Lovely Lady Lumps (L)

A couple of nights ago, we were making love. She was on top. She stretched forward so that her beautiful breasts could reach my mouth. I love to lick and suck. She loves to have her tits licked and sucked. I blurted out, “Shit, you have the most amazing boobs!”

But this memory goes back to a couple of months before. For context, I am high drive and she is low. PIV sex still happens, but it’s generally uncomfortable for her. (Yes, there is likely a medical issue there, but we haven’t had a chance to get it checked.) So our favorite sex position over the last couple of years has been…masturbation. Specifically, mutual masturbation.

It’s actually quite a wonderful experience. I know some men only dream to do this as a couple, so I’m very blessed and quite happy. We generally lay side-by-side. I use my right hand. Sometimes she uses her hands. At other times – usually – a vibrator. And thanks to my wife’s ability to edge, the majority of the time we end up cumming simultaneously. That is so delightful and intimate.

On this particular occasion, we were both jerking off together. But I needed something a bit extra. I suggested she try something we had never done before.

I asked wifey to get on all fours, somewhat perpendicular to my body. Then I asked her to position her tits right over my face as she continued to hold a vibrator on her clit. Her aroused and erect nipples easily slipped into my mouth. I sucked and licked with delight.

The sight was even more delicious than the taste. Those two gorgeous B-cup mounds that fed our babies. Two amazing nipples that would make most Hollywood actresses jealous. There they were, swinging inches in front of my eyes, grazing over my lips and tongue. I rejoice with gratitude for these two amazing gifts!

I thought back to the first time I saw them. We were dating… yes I know that crosses the line for some. But we were okay with some physical relationship. We had committed to being virgins on our wedding night (which we are grateful did happen). We had been dating many months and were actually not far away from engagement.

We were making out on the floor. Our clothes were on, but her shirt was lifted higher than her boobs. Her tits were in the open air, but I actually didn’t look. At least not right away. We were too busy kissing. I could tell my passions were at a boiling point.

Finally I asked, “Can I look at them?” Her first response was “Are you sure? Is that okay?” We knew our physical relationship was growing, but we were taking steps forward with caution.

I think my response was, “I really want to, but I’ll respect whatever you want.”

She finally said OK. She kept her shirt on, but it was lifted over her lovely lady lumps. I said, “They’re beautiful.”

Her body was pressed against mine. I could feel my cock growing harder. I was looking at my future wife’s tits and hard nipples for the first time. All of a sudden, I felt that feeling surge in my loins. I flew over the cliff almost without warning. Suddenly, I was cumming inside my pants. Oh my. It could have been embarrassing, but my future wife took it as a big compliment!

Now here we are 18 years later. I find her titties even more beautiful and delectable than when she was in her mid-20s! And now, those lovely nipples are popping in and out of my mouth as she keeps buzzing her clit.

Her breathing is heavy and she’s liking this new position. Me too. I continue to stroke, but I know I can’t last long. I open my eyes for another look at her beautiful boobs as I let my orgasm take over. I start squirting cum onto my stomach, and my climax triggers my wife’s own orgasm. I go back to licking her nipples as she cums hard.

It might be the most beautiful sight I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

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  1. Dale3 says:

    Wow, great story !! Good for you guys…but not to be a drag, get that discomfort from PIV checked out ! Take it from me, you'll be glad you did !!! God has his ways of warning us to take care of ourselves, and those we love !! Don't ignore the signs !!!

    • PacMan says:

      Just last week my wife did this ‘all fours’ position again as we jack and killed off. It was delightful! I’m glad this post inspired your own alone time! 😋

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