Clean Up on Aisle 69 – P&H (L)

“Honey, can you come downstairs? I spilled all over, and I could use a hand,” Holly called up to Pete. Fearing the worst, he quickly came downstairs and noticed right away that all the drapes were shut in the middle of this Saturday.

He turned a corner, but then stopped in his tracks. There, standing before him, was his wife… buck naked… with ample amounts of chocolate sauce smeared all over her creamy white skin. With a pouty face, Holly said, “I’m sorry to bother you, sweetie. Do you mind helping me clean up?”

Pete started to peel off his clothes, saying, “I better get my work attire on. This looks like a messy job.”

Pete approached Holly and began to lick the first spot of chocolate, just under the front of her neck. She moaned with delight and ran her fingers through his hair.  Pete’s chocolate-glazed lips raised to Holly’s face as they began a deep, delicious kiss with tongues dancing a passionate waltz.

Holly pulled Pete against her body and his flaccid, but growing cock pressed firmly against her bald labia. “Excuse me; I have a job to do here,” interrupted Pete. He peeled his syrupy body apart from his wife’s and began to bathe the top of her chest with long strokes of his tongue. Then he moved to her chocolate-smeared breasts and began to lick her delicious tits and growing, erect nipples. Holly let out an “Ohhhh, Fuuuuuuuuck!”

Pete came up for air, smiled, and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?” Holly grabbed his now longer and more semi-erect dick with her chocolatey hand and said, “I am! More than you know! But be careful you don’t get yourself too messy.”

Holly lay on her back on the leather sofa while Pete knelt next to her and continued licking chocolate off of her stomach, thighs, tits, and pubic mound. She started moaning out loud and humping the air. Pete took the clue; his tongue found the delicious (and juicy) folds of Holly’s pussy. She grabbed his head and said, “Yes, oh yes!”

He continued rapidly licking her clit and reached up to pinch her left nipple. Holly started caressing her right breast. “Don’t stop!”

Her moaning got louder and quicker. “Oh yes! I’m so close! Here it comes! Make me cum hard! Fuuuuuuuuck!” A wave of flowing green and blue colors swirled in her head as the crash of orgasmic intensity made her whole body shake.

After she caught her breath, Pete stood up with his cock at full attention. Holly said, “I need to clean you off, you sexy beast,” so he stepped closer to her face. Still on her back, she seized and inserted his erection into her mouth. The deliciousness of tasting his dick head with a few splashes of chocolate mixed in overwhelmed her, so much so that she reached down to start playing with her pussy again.

The sight turned Pete on to the extreme. He started thrusting his dick lightly in and out of her mouth, knowing he wouldn’t last long.

Holly took his dick out of her mouth and started stroking him with her hands. The lube on them from her pussy mixed with her saliva, so his dick was slippery and smooth. She was holding his penis right near her mouth and nose.

“Keep going,” Pete urged Holly. I’m so close!”

She said, “Come on, baby. I need your vanilla spray to go with my chocolate! Give it to me. Cum for me. Cum on my face! Do it! Cum on my face, baby!”

Pete had given Holly a facial only once before, and it was sexy, but more of a blowjob misfire than something planned. For the first time, Holly had asked for it. And yes… that did the trick.

Pete grunted. Creamy white cum started rhythmically bursting from his hard dick. Holly was moving it around letting it shoot all over her face, even a little in her hair.

Holly took a finger swipe of cum off her cheek and said, “I’ll take care of this cleanup.” She slowly sucked and savored the sensuous semen, saying “Mmmmm.”

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11 replies
  1. PatientPassion says:

    What a hot story, I just wish it didn't end so soon!

    I look forward to having any reason whatsoever to lick all over my future wife's body, and chocolate is one of the best reasons I can think of!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Agree. Nothing hotter than when my wife looks me in the eyes and begs for my cum all over her tongue and face…and then loves the mess.

    • PacMan says:

      Thank for the kind words! I’m with you…. a cum-hungry wife makes we want to explode even more!! 🔥🔥

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