🔊 A Special Car Ride

One day while driving around town, I saw a young man and a woman sitting in the car in front of me. Then the woman’s head went down, and stayed down for a long while. I knew what she was doing while down there. It made me a little horny to think of what was going on. I would have never done it on a busy street with cars all around in rush-hour traffic like they did. But that’s what they did.

I recall stroking my dick through my pants watching them. It was then that I wished my wife would do that to me. I would often fantasize about it happening. But I knew it was a lost cause. She had never wanted to give me any blow jobs since our marriage. But, 29 years later, that changed.

What happened is hard to describe without giving away personal information, so I’ll just say this much. She ended up cheating on me around seven months before our 29th anniversary. We struggled through it, seeing a therapist. We both knew that if we couldn’t work it out, our marriage was not going to continue. In the end, to make a very long story short, we are now almost eight years from the day I discovered the cheating. Our relationship has become stronger and more intimate.

One of the ways it became more intimate was that for the first time since our marriage, she started giving me blow jobs. This was a dream come true! I finally got to watch it too. It was awesome sauce! At one point, she initiated oral sex in the car. Something I never thought would happen, happened. It went something like this (with some embellishment for parts I don’t recall exactly).

It was during a 45-minute drive back from a Saturday evening church service. The drive was through mostly open country. My wife reached over and started massaging my dick through my pants. I felt the first excited build-up of energy in my groin. My member responded accordingly, growing by leaps and bounds.

She said, “Oh, you're getting big!”

I smiled and nodded. “It does that when you squeeze it.” As if she didn’t already know that.

Then her eyes sparkled, and I knew she had something on her mind. She massaged it more vigorously, and it got harder in response. It felt like my penis was in a cramped prison cell. So I freed it from the confines of my shorts and my dick popped up, looking for action. And that’s what it got: action!

She bowed down into my lap and started flicking her tongue over the sensitive area right under my hood. Shivers ran through my spine as my throbbing cock grew even harder. A shot of orgasmic energy ran from my groin and echoed over my body.

“Oh, now that feels great,” I said.

Thankfully, she was on a mission: to make me cum hard. And I loved it!

She sank my cock into her wet mouth, and I let out a moan. Sensations of glory vibrated over my body all the way to my toes. She went down and back up, down and back up, over and over. The sensation of a growing climax was building and building.

Just then a car passed us. I glanced at it to see if anyone might see us. Nope, they were in their own world. I returned to mine.

She wiggled her tongue and sucked my dick hard. I could feel the building of an orgasm as if it were water about to break over a dam. It rose until I didn’t think I could stand it. I had to cum! Wave after bigger wave of sheer glory spilled over me as she continued to pump me up and over.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Then I felt my PC muscles contract. My love cream shot up through the shaft, and emptied into her mouth as I groaned loudly in ecstasy. Wave after wave of cum shot through me, pouring into her loving mouth.

Soon, my pulsing dick pulsed no longer. She sucked up every drop as she worked her way up my softening member, and licked the tip on her way out. My satisfied penis sat there, emanating contentment in the after-buzz of the orgasm.

My wife has never cared for the taste of cum, though she did swallow once or twice since she started doing blow jobs. That was more out of curiosity than anything. So she held it in her mouth until she could deposit it somewhere “safe.”

I would have preferred she swallow it, but you’ll never hear me complain. Once my blow jobs were lost, and now they are found! I was ready to kill the fatted calf and make merry with my beloved once again.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Hot story MaxLoving ! My husband Ben naturally loves for me to suck his dick and I absolutely love doing it. I also enjoy the taste of his creamy cum and generally swallow. Although there are times that I enjoy letting him cum on my face or tits. Sometimes when we are masturbating together he will tell me when he is about to cum and I will let him finish in my mouth. Haven't given him a blowjob while he is driving, however; scared of the possibility of a wreck (distracted driving). I could imagine trying to explain to the police officer what happened 😉😀. Thanks for sharing and Stay Horny! God bless.
    😘 GG

  2. ConstantLover says:

    Happy to read that you and your wife are healed.
    I suggest you try kissing your wife after you cum in her mouth. Try a little French kissing and share your load. The slang term is snowballing. Maybe that will help her enjoy it more.

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