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Garden Sex (L)

My wife was doing some planting and maintenance in the garden. When I arrived home from work, she looked up for a kiss. She sat on her haunches, exposing a big brown patch of bush between her widened legs which caught my attention as I bent down to press my lips to hers. I flushed […]

Against the Wall and Under the Table (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L). This story includes anal penetration (A). You can read more about annotations here. We’ve tried many sex positions and some of them are our own invention. I came home to find my wife scantily dressed with no panties, and she had just returned from shopping. “What, did you go […]

A Semen Meal

I felt very horny the whole day. Sometimes it reaches a proportion that I could feel my cock wanting to explode. The one thing I don’t do at work is masturbate. I’d rather phone my wife and say “Bjlove, I have a very hard one today.” “What do you feel in the mood for, so […]

🔊 69 Sex

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist We love sex. We love the gratification we feel afterwards. We love the ability to embrace one another and just fondle the night (mostly) away. Many people talk about doing the 69 position. So do we. Most people, however, use it only as a stimulation for other things to come. My […]

Wife Masturbating

Today I came home to find my wife lying flat on her back with her legs lifted. Her dress was almost covering her bottom. I came closer, but she didn’t even realize I was watching her. With her eyes closed, she let out a sexual moan, shaking her head left and right. Between her legs, […]

🔊 Shower Sex (L)

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Many times we use the shower cubicle to relieve our sexual build-up. It’s not that we don’t like having sex on a couch or bed or even the floor. It’s just somehow more exciting in the shower stall. My wife had just gotten in the shower when I undressed and joined […]

She Desired It (L/A)

We have sex regularly, be it vaginal, oral, or anal. Anal is fun, but we restrict ourselves because we feel it might carry a risk. So, we usually leave it for times we feel that deep penetration is required for orgasm. Sometimes, she just wants her backdoor pounded and she enjoys the thrusting. Lately, however, […]

🔊 In the Back Seat (L)

We had been married for a couple of months and had experimented with oral sex. We were really hot for each other’s bodies! We were out for a drive one night and had stopped at a scenic overlook spot. As we chatted, my wife’s hand went into mine. She started saying how nice it would […]

Joy Ride

My work often takes me on the road. Now and again, my wife joins me and the trip will become a real joy ride. One such journey was a long distance drive. We’d be driving from early morning until evening approached. Midway through the journey, my wife uttered in a husky voice, “I feel like […]

🔊 Thanks for Reminding Me! (L)

This story contains strong language (L) You can read more about annotations here. I have so many stories to tell about our sexual episodes! Each time I read MH, it brings to mind various escapades that my wife and I have enjoyed together. I remember when we were still living in a hired flat. The […]