Tried Anal ’til We Won (A)

Initially, my beloved wife was very reluctant to explore anal pleasure. She felt it was not the way to go. Especially since our oral and vaginal sex are so much fun.

We struck a deal. She, being a nursing sister, volunteered to approach her colleagues. She wanted to get a perception of how many had tried it. Quite surprisingly, more than 70% enjoyed it! That set the ball rolling.

Some of her friends were willing to offer advice about how to start off. They gave her an idea of what to expect and how to assert self-control. Before long she was ready to take the plunge.

First, we tried general baby oil. After I had massaged her passage well, she went on all fours. I straddled her from the back. My size proved to be a problem, though. As I began to penetrate, she cried out in pain. She dropped flat on her stomach with my cock a quarter way in. I immediately ejaculated. That left us both feeling frustrated. We hadn’t even had a chance to get going properly.

The next night we tried a different position of my sweet wife offering herself sideways. I pressed forward even more slowly this time, and she adjusted well. But once again, the tight squeeze caused me to ejaculate very quickly.

We carried on experimenting over the next few days. We tried every position we could think of but had no success at deeper penetration.

We finally decided to try using a toy to lessen the squeeze a little. At first, we used a buttplug in a size that just fit. We made sure to lube it well. Next time, we tried a slightly larger one. She used that for a week.

Soon, she perceived that things were starting to relax more easily down there. She then tried a bigger size, lubing it frequently.

Finally, the day came. She got me and herself well lubricated. Then she laid face down on the bed with her knees on the floor. She spread open her cheeks for me. My cock slipped right in. Never had I felt such intense pleasure!

Apparently, the same held true for her. This time her cries were for more! When I ejaculated, it felt as if it would never stop. We both collapsed.

Now anal sex has become fairly common for us. There’s only one drawback. She’s mentioned semen sometimes leaks during the day if it all hasn’t been released or absorbed.

I’m so blessed that she was willing to give this a try and work so hard to make it happen. It’s just one of the many ways she loves me.


[PSA: MH does not recommend the use of petroleum-based products like mineral/baby oil as personal lubricants. Natural oils like olive and coconut or commercially available products for the purpose are a much better choice.]

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12 replies
    • snagd says:

      Initially as we were not well into it, we did it without a condom. If now we want to do it we always use a condom

  1. PacMan says:

    My wife has only recently opened up to some anal play. We also have only done the 1/5 to 1/4 way in and then I ejaculate. The nice thing is that she usually orgasms at that time too. So she’s enjoying this small bit. She’s not quite ready yet, but I’m excited for full penetration… one day.

  2. snagd says:

    I am the woman in question. I read the piece my husband wrote about the episode of us having anal sex. To me it was pleasurable but it took many tries even more than what he's written about. My advise would be :
    Always use a condom.
    Prevent pussy to ass to mouth penetration.
    Use specially designed lube.
    Be gentle and never let your guy force it in; you may have complications.
    Finally, cleanliness and limitations. Be very clean and have only anal intercourse when there's a very strong desire for it.

    (If no condom is used try to not let him ejaculate inside. Rather let him retract it completely and ejaculate on any place that won't enter your body, thereafter wash yourself throughly at your earliest opportunity.)

    • snagd says:

      My wife did admit later as we tried it a few times, that it’s causing her anal area to be very itchy. We both decided to lay off for a while and not make it a routine. It now only transpire mostly on her request, on some occasions but she always tell me she’s well prepared before I go ahead

  3. LuvMyMan says:

    I am new here. Thanks for posting. My husband & I have been married for 17 years, recently he has been paying more attention to my ass hole while making love to me, which I do enjoy. I have been getting more kinky but still want to be honoring to the Lord with our marriage & satisfy my husband desires. This site has been very informative. Thanks MarriageHeat.

    Last week my husband & I were enjoying each other & his head was playing with my hole but he tried to slide in a little & I cried out in pain, he quickly pulled out & apologized. I don't want him to feel bad because I want it also. It was painful to use the restroom for 2 days afterwards. I do want to try again but now I am trying to educate myself. Looking forward to trying a butt plug first & slowly move up. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

      That is awesome that you are open minded in your marriage that you trying not to deny him or yourself. I would love to experience thos as well. Keep educating yourself. Remember lots of lube and stretching first and the butt plug may help as well along with a very horny mind.

  4. Realman says:

    Coconut oil. Finger her anus during vaginal penetration. Increase it to 2 fingers. Lube her ass well. We find it works best when I relax my member so I'm not rock hard, and we always communicate so we know today is a good day for anal. If I enter from behind, I sometimes push down on my penis so her anus is stretched towards her vagina until there's enough room. I apply constant moderate pressure, then back off to help her relax until she takes a breath. Pussy play with my fingers reminds her this feels good, and more constant moderate pressure until I'm all in. Another breath, and we're good to go…slowly and firmly. Enjoy and wash well!

  5. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Last night, all Lauren wanted was for me to fuck her ass. She said as much. It is funny but sometimes she gets into these moods where she wants anal over everything else. So that's what we did last night. I have come to really enjoy it mostly because she gets off on it. A LOT of women enjoy anal sex but few will talk about it.

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