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I have so many stories to tell about our sexual episodes! Each time I read MH, it brings to mind various escapades that my wife and I have enjoyed together.

I remember when we were still living in a hired flat. The downstairs had the lounge, dining and kitchen area. Climbing up the carpeted stairs (about 20 of them), you would come to a landing with the bathroom and three bedrooms.

One day we were sitting downstairs in the lounge watching TV. After a particularly steamy love scene on the box, my wife’s hand went straight for my penis which lay soft and “sleeping.”

What, now?” I asked.

She replied as usual. “The kids are not around, and I want you to fuck me wildly.”

I gave it a moment of thought and agreed!

My wife immediately loosened the buttons of my pants. My cock was already hardening as she leaned her face into my lap and started to suck.

“Oh, baby. That’s wonderful,” I muttered as my hand wandered down to finger her naked pussy. She was once again pantiless. I pulled her backward by her hair and went down sideways to start a lovely flick-and-lick of her pussy. It tasted wonderful; her juices were flowing on the inside of her legs already.

“Let’s go upstairs, “ I suggested.

“Sure.” She stood, dropped her dress entirely, and unfastened her bra. She was now starkers as she removed my pants and t-shirt, leaving my erect cock standing proudly away from my naked body. As I started sucking her nipple, my cock rested very near her pussy area. She started rubbing my pre-cum all over her bare stomach.

I drew her towards the stairs. After she climbed a few, I made her sit and open her legs wide. Then I started sucking urgently on her pussy until she shuddered with her first orgasm. We then reversed positions. As I sat open-legged with my cock protruding, she began to suck me with great force. I held back and let her have her way with me. Much pre-cum oozed out, collecting on her lips, but I didn’t go over the edge.

We went further up the stairs to the landing, and she lay down on the carpet stretched out on her back. I inserted my erection in her gaping hole and fucked her hard with her legs wrapped over my back. For some reason, I still did not ejaculate and carried on fucking.

Then we switched positions. My wife went onto all fours over me, and I inserted my erection from underneath into her puss. I pumped upward as hard as I could, giving her another shaking orgasm. She shouted and told me never to stop.

I then did something that I like and that she loves. I put her on her back again and maneuvered my cock over her face and into her open mouth. She sucked as I fucked her mouth gently. Soon I felt an imminent ejaculation.

“Sixty-nine it’s going to be,” I said and turned around, reinserting my cock in her mouth as I adjusted her puss to accommodate mine. She was wet as anything, but I sucked furiously and at the same time gently thrust with my hips. I felt her body tighten up.

She gripped my cock hard as she started oozing lady-cum and trembling. Her puss was so wet that my face was all sticky but lovely. Simultaneously, she sucked me hard, and my load began to spurt. It was pretty big, as I had been holding back a long time. I emptied my balls in her mouth, and she made sure she got every bit of my thick semen.

We collapsed. A half an hour or so must have passed before we realized that we were still locked in puss-to-mouth position. We laughed, kissed each other’s genitals, then turned right side around to embrace and say how much we enjoyed our together time.

Of course, this wasn’t the only instance that TV time led to sexy time. Another Saturday afternoon when the children were off visiting with their friends, we both felt pretty bored, sitting around and doing nothing. We slumped on the couch, switched on the tube, and relaxed together as we tried to decide what to do.

As we settled close to one another, my naughty wife started fondling my penis. First stroking it from outside my pants, she then released my zipper and exposed my cock. It had grown in size since she began her ministrations. She leaned across my lap and gave me head. Her movements started slowly and gradually increased in momentum. It felt terrific, as she excels at maneuvering cock.

I was in an awkward position, but I managed to get the crotch of her panty out of the way. My fingers were rolling a ring in her pussy. We both enjoyed our activities, she savoring my pre-cum leaking onto her tongue and me sticking my fingers into her pussy and tasting them as I pulled out.

Soon she slipped off her panty, lifted her dress, and lay down on the floor on her back. By now, I had removed my pants. I gradually lowered myself and let my cock into her wide-open cunt. We started a mad fuck, twisting and turning while kissing and sucking at each other’s tongues. Then we turned around to do a ‘69’ for a little while before I put her on all fours.

I pushed back into her as she cried for more. My intensity increased as I looked down at her beautiful anus which was silently begging. But I skipped that for a while since we didn’t have lube and a condom at the moment. But I told her what I planned to do to her later.

At that, she arched her back which raised her backside higher. I could see how swollen and dripping wet her cunt had become. I changed position, flipping her onto her back and reinserting my cock to pound her pussy some more.

“Now!” she yelled, as I felt her shudder. The sensation caused my balls to tighten up. As I pulled out, my first shot land on her pussy mound and drip onto her anus, though I didn’t notice it at the time. While still pulsing, I quickly turned around and inserted my cock into her mouth again. I was not fast or accurate enough to avoid making a mess of her on the way, though. She had cum everywhere: in her mouth, lips, and face with dribbles into her hair.

What absolute fun we had! She and I both love our wild lovemaking. It doesn’t happen like this every day, but when it does such beautiful memories are made. Thanks, MH writers, for bringing these lovely times to mind.

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