Two New Spices in One Night

Our sex life has had ups and downs, and in this phase of child rearing is a bit more in “survival mode.” I know marriage is a marathon and not a sprint.  So I am looking forward to some years ahead of us where our sex life will heat up to new levels. In fact, there is quite a long list of things that we’ve never done yet (like 69 to completion, shower sex, and dozens of other items).

We had some amazing sex last night with TWO first time occurrences in one night. It started awkward and cold, like “obligation sex.” Wifey asked me to be more aggressive, so I started ravaging her by licking her nipples (which became hard quickly) and yanked her panties off to use my fingers on her pussy. I then humped her pussy with my hard cock still inside my boxer briefs. Our first new moment came when I took my underwear off and wiggled up her body to place my dick on her chin.

She asked, “Do you want me to suck your dick?”


She had never taken my dick in her mouth from this position before. She was laying under me, and I  hovered over her. It was fun to thrust lightly inside her mouth, and her tongue action on my penis head was especially delightful. Beginning to feel climactic, I pulled away so we could do something else together. She seemed sad that I wasn’t going to cum in her mouth (which was damn sexy)!

I went back to fingering her pussy, and she was extremely wet (more sexiness). While keeping two fingers in her hole, I lifted a different finger to play with her ass hole. I do that often because I love giving ass play—even more than she loves receiving it. But today she was totally into it! Almost felt like she was butt humping my finger. So hot!

She then lay on her stomach and asked me to mount her from behind (like doggy, but lying flat). I lathered up my dick in oil and noticed this sexiness had made me extra hard tonight.

My dick dipped into her butt crack, and wifey let out an audible moan from the skin-to-skin contact. I eased my erection down lower and started humping her back hole. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Wifey only likes it sometimes but seemed to enjoy it more tonight. She has a no rear entry policy, but I remind her that I’m just waiting for her green light.

Tonight she did not explicitly give me a green light, but I could tell that she was enjoying the sensations, and so I decided to press my luck a bit.  My dick stayed rock hard as I continued to hump her hole, occasionally putting more and more pressure and gusto into it. Eventually, some small amount of entry into her ass did happen. It was feeling so damn good, and this was off the charts sexy.

Eventually, she did start to hesitate about that and wanted more attention on her vagina. I said, “I can make that happen, but this feels so good I don’t think I can leave.”

She accepted ass play and began to enjoy it more. My penis was no more than 1.5 inches inside her back hole, but the tight squeezing action on my cock head was heavenly.

Without much warning, my wife gave in to a crashing orgasm. I could feel the exquisite pulsing of her anal muscles during this climax. I began humping with a bit more force, and she continued to receive me and hump her ass back towards me. I have humped her ass and jizzed on her ass hole dozens of times in the past. Tonight, for the first time in our marriage and with just the head of my penis inside of her, I was able to unload my cum *inside* her ass. Holy s***! That was awesome! I felt loved and accepted in a deeper way last night. It was so hot I even had to have more solo time this morning as I relived the experience!

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    PacMan, this was hot. I don't know how many years ago – many – we started to periodically have some limited as play. It would begin when I would be giving her a back massage with both of us naked. I would be kind of sitting on the top of her thighs with her face down. When I would reach up to rub her shoulders – my cock would naturally be in between her ass cheeks like a hot dog in a bun. I remember asking her if she like that feeling? She did. I don't know how much longer – time wise – but we got to a place where I would be kissing her all over her body – head to toe – for a long time. Maybe 10 minutes starting at her toes. I would kiss her everywhere and suck. I remember the day when I was kissing her ass cheeks thoroughly. Then, proceeded to start licking her ass crack from the top. Then, saying I wanted to fuck her ass hole with my tongue. She responded inaudibly by totally opening her cheeks and ass hole for me. I dove in (she is always spotlessly clean!). That was perhaps 18-20 years ago. My wife and I have enjoyed that same scenario over and over. Every time is seemingly new and exciting. I love the smell of her butt! I like her clean – but I don't even mind if she isn't even perfectly clean. I have come to love the smell of all of her juices, etc. They are "home" to me.

    Fast-forward to the present. In light of your recent experience. My wife has gone from enjoying ass play to craving it. She loves to lay and top of me and have me suck her tits – while at the same time putting the tip of my cock right at her back door! She reaches back to guide it right to the spot – then grinds against it. We call it fucking – but it rarely penetrates any further than the head. The degree of hornyness from us both in this regard continues to grow exponentially. Sucking her tits now means cock at the ass hole. The two go together for us. She often cums like that. I have to tell her to "go ahead"! Her pussy is so slippery wet as she grinds against my abdomen as she writhes while cumming. It is so hot! The pulsating of her ass hole at that moment almost puts me over the edge too. Yet, I usually fuck her doggy right after she cums.

    I say all of this to point out that we have had this experience starting about 10 years into our marriage. We are 30 years married now – almost 31. Yet, I think both of us feel the newness of the excitement of ass play is like we just started it. It is an amazing thing! As I write, I can't wait for the next time! By the way, when I came home yesterday – my wife was working on a project with no bra on – just a tank top. Two kids were in the back bedrooms. But, I kept calling her over to me and I would lift up the tank top and suck her tits. I loved watching her nipples stay hard for about 10 minutes – until the next sucking!

    Hey, young marrieds! It doesn't have to get old ever!! Are you listening? Like PacMan said – we all have our ups and downs. But, in Christian marriage – with a commitment to hot monogamy – the ups far outnumber the downs! I think my comments here are probably the most scatterbrained I've ever been on MH! But, I hope someone is encouraged. Thanks again PacMan for spurring on hot thoughts. God bless you and your wife. LH

    • NewBride says:

      I definitely was inspired by your comments, LovingHusband. And to PacMan… that was hot!! Definitely got my hand in my panties!

    • PacMan says:

      Yes! Thank you both to LH for the amazing words. I really appreciate you sharing these details — and the timeline is helpful too. I hope one day my wife craves anal play like that. And NewBride, that's the highest compliment available! Thank you! I had to take matters into my own hands as I re-read and mentally re-lived this post! Thanks for taking the time to respond — it's very encouraging!

    • Gracie says:

      This was very inspiring PacMan! I've always been hesitant about anal play, however both your story and LH story have got me wanting to try this with my husband very soon. So LH keep those scatterbrained comments coming because they're very inspiring…lol.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Thank you Gracie for the kind words. I just want to add that I would never do anything with my wife that would be so invasive that it would cause her pain or injury. We enjoy very limited penetration at this point – and it is still so HOT! We both are turned on the the feeling and sensation of anal play. If you would – write about your experience in some future post. I hope you both enjoy the oneness in the back garden, too. 🙂 God bless you both, LH

    • Giants05 says:

      Mmm, this is hot, Lovinghusband. Great idea having wife on top, sucking her tits and some anal play at same time.

  2. HornyHubby says:

    Very hot story! Made me want to try that with my wife sometime. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to do this in a way that doesn't make her feel uncomfortable? We have engage in some limited anal play. (Just my finger brushing that area.) She has enjoyed that sometimes when she is in the right mood for it. But when I have tried to penetrate she claims it is uncomfortable, not sexy. She says it makes her feel like she feels when she is having a bowel movement. (Sorry but no other way to say it.) So how can we play with that area in way that makes it feel sexy not uncomfortable? (We've never tried what you did in your post: me rubbing that area with my cock. And I'm curious if that makes a difference.) But what suggestions do you have to make it sexy instead of uncomfortable?

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Hi HornyHubby,

      I recommend that you play more in and around that area – with finger and tongue (clean of course). Kiss around the cheeks for a while – interspersing sucking on them – while edging slowly toward her crack. Then lick the top portion of slit of her crack – staying there – while alternating kissing her cheeks. Then, back to the crack – but edging closer to her ass hole. With my wife – in the earliest days of this – it created a yearning for me to touch it! Then, I started swirling my tongue in circles around her ass hole. This made her buck – wanting more – which led to me plunging my tongue gently in! Then, I felt the absolute power of her muscle down there – she was so enjoying it. Me too!

      We have over the years created some variations to this kind of scenario. Butt, she has grown to crave limited penetration there. I say limited meaning specifically this: my tongue, a finger (preferably smaller tips at first), and just the head or tip of my cock). I have made my wife feel extremely safe – she knows that I won't go further than she is comfortable with. She trusts me implicitly in this! So, our great trust in anal play is a symbol of our overall trusting bond. We are safe – but it feels so on the edge in a wonderful way. Her orgasms from this kind of play are huge turn one! The power of a pulsating ass – coupled with her pussy going off in my hand – just about sends me into orbit. Just my 2 cents about our experience. I don't claim to be an expert for others unique make ups. God bless you as you both love each other in wonderful ways! LH

    • PacMan says:

      Thanks for the kind words! My best advice is to always play within HER comfort zone. It might take years or even decades before she starts "craving" it like LH's wife. My suggestion on the best way to start is to have (what I call) "hot dog bun sex." Have your wife lay flat on her stomach with legs closed. Get your dick oiled and slippery, and ease it into her butt crack. Don't try to position your cock for penetration. Just lay flat and grind up and down her crack. Most of the action will take place above her anus, so she won't feel as defensive. Moan and enjoy and let her know. Maybe invite her to reach under herself to touch her clit. And then — here's the key — cum! Gloriously! Enjoyably! Cum right on her ass crack. The hope is that it will likely be a turn-on for her. It lets her know that her ass is a powerful tool for arousal and even climax. It might help her make some slight adjustments mentally about what her ass can be used for. The more she opens up to this idea, the more she might discover enjoyment when her anus is rubbed, licked, or penetrated.

    • Juicy says:

      LH and PacMan,
      Your advice on how to begin sounds exciting! I may have to show hubby this! I am open to limited play because I know it is a great turn on for him and I am willing to see what kind of sensations it might bring me!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      PacMan – Your suggestion is exactly the first thing we ever did in this regard. I would be on her back with my head by her feet – with my cock in her butt crack. She would grind back into me. But the point – that predated what I mentioned above. Thank you!! LH

  3. CMLove says:

    Loved this post, Pac Man! Thanks for sharing! Its always so encouraging to see married sex being so hot and fun! My hubby and I enjoy "ass play" immensely! I'm glad we're not the only ones! 😉

  4. CMLove says:

    Lovinghusband, your encouragement and advice is always so appreciated! Thank you for the comments! Looking forward to another story from you and your wife!

  5. Giants05 says:

    PacMan: super hot stories. We have had our share of dry spells as well, but it's all about spicing it up. MH def is encouraging us to add spice more and more every day. We just started w/ anal play, and we both love it.

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