor was left. Pete and Holly couldn’t see clearly, but the shadowy shapes made it clear that Brie was sucking Trevor’s cock. He erupted with a huge climax, and Brie swallowed every drop of jizz.

They all lay contented. Pete broke the silence: “What the fuck just happened?” All four started laughing. Trevor joked, “Yep. Fuck just happened!” They laughed all the harder.

Then each couple snuggled back into their spooned positions and drifted off to sleep.


Holly started to wake up but didn’t open her eyes. She wondered if this morning would be as fun as last night. She could feel Pete spooning her, his morning wood pressed against her ass.

But this could get weird, she thought, because having a somewhat accidental “friend fuck” in the almost-pitch-dark is not the same as an intentional “friend fuck” in the light of day.

Holly reached down and felt how wet and swollen her pussy had become. She pressed her slick lips against the head of Pete’s cock. Opening her sleepy eyes, she saw… her familiar bedroom walls.

Pete thought it was a little bit odd that, as Holly was taking in his hard cock, she said, “Remember how we wanted to plan a camping trip with Brie and Trevor? Let’s set that up for THIS weekend, okay?!”

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40 replies
    • PacMan says:

      Hard nipples are the best, right?! And I give a nod of inspiration to you, SecondMarge. I wrote this right after reading your first (F) story in late May. An accidental close proximity fuck is maybe my biggest fantasy, so I immediately wrote this tale. Thanks!!

    • SecondMarge says:


      You are so sweet to compliment me. I’m glad you took the format and greatly improved on my attempt. Very sexy story would love to, ah fantasize that.

      I gave it two more tries. They were accepted and in the MH pipeline. I’m not sure they are good enough but I got excited writing them. Thanks for writing.

  1. hornyGG says:

    This was one scorching hot story! Ben and I read together this morning ( I read it aloud). It really turned both of us on and we ended up F***ing. What a great start of the day! Thank you!
    God Bless and Stay Horny my friend!
    😘 GG

    • Mike says:

      Is this supposed to be Christian-based?

      [From MH: Mike, our site is focused on upholding hot Biblical monogamy as the standard for sex because of our faith in God's word. But we believe that open communication between spouses about fantasies can be a healthy part of such God-honoring relationships and so we include them on our site on occasion. For a more in-depth discussion of the matter, see And if such stories offend you, just avoid the ones with an (F) in the title.]

  2. PatientPassion says:

    Very hot! Well written PacMan! Even if it's just in fantasy, I enjoy stories where people learn to become more comfortable with their nudity and sexuality. Nudity is our natural state, sexuality is a core part of our humanity, and that's the way God made us! It's a beautiful thing to see the shame around those things slip away.

    (On a side note, looks like this story needs an (L) tag as well as the (F) it already has.)

    • PacMan says:

      Yes, it’s good to let go of shame. If this was a true story, it would be a marriage builder (not breaker). Let’s celebrate the good, beautiful, and lovely!

  3. Pushbabypushhard says:

    Pacman, wait. This was a fantasy?? I'm both XXXTREMELY horny ( yup, feeling my rock…) and slightly disappointed. Wow… You are an excellent writer.

    • PacMan says:

      Thanks so much for the kind compliment! Yes, I wish it wasn’t “fiction” as well -LOL! I started this “Pete & Holly” series so I could write some fictional erotica, without feeling uninspired if my real sex life was in a more “vanilla” space.

  4. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    So I read this story to my wife. She wasn't turned on before the story, but after I was done reading she was ready to go! Let's just say we had a good time afterwards!

    • PacMan says:

      If I was to pick ONE intended purpose of this post, THIS would be it almost exactly. I take it as the highest compliment! So glad it set the mood for some love making!

  5. Stevie says:

    PacMan, what a HOT story!!
    I was hoping for the morning sex to happen. Lol Wow I so enjoyed you sharing this. Absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait to read more!! Yup definitely a turn on.

  6. Flying Hubby says:

    Oh hot hot hot. The accidental glimpse or sound is the best. Was totally wondering how the morning was going to turn out. Love the morning snuggles. Awesome job writing; you are amazing at it.

  7. WifeOnHeat says:

    Very very hot. My husband and I have a similar fantasy. We have overhead our friends fucking in the room next to hours. I'm so wet and horny right now. Sending this to my hubby and hoping he comes home early.

    • SecondMarge says:

      So are we saying it’s ok to accidentally see or hear others having sex, but if it’s planned it’s wrong?

      I just want to keep up with current rules.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      For stories of actual encounters, per the guidelines:

      "Another related issue is that of enjoying the knowledge of another person’s or couple’s sexual activity. We don’t publish stories about planned encounters of this nature. But hearing the people in the next hotel room or seeing a couple in the camping space beside yours and being inspired by their example to seek or fantasize about your own marriage heat would probably be acceptable."

      This story was also presented as a dream (fantasy), so those guidelines also apply.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thanks. Wanted to make sure.

      Does that go for comments too? Can we mention a planned event that is coming up?

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Guidelines, as a general rule, do apply to comments as well. We have, at our discretion, made exceptions on advice posts when we felt they contributed to the discussion of the original question or point.

    • PacMan says:

      I get turned on by thinking about overseeing and overhearing… can you tell me the post where you shared more?

    • SecondMarge says:

      Yes me too. Love stories about Watching/hearing other couples.

      I am happy this story was bumped back to life. Sexy and humorous.

  8. BillAnthony says:

    SecondMarge, I too love stories about watching/hearing other couples! I also don’t understand how planned sessions (with both couples maintaining their monogamous relationships) are wrong while “accidental” sessions are okay. Would love to hear about some of your monogamous experiences that you and your late husband enjoyed with others!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thank you BillAnthony.

      Beliefs are rarely based on logic and having sex where someone who may not approve seeing you as opposed to those that have agreed want to certainly does not seem logical to me. I am not saying the risk of being discovered may not add to the thrill for some couples. Just saying it’s illogical to disapprove of one while approving the other.

      As far as our actual experiences, I don’t believe MH would allow me to discuss them as in the past when my comments revolved around the topic they were not published.

      I will say that seeing/hearing others have sex in person or on a recording just makes you want your spouse more. It does not make you want the person/people you watch/hear. At least in my opinion. Then again, I believe your marriage has to be strong with good communication to explore some fantasies. I also know that historically couples had sex in the same one-room house they shared, so seeing others being wrong is a rather recent concept, not one God ever declared as forbidden.

  9. IndyDad says:

    SecondMarge knows her history. Look at the American pioneers out West in the 1800's – they had LOTS of kids, so they must have had a lot of sex. And sometimes couples and familied lived together under one roof. I sometimes think of "Little House on the Prairie" and how the parents had to have sex with thier children sleeping nearby.

    • SecondMarge says:

      The way I understand it, most of the restrictions against sex have nothing to do with God or the Bible. They came from celibate priests and monks that lived centuries after Jesus. Many even taught that Adam and Eve fell from grace because the apple gave them knowledge of sex. That is why sex and nudity are evil. Most of those monks and priests either disliked women or felt they were the property of men.

    • PacMan says:

      Or native Americans, who often had 2 couples and several kids sharing one teepee! And no shortage of pregnancies!!

  10. hotleggyamy says:

    I think it's lovely when something like this happens. Bodies are beautiful and just because you admire another person's body of either sex doesn't mean you lust after it. I mean, as a girl, a gorgeous hard cock is a gorgeous hard cock! It might (well, it probably does 😉 ) make me wet to look at it, but it doesn't mean I want to suck it or fuck it. I have my own (husband's) cock for that. LOL And I get really turned on by beautiful girls, too. I have sexy mosquito bite titties that I love to tease with because I never need to wear a bra. But a girl with a handful–mmmmmm!
    Now I'm all hot and bothered … gotta date with the vibrator for now because Matt is going to be late tonight. But I'm pretty sure he can be coaxed into something a little more personal. 😉 Licks and kisses!

    • PacMan says:

      I totally agree… admiring does not equal lusting. And I’m thrilled that you pulled out your vibrator. It’s wonderful to celebrate arousal and orgasms! Go for it! The sexiest part of your body is your attitude. A guy with a 5” cock and is sexually confident is probably (I’m guessing) more sexy overall than the 7” cock guy who is too selfish or is a sexual prude. Same for boobs and butts too. And sounds like YOUR attitude is 🔥🔥🔥… so embrace it!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Well said HotLeggyAmy. Being turned on seeing a naked woman, or even watching her masturbate live or recorded does not make me a lesbian. Nor does seeing a man’s cock hard—live or memorex—even if it’s in use, does not make me an adulterer. These are simply natural reactions that someone a long time ago decided were wrong to enjoy. I am so pleased that I have matured and learned from life experiences to the point and can allow myself to enjoy being a voyeur and even now an exhibitionist. Although the old ways still haunt me about the later.
      Enjoying these things is in our DNA, and if we believe God made us, he put it there. Would he put it there just to tempt us? I think not. But he does expect us to participate in these activities in a manner no one is harmed.
      I think small tits are very sexy. Not that I mind having handfuls. My husband helped me accept my body and all women’s bodies as sexy regardless of boob size.
      And yes, PacMan, cocks are sexy whether 5 inches or 7. Watching or making them get hard is a very big turn on especially growers.

  11. Penny4URthoughts says:

    We did a cross country automobile trip with friends. Staying in one room to save money. We were young and still horny so we knew we couldn't go that long without sex. We discussed rules about being discrete, changing and sleeping. But by the third night were changing in plain view and by the end of the two weeks, we were having sex without the sheets covering us. At first, it was sexy to watch them. But it distracted too much and by the last night, we hardly noticed and concentrated on our own mates. I did notice her breasts were firmer than mine and hardly moved as she rode his impressive cock. None of us ever thought any of it was wrong in any way. We, as PacMan said, were not lusting for the other couple. Maybe for some of her sexy outfits.

    • PacMan says:

      That’s hilarious… lusting after her outfits. But the story of same room sex is amazing, Penny…. gave me serious wood 🍆🍆 reading your adventures. And a beautiful expression of marital and friendship bonds!! 💟💟

  12. Ben G. says:

    Brother, this was a very hot story! My wife Gina read this story to me a few nights ago as you know. Of course, I had to fuck her afterward. Re-reading it myself this morning and once again it made me hard. I didn't get to fuck her beautiful pussy this time, as she left to get her Salon's ready to open again. But I did jack off for a strong release. Thank you for sharing, brother, and God bless.

    • PacMan says:

      Fanning the flames of love-making PLUS inspiring a solo jacking session… that is the highest compliment a writer could receive. Thank you for sharing. My cock is hard and throbbing too… so time to go find some sweet relief!

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